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  1. Got it as well, hellswaters in game. Been a while since I play and got up to about level 20. If you want to team up, just pm me or something. And for anyone that was not aware, STO is free to play, no need to pay. The game does have some limits on what you can or can not do with out paying however it is not as bad as some or you might think.
  2. I have completely opposite experience, from the moment I received confirmation till the moment I was posted on a ship everything was moving shockingly fast. You sound like someone who have some previous experience in this, but you have to understand that there are also people like me who need more time, because we don't have that experience. Well the academy has started now. It was just the period between the applying and getting it started. I will admit things do go fast here, kodos. Just the period between apply and start. The email you get has a few recommendations, however it covers about a hours of work. It might just be that most of my other experiences you got in touch with CO/XO of the sim right away, and after the reply they got you going. I do guess the time is about comparable to waiting for the CO/XO to reply, so might not be as bad not that I think about it. What you might be able to do is have it give some if the info or links to the writing format and bio format, which would probably help speed up the academy a bit as well. Just a bit more info about getting started. I was able to find most of it simply by looking around, just found it required a bit more searching, and was expecting the email and /cadets page to contain more. But I will admit, the time from applying, to acceptance and being approved for the forums is really fast, great job on that. Not a shot on the community, nothing but good experiences so far. Sorry about the way it came out at first. Edit for a bit more detail and spelling.
  3. Hey, one thing that I have noticed so far. There is a noticeable lay off from applying and acceptance till the academy phase. Since I am new, but I do think that this could hurt the recruitment numbers as someone may apply and get accepted however not do anything afterwards. What you might be able to do is have the CO of the upcoming training group get in touch with the cadets, and give them some of the basic material to start learning the basics. The other thing might be have whoever does the assignments get in touch with them as well. Based on position selections, the sim options are probably narrowed down and just a couple messages even before they do the academy the sim selection could probably be almost determined. This would allow the new cadets to learn the basics of the sim which they will be joining quicker, and even develop a bio more specific to that ship. I do also know that this annoying thing called real life tends to get in the way, and that is has been only a day, and the couple staff cadets deal with at the beginning might be busy on the weekends. If that is the case, sorry and feel free to ignore this. If not, thanks.
  4. Hey everyone. Name is Brent, and I am another member from the frozen north also known as Canada. Calgary to be exact (and unfortunately missed the TNG reunion at the Calgary Comic Con stupid work.) And a bit about me, I have been simming since I was about 15 give or take. Started off on live sims and then learned that life tends to interfere with them, and have now found this group from the wonders of google. Now, I am 24, and working on my flight ratings to get a job flying. Just finishing off instrumentation now, and as you could guess, aviation would be a big hobby. If it has wings, I am probably there.
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