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  1. Had to go with Delta Flyer, it design is just slick, like a racing car even though the runabouts maybe more practical.
  2. ((Carter Family Car)) ::Ravenna stared out the window as they drove into the city. Her mother hadn’t stopped crying and her uncle hadn’t left nor said a word. No one told her what was going on, but she knew her dad wasn’t coming home again.:: Elizabeth: Hey, Sweety. ::Elizabeth wiped some latent tears from her cheek:: I’m taking you to talk to a nice lady who you can tell about how you’re feeling. Ravenna: ::Ravenna turned her attention to her mother.:: Ok, Mommy. Are you talking to her too? Elizabeth: No, she’s your special friend. ::Elizabeth turned back aro
  3. ((Captain's Ready Room, USS Constitution-B)) Hiro stood at the door to the captain's ready room. He was dressed in his best service uniform (Technically every one of his uniforms was his best). His pips shone brightly against the crimson collar, and the fabric was visibly starched and pressed. His boots shone brightly enough that a crewman had stopped and stared during his breakfast in one of the lower deck lounges. Hiro pressed the chime expectantly. There was no answer. Frowning, he pressed it again. Still nothing. Hiro [...]ed his head. This was incredibly unus
  4. I think they provide a lot of value for training and for crew morale when people are so far from home. But they could do with a few improvements to stop them breaking so often.
  5. I was considering Laura being given a cat, but I will now consider ideas for an alien pets.
  6. I would prefer if it was original Enterprise from the prime universe or the Enterprise-D.
  7. ((Passenger shuttle)) ::Laura stared out of the window watching as the starbase grew slowly bigger. She was on a small routine transport from Earth with about 30 other passengers.:: oO One more test and my career can finally start. Oo ::Five years ago, Laura was 24 and living in a small flat on Earth working as a repair engineer. Now she was proudly wearing a Star Fleet uniform soon to graduate. It had been a long hard struggle and she nearly left the academy a couple of times.:: ::At 24 she had flickering with the idea of joining the academy for a while, but hearing the ne
  8. 19 - 21 October http://www.startreklondon.com/ All 5 captains will be there. Anyone thinking of going? I am hoping I will be able to attend on the Sunday, but I am away on holiday until the Saturday.
  9. Excellent story. I hope you do as well in the Ongoing Worlds contest.
  10. Amy was being shepherded of the transport ship by the crowd of people her mind elsewhere. Before she had left Earth she had gone back to visit her parents. She was reliving those finally moments; as she stepped onto transporter pad, the look of fear on her mothers face and tears dripping down her face as her father hugged her. She played the scene over and over in her mind. “You don’t have to go,” she’d said. “I do,” Amy had responded she did want to have this argument again. “There are other ways to explore the galaxy” “I know, but this is what I want” It was the same old argument every sin
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