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  1. Congratulations to ALL the awardees! It's simmers like this that makes simming fun and relaxing, with a dash of challenges thrown in for good measure!! I feel honored to be among such talented writers!!! ~Dusty~
  2. "Is maith an scáthán súil charad. (A friend's eye is a good mirror)."

  3. Trel'lis arrived, feeling rushed, as the shuttle was slow in getting to the Academy site. She was alo concerned as to how soon her training class would begin, since she was new to everything Starfleet and wanted to at least seem intelligent. Her appearance was deceiving, given she was mostly Xelarian, due to their DNA infusion/purge process. She was actually centuries old, despite appearing to be just 23. As she walked from the docking area, Trel'lis thought of the varius ways she could incorporate her vast police experience, into her new career, in Security. Trel'lis had been with the New Chicago Police Department, for hundreds of years, but she also knew that Starfleet Security did things differently, as well. As she made her way along, she glanced at the other, newly arrived cadets, marveling at the variety of species among them. Due to her "advanced" age, she had no current family, to speak of, having outlived all descendants, by more than two centuries, so in some ways, she felt "different", as well as pangs of loneliness. Trel'lis only hoped the other cadets would accept her, regardless of the unusual V-shaped "appendage attached to the base of her skull, which resembled the HSS pipes of the trellis of the Jay Pritzker Pavilion, that once stood at the northeast corner of Millennium Park, in Old Chicago. After a while, Trel'lis located a bench and sat in the space at the end, waiting for word, as to her training assignment, quarters, etc. Cadet Trel'lis SB 118 Academy
  4. Hi! I am also a returning member. My main character was Ann "80psi" Readdy, on Embassy Duronis. I am starting at the bottom again, hopefully to work my way back up again, with better results. I missed being here, but I still am not sure how to get started, even at the academy threads.
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