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  1. The world swam as JC put back another shot. He never set out to find trouble but it always found him and this was the predicament he faced tonight. He ran his hands through his hair appreciating the liquid courage running through his system. Here we go again he thought as a fist darted out and tagged him squarely in the jaw.... and the world dimmed. Justine Cook woke to a pounding headache, set upon by blinding light and annoyingly loud music. He pounded on the wall that separated his quarters from the room next door. "Turn it down A$$hole" he yelled. The music quieted and he rolled out of his bunk. Covering the distance to the shower and turning on the faucet, "Headphones....is it such a hard concept" The scalding water rushed over his body and he felt instant relief in his muscles. His jaw ached and he really didn't want to look in the mirror. "So worth it", he smiled to himself stepped out of the shower and turned to look at the mirror..... and let out an audible sigh. His nose was definitely broken and one eye was swollen and black. Well today should be fun he thought. He pulled his shoulder length black hair into a pony tail and brushed out his beard. His green eyes sparkled with amusement. Still just plain ol' good lookin he thought. He was medium height with a muscular build , the beard and the bright green eyes gave him a youthful twinge. Being slightly older than the other cadets and growing up with 6 siblings of his own, he often took up a guardian role with his peers. That sentiment had led to his current appearance. The girl had been a young Andorrian cadet and with looks that could kill. She had studied physics with him and it had been easy to approach her at the bar. After a few minutes of chatting and easy flirting, he had asked her to dance and the proceeded as predicted. Drink after drink had followed. All the way till her Boyfriend had shown up. He had exchanged a few rough words with her, and JC had immediately stepped in. Needless to say she didn't appreciate his heroics and BLAME....... He winced touching his eye. Who knew Andorrian women were so ferocious. Throwing on his uniform and grabbing his PADD, he headed into the hall where he ran into his neighbor Cadet Night.
  2. Ever wonder why the crew in "Enterprise" wore the black undershirts? Their undergarments were blue.

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