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  1. Haha! Thanks for sharing! My daughter loves this movie, too.
  2. (( USS Tiger-A: Transport Docking Bay )) Harley: BAWROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :: Harley the Basset hound was not happy. He had been contained in a Starfleet-issue kennel for small- to medium-sized mammals and was waiting for someone--anyone--to come back and play or feed him or SOMETHING. Despite his notoriety as an Olympic-class sleeper, he was not in the least bit tired. He hadn't seen Master in what seemed like an eternity (but had really just been the better part of a couple of days, since dogs can't tell time). :: Harley: ROOOOOOOOOOO ROO ROO ROOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! oO If I make lots of noise maybe someone will let me out of here. Oo :: A stern looking man's head leaned down and looked into the kennel and said something. :: Man: 2l3j45lfdo0sjvl23j4;rgjdfvpw; erlmvdsfj;23jlds;glfvg;dlf :: Harley [...]ed his head. Something was happening, as the crate seemed to be moving--he lost his balance for just a brief moment. The opening of the crate--which Harley had very quickly learned wasn't an opening at all, but was covered with some sort of weird invisible forcefield that did NOT feel good (it had zapped his little nose)--was now swinging towards big doors and moving forward. :: Harley: oO A ride! We're going for a ride! Oo :: Settling into the crate, which Harley could not see was being moved via an anti-grav sled, he watched with interest as the corridors whooshed by. Ultimately they arrived at a set of doors. The man spoke again. Man: 234lkjsdfjv;ldkjflsdjfljvbl;djkglsdjfsfljsdfl;s :: The doors whooshed open, the crate moved in, and Harley saw what looked like a flash of light as the forcefield was turned off. He sniffed tentatively. :: Harley: oO It smells like Master in here, maybe just a little bit… Oo :: Harley hesitantly poked his head out of the kennel and saw the man who had been pushing the kennel. He was poking at one of those flat tablet things that Master was always using. Looking around, Harley saw what he recognized as Master's bag--and so he flopped out of the kennel and trotted over to give it a sniff just to confirm what he already knew. :: Harley: Wuff. :: As he sniffed around the new quarters, which Mek had visited very briefly just moments prior, Harley didn't notice that the strange man had reactivated the anti-grav sled and taken the crate away. And like that, the doors to the quarters slid shut--and Harley was alone. Fortunately, Master had put out his bed--a battered foam pillow--and a bowl of food and water, including… :: Harley: oO CHEESE!!! Oo :: As fast as his short little legs would allow, Harley trotted to the bowl and savored the aroma of the big hunk of cheese that Mek had topped his bowl of kibble with… for about two seconds before devouring it in two swallows. Satisfied that no one was going to take his kibble, Harley plopped into his bed and promptly fell asleep. :: (( OOC: Harley is on board! He would've arrived shortly after Mek left to see the captain in her Ready Room. His two greatest loves: Food, and sleeping. )) -- ENS Mek, MD (MED) USS Tiger-A
  3. ((Ship’s Counsellor’s Office, USS Tiger-A, night after the Pirate Adventure)) ::Jorey sat across from the counsellor and looked around the room. He was so embarassed from what had happened in the Tiger’s Den. He had never lost his mind before and had no idea what any of it meant. He felt fine now. He felt like himself and that nothing was wrong with him.:: Jorey: Counsellor, I must first apologize for my bizarre behaviour in the Tiger’s Den. I should have sought you out as soon as I knew that something was wrong. ::Jorey looked up at Zinna and smirked.:: A man’s pride can be both his biggest strength and his biggest weakness. ::Jorey leaned forward slightly and with a raised eyebrow asked joking,:: So I’m pretty sure I’m crazy, doctor... but what kind of crazy am I? ::Jorey sat back in his chair much more relaxed and wondered what the counsellor would have to say about his strange behaviour in the Tiger’s Den the night of the awards ceremony.:: Zinna: No need to apologize ens--lieutenant...everyone goes crazy every once in awhile. It’s just my job to analyze why. So have you been having any after effects since the mission? Jorey: ::His smile fading.:: Some. Nightmares, flashbacks... difficulty sleeping. ::Jorey leaned in and in a low tone continued.:: I can’t seem to shake the feeling of a seemly inevitable doom... like the shadows of other horrible creatures are somehow trapped and following me. ::Saying the words out loud sent chills through his body. He wanted to believe that it was all in his head, but there was a part of him that truly felt the presence of spirits made of fear and despair following him.:: :: The El-Aurian counselor nodded. :: Zinna: I would assume that would be normal for someone who went through with what you did, but the important thing is know that now, you’re safe. Do you feel safe here? ::Jorey wanted to say yes. He knew that he should be able to say it. It was a safe place with a trustworthy person, but...:: Jorey: I know that anyone else would think I am safe. ::Jorey shifted in his chair slightly.:: It’s like I can’t convince my own mind that the nightmare is over. There’s a part of me that believes reality will disintegrate and reveal the truth that I am still in a holding cell on the Reaper’s ship. ::Jorey could feel the shadows cringe slightly... almost like they were gasping to find their breath.:: Jorey: It’s as though something or someone has somehow followed me here. Like they are not finished what was started aboard the Reaper ship. ::Jorey knew he sounded like a madman, but knew the only way to fight was to do so honestly.:: Zinna: Braydon I’m going to suggest some things. One is something I rarely ever suggest but maybe you could ask the CMO for something to help you sleep better. The other is something that I know you will need. You probably need to take it easy. Enjoy your shore leave and anytime you feel like you’re being watched just remind yourself it’s not real. Jorey: The problem, counsellor, is that I know I am not being watched by something outside of me. ::Jorey saw the hint of a shadow race across the surface of Zinna’s desk.:: Its more like its survived inside me and is trying to force its way out. ::Jorey was speaking in a near whisper, afraid that someone other than the counsellor would hear. Talking about the Reapers, the feelings of doom, and the shadows was making Jorey more and more uneasy. :: Zinna could see the despair in him and sense him becoming more and more paranoid. Zinna felt as if she saw something swipe across her desk but she ignored it and tried to remain focused on Brayden. She surely didn’t want to tell him that she was seeing things as well...that would only make him feel like these “shadows” actually were real. :: Zinna: Brayden...I know exactly how you feel. In the past I had the same feeling that there was something evil inside of me trying to make it’s way out as well, but guess what? It eventually went away. oO Or maybe it’s just taking a break... Oo Jorey: So at least I’m not the only crazy one aboard the Tig... ::Jorey stopped abruptly as a strange voice filled his mind. It sounded like the voice of a small, female child:: Child: ~It won’t stop...so much fire...they’re all gunna burn...~ ::The voice sounded like it was getting closer, before it faded back to nothing. Jorey: A child crying... ::He whispered, more to himself, trying to make sense of it.:: Zinna: A child? Brayden what’s wrong? ::Jorey and Zinna looked at each other for a moment that seemed to make time stop in an unnatural and erie way. Sounds of a child screaming in agony seemed to fill the room. Jorey wiped away a bead of sweat that traced down his forehead.:: Jorey: Is it getting hotter in here? ::Jorey said wondering if Zinna heard it, if she felt the heat.:: Zinna: Computer lower temperature by five degrees...:: Zinna thought she had heard a child crying but she was trying to tune it all out. She wanted to appear calm in front of Jorey. :: Can I get you some iced water? Jorey: Maybe we could take a walk, Counsellor? Make our way to sickbay and see about helping me sleep? ::Jorey said, trying to calm his voice. He needed to get out of this room. He need to escape. :: She nodded getting up:: Zinna: Of course, anything to make you feel better. Jorey: Thanks. ::Jorey said getting up quickly and heading out the door.:: ::The hallway seemed cool and whatever was haunting him seemed to have stayed behind in Zinna’s office. They continued talking as they made their way to the Tiger’s sickbay.:: Jorey: Sometimes getting up and moving somewhere else seems to help. ::Jorey smiled at the counsellor beginning to feel more like himself.:: Zinna: And that’s perfectly fine Brayden. ::By then they had reached sickbay since it wasn’t that far away. :: Zinna: Alright Brayden, the nurse will give you a mild sedative to help you get some sleep tonight. I would like to see you again tomorrow morning to check in. ::Jorey nodded in agreement and headed into sickbay. Zinna turned and headed down the hallway toward her quarters. She let down her guard now that she was alone. She wondered how it was she heard and felt Jorey’s delusions in her office. She thought she saw a shadow move across her desk, she heard the child’s cries, and she couldn’t be sure but could swear she felt the room get warmer.:: oOImpossible.Oo ::She thought as she entered her quarters. She was exhausted and fell on her bed. She just needed to lie down for a moment before going through her evening rituals. Meanwhile, Jorey was trying to complete his evening prayers and blessings, but the sedative was taking hold with more force than he expected. He made his way to the bed and seemed to enter into a deep sleep as his head fell gently against the pillow.:: TBC Lt.JG Brayden Jorey USS Tiger-A Chief Helm Officer and Lt. Zinna USS Tiger-A On Leave of Absence
  4. (( Banquet Halls, Twilight's Edge, DS17 )) :: Sitting at a table with fellow ensigns such as Jorey and Malik, Zerxes was ready for this event to be over. Dinner had come and gone and he'd avoided conversation as much as possible. There were few on this ship that he yet knew, and even fewer that he trusted. So far, his time on the Tiger had been mostly negative. :: :: By nature, Al-Leyans were a suspicious people. It bordered on paranoia at times. They were fiercely loyal once it was earned, but there was little in between the two extremes. In the weeks since Bilire IV Zerxes had not been asked once about the incident with Mannin. He knew that she'd met with the commanders, but that was as far as it had gone. He hadn't been asked a single question by Riley, Clack, even Atimen. His best guess was that they were trying to sweep the incident under the rug, hoping the fresh-faced ensign wouldn't know enough or be willing to pursue the matter. Stewing on these thoughts for a few weeks had left Zerxes fairly jaded. :: Riley: Attention everyone... :: The projected voice of the captain pulled Zerxes from his thoughts. He looked in her direction with feigned interest, for appearances sake only. As she began the usual jargon about their accomplishments, and introduced some guests, Zerxes' mind quickly drifted to his plans for finally flying the Dagger again on the holodeck. He started thinking about what mission to set up for the first simulation. Getting lost in thought to pass the time was an old talent. He'd done it throughout his childhood while his father had tried to teach him how to run the company. :: Riley: Our first award recipient is a member of the Security Department. Her expertise and feats are well known amongst the crew. Chloe Mannin, please come forward. :: That snapped Zerxes back into focus! :: oO The award for Best Friendly Fire goes to... Oo :: He listened as Riley commended Mannin for her recent performance on Bilire IV. Zerxes had actually come to forgive Mannin in some ways after their talk in his quarters, but his resentment toward the commanding officers was splling over. He felt like the victim of a small conspiracy, while Mannin appeared the beneficiary. :: Riley: Congratulations Mannin, well done. At this time I am also promoting you to full Lieutenant with all the privileges and duties thereof. :: If he could have gotten away with it Zerxes would have walked out of the room. He started to slump into his chair, feeling completely wronged. However, he quickly considered how many were aware of the incident and were likely looking for his reaction. He straightened up and joined in the applause with a token clap. :: Riley: At this time would Lieutenant JG T'Mihn Ah'myghan please come forward. :: As she called various other up and bestowed their new titles and accolades, Zerxes' attention was long gone. He looked over at Ari, barely seeing her over the back of Alex Blair's shoulder. He was glad to see she was smiling, hoping it meant she was doing better in her recovery from the Reaper abduction. Since they'd talked a few days back, he'd fought the urge to find her and make a dinner invitation. He wanted to give her time to figure things out and seek his companionship when it felt right to her. :: :: Expecting to be alone, he started thinking about how he would spend leave. He planned to spend plenty of time in Black Jendorvak, hoping it would present some opportunities to burn off some steam. While Starfleet was not allowed there, he figured casual clothes and enough credits would get him through the door. He'd already heard of some of the card games. :: Riley: Ensign A'ern Zerxes and Ensign Bradon Jorey please come forward. :: At first, Zerxes hadn't even heard her. He noticed Jorey standing up from their table and started to nod to the man. Then, some behind him gave him a congratulatory slap on the back. He looked around and noticed plenty of eyes on him, then shot out of his chair. He swallowed, wondering if anyone had noticed his lack of attentiveness, as he followed Jorey onto the stage. :: oO Raise shields... Oo Riley: Gentlemen, your performance this last mission was one of great dedication and duty. For your efforts to help the Romulan Colony and protect those in Starfleet I am pleased to promote you both to Lieutenant JG with all the privileges, benefits and duties thereof. :: She motioned at Clack, and the First Officer approached Zerxes with the new insignia. Their eyes met as he attached it to new Lieutenant's collar, and Zerxes nodded his acceptance. There was no interaction between them before Riley moved in and took his place. She held her hand out to Zerxes, wearing what he perceived was a genuine smile. He tried his best to return it. :: Riley: Congratulations Lieutenant, well done. I look forward to seeing your progress as you continue. Zerxes: Thank you, sir. I am... surprised. :: As she moved on to continue the ceremony, Zerxes walked off stage. Various people extended hands or raised glasses as he passed, and he returned their gestures while still wearing a blank look of shock. Before he could get back to his seat, the captain called up the next recipient. :: Riley: Ensign Aribelle Tagren please come forward. :: Still standing, Zerxes looked over at Tagren and watched as she left her chair and joined Riley on stage. He go back to his own seat and remained invested, hoping for an uplifting moment for his only real friend among the crew. :: Tagren: Fleet Captain. Riley: Doctor... yYou are a shining example of what a medical officer should be. Your efforts on the colony to save the Romulan Colonists, your work with infectious disease...your gallant efforts to protect those on the crew. I am honored to have you as a member of the crew. It is my honor at this time to promote you to Lieutenant JG with all the privileges, benefits and duties thereof. :: Zerxes smiled for her, not surprised she was being promoted if he and Jorey had been worthy. Her work in the last mission was far more impressive than his. :: Riley: I am also honored at this time to promote you to Chief Medical Officer, with all the privileges and duties thereof. Congratulations Lieutenant Aribelle Tagren, I know you will make the crew proud in this position. :: For the first time all night, Zerxes felt truly happy for someone. He never got to know Firestarter and perhaps he was a great CMO, but he knew that Ari was fantastic for the job. His mood lightened, he remained attentive for a while. Riley began to hand out the Service Ribbons, which Zerxes found somewhat trivial. He knew he'd receive a couple only for having been there, not for any exemplary performance. :: Riley: For the injuries sustained on Bilire IV, the following officers are recipients of the Purple Heart: LtCmdr. Tracey Townson, LtCmdr. Lance Firestarter, Lieutenant Chloe Mannin, Lieutenant JG Aribelle Tagren. For the injuries sustained in defense of the ship, Lieutenant JG A'ern Zerxes oO What?! Oo :: He looked around, as if the eyes of the entire crew were going to be on him. :: oO A Purple Heart? For being shot by a crewmate? Oo :: His good mood didn't get to last long. The promotion had caught him by surprise, but he found it slightly defensible based on his close proximity to the captain for much of the mission. But now this just seemed excessive. Was this part of their plan, smothering him with a promotion and awards to try and avoid the issue? :: :: He felt hot, and his throat tightened like that new Lieutenant's pip was squeezing him at the throat. He would've paid plenty to be out of that room and back on Bilire fighting an army of Klingons. That was where he belonged. It was simple. It was everything else was more complicated than he'd ever imagined. :: Riley: This bring the awards portion of our celebration to a close. Congratulations to all those who received award for 2389! Great work Tiger crew! Firestarter: Cheers to everyone! Wilde: Three cheers for the Tiger! Hip hip! Blair: Hurray! :: As most of the assembly joined in the cheer, Zerxes remained silent. He started to look for the fast way out of the crowd and to freedom. It wouldn't be easy, standing several inches taller than nearly the entire crew. He located Ari and thought about engaging her, using their conversation to get close to the exit. :: Atimen: Congratulations, Lieutenant. :: Suddenly, he heard Atimen's voice come from the side. He turned and met his department head's smiling face, trying not to look as panicked as he felt. :: Zerxes: I... thank you, Commander. Atimen: Your work last mission was excellent, I'm glad to have you in Security. :: He wasn't able to force a smile. He tried to look serious, hoping it would mask the swell of emotions. :: Zerxes: I just wish I could have done more. :: Fortunately, Atimen seemed to be overwhelmed by his enjoyment of a piece of cake to really take notice of Zerxes' mood. :: Atimen: Is this your first time at DS17? :: He was worried that if this kept up he wasn't going to be able to keep the charade going. He needed to get somewhere else, and fast. :: Zerxes: Yes, it is. Any recommendations? Atimen: Sure, but that would ruin half the fun. I'd recommend wandering around the Promenade, especially the less frequented areas. Excellent food down there. :: He tried to make eye contact with Ari, but she was engaged with T'mihn. He looked back at Atimen and waited for him to finish. Before he did, an idea popped into mind. :: Zerxes: Sir, can I have a word with you in private? Atimen: Oh? Zerxes: I would rather not wait, if you do not mind stepping outside for a moment. Lieutenant JG A'ern Zerxes Security Officer USS Tiger-A
  5. Loving the whole Firefly/Serenity shout there. That would be an interesting twist. These are all fabulous ideas. I would love to see the Trek world move on, with diverse characters and fresh ways of looking at the universe. While I appreciate revisiting old characters, I think a fresh crew with a non-Terran Captain would be awesome.
  6. ((Bilire IV)) ::Mnheia opened her eyes and then turned and coughed before closing them again. The pains she was suffering was beyond comprehension, but she no longer fought to keep it at bay as she eagerly awaited death.:: ::A heart condition in adolescence kept her from attaining the education level that her peers had attained. Falling drastically behind scholastically, left her at the mercy of the Romulan social security net that was set in place. One that was very porous as most Romulan finances went to the military. Mnheia was a cost to society. A lost cause to her people, a drain on the Romulan economy. One of those they were happy to rid themselves of.:: ::A heart transplant in her teenage years, left her with pains that she would never fully overcome. Both physical and emotional. Mnheia, now in her late thirties, never would see the day of happiness of being a true, productive member of society despite her work as a caregiver, assistant and general aid and confidant to many in the camp. And now, years after her transplant, complications had arisen once again. But this time there was no sterile operating room, no potential donors, not even a true hospital, and when Mnheia got sick, it became compounded by the wrath. A disease that was thus far incurable. And in her condition, the wrath was even more pronounced as it forced her heart to beat even stronger.:: ::As Mnheia lay dying, she recalled a few days earlier a visit from Kaol, the man she adored. When he came, she was full of life. Shared a meal with him and spoke for several hours of their future together. Even though it drained her of her energy, she actually felt a newfound energy around him. It was as if he could bring her back to life just by being present.:: ::But now he was sick as well and could no longer visit. Mnheia became terribly lonely as she heard the winds pick up outside her window. Her energy was fading fast and when she overheard the poor diagnosis of Kaol from the medical staff, Mnheia began to give up. And two days before the arrival of the strangers from the sky, Mnheia was buried near the caves on the far side of the compound surrounded, by those whose heart she had touched. Her battle with her own heart had mercifully come to an end.:: --- Mnheia Romulan Colonist NPC as simmed by: Lt. Commander Tracey Townson Chief of Operations USS Tiger-A
  7. ((Deck 7 -- Holodeck 3)) ::Atimen kept his head down, eyes focused on his PADD. He was trying to find just the right set of catastrophes to prepare for, and had just settled on the one that caused him to wind up in sickbay during the last war: a hostile incursion. The door slid open and Atimen simply walked in, the ring of metal against stone causing him to look up. There was someone standing in a kimono, a bright ribbon of blood on the snow by them.:: Mannin: Wha... ::Her knees gave out and she fell to the ground in a heap, ending up on her side in the snow, still conscious but obviously in shock. The deep wound quickly turned the brown of her kimono black and her breath came in quickening gasps. As she fell, time seemed to freeze.:: Atimen: Oh god. ::He dropped his tablet and ran to her side.:: Mannin: It was all so... ::Her voice trailed off for a moment, her eyes blinking with just an edge of tears.:: Mannin: …so clear. ::Atimen was many things, but a doctor was not one of them. Machines were easy to fix. People though... they were fragile, and he was never good with that. The wound was too deep, and he needed to get her to sickbay fast.:: Atimen: =/\= Atimen to Sickbay, medical emergency in holodeck 3. =/\= Sickbay: =/\= Transporters are offline. We can get a team up there shortly, what is the emergency? =/\= ::He remembered... he took the transporters down for repairs. Who would need them during warp? He looked down at the Lieutenant, and the spread of blood onto the ground.:: Atimen: =/\= Lieutenant Mannin was injured in a holodeck accident. She has a deep cut on her hip and is bleeding, but still conscious. =/\= Sickbay: =/\= We’ll have a team there in five minutes. Apply pressure and keep calm. =/\= ::Chloe listened to the man’s voice in a detached way, knowing from the heat and wetness spreading down her side that the sword had cut deeply into her hip. If it had been the inside of her leg instead, she’d likely have been dead already, bleeding out from the femoral artery. The things that spring unbidden into your mind are odd at times like this. The commander looked really worried though, so she tried to comfort him. One blood-soaked hand moved from her wound to his arm, leaving a smear on his sleeve.:: Mannin: It wasn’t your... it was... ::She paused and took a deep breath, trying to focus her spiraling thoughts for a moment. Why did she seem to be so out of breath all of sudden?:: Mannin: I wasn’t concentrating. Blades make horrible... ::She took another ragged breath. Atimen applied more force against the wound, blood seeping between his fingers.:: Mannin: ...dance partners. ::He knew, regardless of what she said, that it was his fault. Just like her near assimilation, he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and a simple mistake caused horrible consequences. He forced the guilt down with all his might.:: Atimen: Just hold on, sickbay will be here soon. ::He bunched up more cloth and continued to press.:: And then we’ll find you a safer dance partner. Hell, I volunteer. ::She took another breath and nodded.:: Mannin: You know... that kinda hurts now. Atimen: I’m sorry, I can’t let you lose anymore blood... ::The pain came flooding again, in all of a sudden, making her back arch as she clenched her teeth.:: Atimen: Hey, hey. Focus on me. ::He wanted her mind away from the pain.:: What were you doing up here? ::The pain itself was bringing a sense of clarity to the woman’s thoughts.:: Mannin: Trying to... to think. ::She was having a harder time catching her breath and tried to push up to a sitting position.:: Atimen: Don’t move, stay still! ::He gently pushed her back down.:: So you were trying to think with a sword? Mannin: No... I was trying... ::She struggled against him, but his weight and position won out and she gave up. It hurt too much to push against him more.:: Mannin: …trying to clear my mind. Atimen: With... a sword? And the safeties off? ::She shook her head.:: Mannin: Safeties don’t... don’t work with real items... the sword’s mine. ::He nodded, glancing at the elegant weapon glittering like an icicle in the simulated moonlight.:: Atimen: So how does it work? ::For some reason the only thing that the security officer could think that he was asking was how the sword worked, but that didn’t seem right, so her face got this really puzzled look on it.:: Mannin: The sword? Atimen: No, no... I mean how do you clear your mind with a sword? Mannin: Oh... ::She closed her eyes, trying to think about something she had done without thinking for years. The pounding of her heartbeat in her head wasn’t helping her concentrate, either, so she answered his question with a question.:: Mannin: How do you breathe? ::It was a logical enough way to answer it. It wasn’t something she really could explain... she just did. He gave a slight vulcan-like eyebrow raise.:: Atimen: With my lungs. ::He smiled, glancing quickly toward where the arch used to be..:: ::She coughed, sending a new shiver of pain down her leg.:: Mannin: Right... but *how* do you do it? Atimen: Automatically... Until I think about it. ::He paused.:: Then each breath needs force. Mannin: It becomes... harder to do when you... when you think about it. The blade for me... it’s like breathing. But not... ugh. ::She closed her eyes again. This wasn’t working. She felt like she was drifting in a warm water bath, melting into the water. Her voice took almost a dreamy tone.:: Mannin: ...but not like that... I have to... have to... Atimen: Hey, focus! Look at me! :: He waited for her eyes to open again. :: Will you teach me? ::For some reason that stuck the young woman as hilarious.:: Mannin: Really? Considering... I just sliced myself open and am bleeding... bleeding all over you... think that’s such a good idea? ::He chuckled lightly, but her laugh turned into a groan from the pain.:: Atimen: Well, I guess you’re right. ::The medical team appeared through the doors at that very moment.:: Medic: Out of the way, Commander. ::The medics pushed their way in and started working on the security officer, focusing on stopping the blood loss and getting her stable enough for the move back up to Sickbay. As they asked her questions, she looked over at Atimen and smiled weakly. He returned it, keeping his distance as the medics did their job.:: ::As the medics began moving to leave, Atimen remembered the sword. Still lying discarded on the soft snow, he reached down to grab it. A strong, sleek, and elegant blade, its beauty was undeniable. Yet as he looked toward Mannin, he could see its power just as clearly. He sheathed it in a nearby scabbard, left on the steps of the quiet temple, and followed the medics out to sickbay.:: -- Lt. Cmdr Atimen Chief Engineer USS Tiger and Lt. (jg) Chloe Mannin Security USS Tiger
  8. ((Conference Room 1, USS Tiger-A)) ::The Fleet Captain left the conference room before everyone had cleared out of the room. She headed to her ready room to drop off the PADD she was carrying. She looked over at the cat bed by the door and it was of course empty. She hadn't seen Andy since before they had been caught in the temporal displacement wave. Shaking her head she exited the room, walked across the bridge like she was in a daze and entered the turbolift. When the doors closed she leaned heavily against the wall, her face holding a reflective and melancholy expression.:: ::It hadn't been that long since the Vaadwaur had invaded the Ithassa Region. That war had been brutal and not just in a physical sense. Memories of the last war came flooding back as she closed her eyes against the harsh light of the turbolift.:: ((Flashback 238709.18)) ::The Terran/Deltan nodded. Time to play poker and if she lost that hand, then it was time to play chicken.:: Riley: =/\=This is Captain Sidney Riley of the USS Independence to the Vaadwaur on Deep Space 17. You currently have us in a tractor beam. You will release us from that beam.=/\= ::She paused.:: Marari: =/\= You, who are without mercy, now plead for it? I thought you were made of sterner stuff. =/\= :: He emitted a hoarse, throaty laugh. :: Marari: =/\= Oh how the tables have turned, Captain! Suddenly, it is *you* who is left to beg for the lives of others with *nothing* to give in return. Tsk tsk tsk... and to think, my birthday isn't until *next* month. Please, amuse me-why-ever should I release you? =/\= Riley: =/\=Because if you don't you have a problem. Our current trajectory takes us into an essential part of the station. When we hit you will lose at a minimum 66 percent of the station, and that's without our armed photon torpedoes which will explode on impact.=/\= Marari: =/\= Hah... you're bluffing. You're a spineless, despicable, selfish coward who gloats with the upper hand and, apparently, resorts to pathetic bluffs with a losing one. I suggest you try begging next, Captain.=/\= Riley: =/\=I suggest you release us now. You have sixty seconds before we help your tractor beam out.=/\= Marari: =/\= You are bluffing, mammal! Pathetic waste of flesh and air! I will enjoy watching you die, Captain- I don't care if it kills me! I don't care if it destroys this whole STATION! I will END you, Sidney Riley! When I am done, you will BEG for a death you never receive! BEG! BEG LIKE A SIMPERING- ::Sidney motioned for Townson to cut the line.:: .... Riley: I'll take Ops...::Sidney motioned for the Ensign who was seated to stand. She moved as quickly as she could and took the seat. She cried out in pain as her hip protested. She bit down on her lip again, a small drop of blood issuing from the wound, and looked over at Townson.:: You can do this Lieutenant. I have complete faith in you flying this ship. Kobylarz: Well we could over load the capacitors on the remaining phasor bank it might add a little to the effect. ::The Captain looked down at the console and began shutting down all the non-essential systems that hadn't been cut yet, there weren't many. She cut everything she knew she safely could and then pulling life support down to minimal, she looked over at Townson. Her bright green eyes were wide, confident, but somewhat hesitant. Was she asking too much of the crew? She felt her stomach twist.:: Riley: oO Not now...no second guesses...Oo Ten, nine, eight..... ::Sidney closed her eyes, only opening them when she felt the ship move in a strange way. She looked over at Townson, her eyes wide.:: Riley: We're lose! Move us back from the station, out of tractor range!....Someone either took the beam down or the Vaadwaur shut it off... ..... ::Sidney smiled a small, sad, tired smile.:: Riley: I told you everything would be okay. ((Flashback 238709.18....Moments Later.....)) :: Smiling widely, he stepped over and saluted. Sidney was in no condition to salute back. She looked up at the Lieutenant and pushed herself up as best she could on the console...:: Riley: oO I have to be strong...Oo ::Her bright green eyes held a far away look as the leader of the CAG gave his report. :: Tan: CAG reporting, sir. We lost Red Three but the crew egressed successfully. Five victories by my count, but there might be more. Th- ... :: he stopped. :: Captain, you're bleeding. Are you okay? ::Sidney let out the breath she'd been holding as she tried to deal with the pain. She blinked and her gaze fell on the rest of the bridge crew before she looked back at him. Everything seemed to be moving in slow motion.:: Riley: I am fine Lieutenant. ::Sidney stayed seated at the Ops console, but pushed herself up further in the chair to a more upright position. Her side screamed, and she bit down on her lip again to keep from crying out.:: :: Tan gave a firm nod.:: Tan: A'right, well... permission to accompany you to sickbay, sir? Riley: There are still things that need to be done here. ::The Terran/Deltan gripped the console. Remaining seated she didn't want to admit she couldn't stand. She looked over at Lieutenant Townson.:: Riley: Lieutenant, I believe I should get to sickbay. ::She took in a sharp breath.:: You have the bridge. ((End Flashback)) ::The looming news of war and going back to Bilire IV dregged up all manner of unpleasant and unforgiving memories. Several soft tears strolled down the Terran/Deltan's cheeks.:: ((Surgical Suite 2, Main Sickbay, USS Independence-A, 238709.20)) ::Light:: ::It threatened to break through her consciousness, disrupting the hidden darkness. Enveloped by soft comforting, clean, antiseptic smells the light was inviting, welcoming. The Terran/Deltan opened her eyes and instantly closed them against the offending onslaught of light. She moaned a little as she tried to move, but the lower half of her body didn't want to respond to the commands issued from her brain. Slowly she opened her eyes and took a deep breath of the clean, calming smells.:: ::She knew instantly where she was, sickbay had been her home for years, but she wasn't sure exactly how she'd gotten there. The entire ordeal was a fuzzy mess. She shook her head lightly from side to side trying to gain some perspective.:: Faryul: Doc, she's coming around. Zhou: Thank you, Nishal. If you could give us some privacy? Faryul: Do you want me to talk to the command staff... ::raises an eyebrow:: or whomever else? ::The Bajoran was obviously hinting at a specific someone else, but the Trill/human let it go.:: Zhou: No, that's all right. I'll inform them myself of her condition when I'm done here. ::Faryul exited the suite, leaving Zhou and Riley. The doctor walked closer to the bed and sat down next to his patient:: Riley: oO Sedated...anesthetized. Oo ::She took in a deep breath and saw a welcoming, smiling face.:: Zhou: Captain. Riley: Doctor. ::Her voice was weak, much weaker than she'd expected, but she returned his smile.:: Zhou: Do you know where you are? ::The Captain smiled brightly. It was a standard question and she laughed lightly.:: Riley: Sickbay. Zhou: That's right. You were brought into sickbay several hours ago. Do you remember anything else? ::She could remember flashes, pieces, like a puzzle. One piece was Counselor Avandar, asking if she was okay. Another Alleran Tan, standing with his flight suit in the turbolift his arms around her holding her up. Lieutenant Townson at the helm; she looked nervous. The voice of the one called Marari. The biggest piece however, was the memory of the pain, the pain running up and down her side. It had been almost as intense as the pain she'd felt at the hands of Parrin's torture, and that was saying a lot.:: ::She ran her hand down her side. She couldn't feel anything now.:: Riley: I don't remember everything. The Vaadwaur surrendered...I was on the bridge, the Counselor and... oO The man in the flight suit....Oo After that everything is fuzzy. ::Zhou nodded as the captain recounted the events. While such questions seemed almost akin to small talk, they were actually used to check a patient's mental status, and fortunately, it appeared the captain hadn't suffered any severe neurological damage.:: Zhou: That's all right. You were brought to sickbay by the counselor and one of the pilots. ::Zhou let out another smile.:: Despite your best efforts to sacrifice your health for that of your crew, you were taken to this surgical suite and sedated for an immediate operation. You were hurt pretty badly. Riley: How bad? ::Sidney's expression took on a serious tone.:: Zhou: You suffered severe trauma, including ruptured blood vessels and several pelvic fractures. Your life-threatening injuries from the vascular damage have been stabilized, and we performed a synthetic bone graft to repair the fractures. Riley: ::She paused.:: I can't move my lower left side. ((End Flashback)) ::Sidney opened her eyes and looked up at the offending light. For several moments she wished she could turn it off and stand in the darkness....:: ((Flashback, 238710.03)) ::Clack lowered his head as if considering her comments deeply. All the time, his eyes flashed from yellow to red as he stared directly at Sidney.:: Clack: I was thinking earlier, ::rising to his feet:: I am glad that the Independence is old and big. A home cannot be made habitable in a day, and after all, how days go to make up a lifetime. The walls of my home are broken and the shadows are many. The wind breathes cold through its broken and decayed encirclement. ::He reached down and lit a cigar shielding the flame with his left hand. As he did, the light from the flame cast disturbing shadows across his face as if another one lay hidden just underneath the surface. One that was too disturbing to consider.:: Clack: So I ask you why am I here? ::Sidney watched as the smoke from Clack's cigar rose into the air. It danced with a life of its own around the outline of his face. Blinking, she thought about his question. Her first thought was if he was there, he was obviously there to see her. But then why would he have asked her such a question? She felt herself bristle slightly under the man's gaze.:: Riley: I don't know Darius, why are you here? Clack: ::smiling:: Answer a question with a question.. ::She tried to sit up and failed miserably. She collapsed against the pillows again, a deep frown crossing her face, suddenly she felt very tired.:: Riley: I can't think right now...what are you talking about? Clack: I could hear you from deep within the lower levels of engineering.::break:: The blood nearly froze in my veins for the words that I heard. I don't believe you are really all that well. Riley: I can't! ::Her voice was raising.:: I can't! Don't you know? It's over Darius. Over! Zhou told me I'd never walk again! ::She looked at the Klingon her green eyes flashing. She was breathing heavily and quickly.:: Clack: Over? What do you mean over? ::looking confused:: Riley: You have no idea what I've been through! ::The light from the room seemed to dim briefly around his body for a few seconds.:: Clack: What you have been through? ::He rose to feet and stood directly over her.:: Clack: What you have been through? ::he repeated:: Are we to feel sorry about the poor circumstances that we now find ourselves? ::The Terran/Deltan frowned.:: Riley: I am not feeling sorry for myself. I am...::Pause.::...facing facts. Clack: I image that no one could have possessed a happier childhood than yourself. Come now, ::his voice dropped an octave:: didn't you have to fight for your position here? Or did it come natural to you? ::The Terran/Deltan took in a sharp breath, her eyes flashed.:: Riley: Happier childhood? ::She glared at the man.:: You shouldn't talk about things you know nothing about! ::She felt the anger beginning to grow in the pit of her stomach. Shannon had essentially told her the same thing. How dare he assume things about her! She lost everything in her childhood, including her father and her sister. Everything had been taken from her.:: I've fought for everything I have ever had...I have always taken what I wanted. ::She gripped the sides of the bed. Happier childhood...:: oO Yeah that's why I ran away twice...Oo Clack: Are you going to lie there like a coward or are you going to meet your challenge head on. Riley: I am not a coward! ::She felt herself trembling as she tried to slow the tears running down her cheeks. His comment cut straight to her heart.:: This is different... Clack: Perhaps I should finish the job for you. ::With one hand, Darius raised Sidney up from her lying position. He held her suspended against the wall high off the floor.:: ::The motion was so swift she found herself looking down at Darius Clack from where he held her against the wall before she knew what happened. Bright green eyes met his directly. Her eyes held no fear, there was a hint of anger andsomething else, something that was always hidden just beneath the surface when she looked at the Klingon man. Taking a deep breath, she glared at him.:: Clack: What will the others say such as Admiral Mar? ::break:: Captain Sidney Riley was found after coming in second place against the only adversary that she couldn't find the courage to meet head on? Riley: You put me down Darius Clack! ::She cleared her throat as the tears stopped falling from her eyes. Her gaze was intense.:: And Mar is not an Admiral.... ::The comment seemed to confuse Darius. He absorbed it like a boxer would a right hook.:: Clack: I can smell the fear in you. Your eyes and your words conflict. Riley: I am not afraid! How dare you insult my honor! Clack: Honor? What is honor? ::break:: Honor without action is meaningless. ::She tried to wiggle out of Darius' grip, but he was much stronger physically than she was. After a moment, she let her body go limp.:: Riley: I've never settled for second place! Not by choice! ::Her eyes went wide and she paused, her voice was angry and passionate.:: You *$&%^*#&^$#, you put me down Commander! Clack: You always have a choice. Riley: Who are you to dictate to me?! If you wanted to finish the job you would have done so already! You don't play games. Darius Clack, am I to believe you have changed? ::She looked down into Darius' eyes.:: Clack: Changed? Changed from what? Riley: And just who are you to question my personal life? Haven't you ever looked into the vast expanse of nothingness and wanted someone, something to share it with? ::She looked towards the far wall with her eyes.:: Perhaps...::She paused and then looked directly at him, her expression one of seriousness.:: I am living a lie. Clack: When you look into the vast expanse of nothingness, don't you realize that it stares back at you? ::break:: You can't see the forest for the trees. ::Slowly a small knowing smile crossed her face.:: Riley: There is only one I've ever stood in second place for. ::Pause.:: At least I'll be in good company living that lie. Clack: Lies are like a vortex of perpetual wishes bundled up awaiting to destroy everything around it if you allow it. Riley: Now, you put me down Darius Clack, that's not a request! Clack: As you wish. ::Darius gently lowered Sidney down into her previous position.:: Clack: It seems that you search too hard for things. ::She blinked as he set her down and looked up at him with a somewhat confused expression.:: Riley: What do you mean? Clack: You search too hard to satisfy your personal intimacy. ::he turned to leave:: You can try too hard, you know. Riley: I do try ::Her green eyes sparkled as she looked at him but held a melancholy sense of apprehension.:: but still there are some lines which are difficult to cross. Clack: Remember when the Reapers invaded the Tiger? ::Sidney paused for a moment. That seemed like so long ago...so many things had happened since then.:: Riley: Yes. Clack: I don't know what happened to that Captain Sidney Riley, I hope she returns to us one day. ::Slowly he turned around to face her. Gently, he leaned down and kissed Sidney.:: ::A sense of almost surprise and confusion came over her all at once. Darius had never kissed her like that before. She closed her eyes. She felt like she could melt, like she was floating all at the same time. When she opened her eyes, they were full of fire and sparkled in the darkness with a sense of life.:: Clack: Everything is up to you now. ::break:: You are an intelligent woman. You will make the right decision. ((End Flashback)) ::Sidney took a deep breath. Darius was right, she couldn't do this...she had a choice. Things had been bad last time, but this time...this time she was stronger. Her hands balled into fists at her side. The doors to the lift swished open without ceremony. Sidney stepped out onto the deck. Her mind drifting further as she walked.:: ((Flashback, Twilight's Edge, 238803.28, Ehlanii/Brice Wedding)) :: Sidney turned towards the Vaadwaur woman seated at the table. :: Riley: Hello, you must be Yin. :: Yin inclined her head slightly towards the woman. The woman's demeanor reminded her somewhat of herself when she was in duty mode. The inclining of the head sort of like a nod. :: Yin: I am called Yin, yes. I have been told you are the Captain of the Independence? Riley: Yes, I am Sidney Riley. :: Yin nodded again, her arms by her sides. The woman looked so stiff. It reminded Sidney of duty and decorum. She took a small breath and offered an encouraging smile, so far things were going okay...just okay...not bad, not good...just...yeah.:: Yin: You were known to me even before....After the events of what you would call "Operation Bright Star" the Vaadwaur have taken to calling you "Al'alashi", or in your own language, "The Stormbringer". Your losses then were light, as was my understanding, a testament to the courage and skill of your crew. They bought themselves and their Captain great honour. ::For a moment Sidney's face held a surprised expression. Al'alashi, the Stormbringer... Storms, they had been a consistent element of her dreams since Operation Bright Star...thunder, lightening, wind, tornadoes...elements of wonder and strength but if not respected destruction. The Terran/Deltan looked down at the table for a moment, when she looked back up her face held a serious expression, equal to Yin's in it's steel and determination. The way the woman spoke to her surprised the Fleet Captain, there had been losses on both sides, and still this woman seemed to regard her with a certain amount of respect even though, their ideals and convictions had not been the same. Sidney nodded lightly.:: Riley: I am honored by your words Yin, as is my crew. ((End Flashback)) ::"The Stormbringer".....Sidney knew she had a reputation in battle. A formidable one... Hopefully this would not descend into a full scale war, especially not against the Klingons. They were an honorable race, a full proud culture. They were strong allies....:: ::Her brisk pace stopped as she rounded the corner towards her quarters. She turned abruptly and headed towards engineering at a leisurly pace. There was someone she wanted to visit.:: TBC.... Fleet Captain Sidney Riley Commanding Officer USS Tiger-A
  9. Or even unrequited love? Or even a twisted sense of romance? I may consider writing something but I have to get myself back in the game. I haven't wrote anything, really, in years, ha!
  10. I just graduated training. My character Aribelle Tagren is a Physician and an El-Aurian/Human hybrid that has issues (but don't we all, lol). She has just been assigned to the USS Tiger-A. She looks to be in her twenties, but because of her background, she is much older. Her entry into Starfleet is really her "second beginning", as she calls it. A do over.
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