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  1. Quote

    Foster: ::Leaning forward with a curious expression::  Who are you sleeping with…?

    Hael: Uh… Wells… ::his lips danced over his teeth.:: One them gals that work fer me… I think…

    Foster: You think!?  ::Both antennae raised in alarm:: Rustyy! Either you slept with her or you didn’t - and how do you forget sleeping with someone?  How do you think and now know?!

    Oh this Meyer/Hael thing is getting ridiculously funny.

    And yes Jamie.. the Conny may be in need of AA!

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  2. Congratulations everyone!!

    I know from experience that the FO role is quite involved and Maxwell Traenor has excelled in this role. I couldn't be more happy for him!!

    After playing a Security Officer for many moons, I have to say that it can be difficult to find something for your character to do (same with Operations and Intel!). Well done Kurt Logan, Brell, and Trellis Vondaryan respectively. Although I haven't served with you, I know you would not have been awarded if it was not well-deserved!

    Although I have an Engineering PNPC, I really don't know how anyone can play a full-time engineer, science, or medical officer as the technical knowledge is beyond me. Many hip-hoorays to Varaan, Merrick R'Ven, and Jaxton Vee! The same can be said of Tyr Waltas, Tatash, Paul Scudder, and Antero Flynn!


    I truly mean it when I say job well done!

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  3. I agree with the others about Jadzia's death. I was just angry.. even moreso when they brought in Ezri. it was very Doctor Who for me, only I didn't get a chance to really get to like Ezri.

    Having said that, a particularly moving scene for me was when Picard was in the Nexus and watching his family that he wished he had, along with his nephew who had died.


    I am still in denial about Data's death and refuse to acknowledge that scene as having existed in the Trek universe.

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  4. You'll find that there are actually a decent amount of players here who do not speak English as their first language, so don't worry. Your English is great! (Certainly better than when I attempt to write German!!)

    I hope you enjoy yourself. No need to be nervous, the academy will train you on all the basics that you'll need to succeed here. If you have any questions about anything, don't hesitate to ask your trainers. They'll help you out!

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