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    Listening to classical music, strategy based games (mental or physical), Reading old novels between the 21st and 22nd century, running, baseball, making others "amused", laughing, and camping/fishing.
  1. Just Arrived! Glad to be here.

  2. ((Docking Bay)) ::Deklin had only taken a handful of steps before he stopped just out of line of the rest of the passengers disembarking and for the second time in his life just gazed up at the height and width of the Starbase's expanse in every direction inside the bay. Deklin had viewed this the first time with his father when he was just 13yrs old. Nothing seemed changed based on the memory he had just over 10yrs ago.:: ::Deklin lifted a small recording device to his mouth.:: Deklin: Recording, Personal Log, stardate 238911.14, just disembarked and She looks wonderful! ::Just as Deklin sp
  3. NAME: James Where do you live: Seattle, WA. How did you find our group: Just Google search Best Star Trek Roleplaying Games...was in the top ten list. What kind of work do you do: Student currently; Local film Writer and Producer Hello, need to grab me a human image and a character bio which I am almost ready to post!
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