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  1. ((Rear Compartment, Runabout 'Rick Husband')) ::To be there, yet almost completely invisible, was something that Vincent often tried accomplishing. Sometimes, usually on account of stillness, or rank, perhaps, it would work. Other times, his size simply got the best of the situation, and people would 'see' him in the plain sight where he stood. Now, however, was one of the former moments, and for a time, as the runabout filled with officers, he seemed nearly invisible to them all.:: ::It wasn't something he minded either; being able to stand in the back of the rear compartment and simply watch the tired officers as they moved into the ship and sat was not only something that killed time for him, but it kept his mind busy as well. One by one he counted off the senior staff; there was the Chief of Security, the Chief Engineer, extra security officers, and the Ferengi diplomat that couldn't really fire a phaser. Beside him was a small dragon, with its tongue sticking slightly out. Then came the others, in collars of all colors, all seemingly preoccupied with things around them.:: ::That left him to a bubble of relative silence where he could still hear the soft clicking as he adjusted the rifle tucked up against him and the side arms in the holsters on either side of his body. For him, peace always came first. Kali had instilled the sanctity of life on all she'd led when she was in the Corps, but Vince knew that such outlooks didn't always mean the firepower wouldn't be needed. He'd be there to back Kali up in anything she did, but in the end, he'd never be caught like he had been on Lavon.:: ((Flashback, Lavon Palace, Stardate 238606.26)) ::Following the fireteam leader, a small statured Asian woman who held an aire of command and confidence about her without ever saying a word, Vince let his eyes fall on the form of the First Officers up ahead. A million thoughts raced through the mind of the young, and fairly fresh, Marine, the least of which was not the seething annoyance at the man's recent comments about those in the green collars. It was no secret that Andrus Jaxx hated the Marines with a fiery passion, but it was kind of a surprise that Kali took the comments and said nothing more.:: ::It was one thing that he planned on taking up with her when they returned to the Resolution. Her, and the Marine CO, a man who could at least stand up for the job they were doing.:: ::Still, even though he'd just met her a day ago, Vincent found himself worried that he was doing the wrong thing. The path this woman had chosen was a strange one, but something about it, and her, seemed to just be right. It was like his anger and seething hit a wall that absorbed it and stole it from him. The emotions never had a chance to boil over because of it.:: ::Suddenly, the group stopped. He had to catch himself quickly before he ran right into the woman he had to look down to look at.:: Jaxx: He is here. ::nodding toward the Main Chamber:: extreme caution, Lieutenant ::pausing for a moment:: set phasers to kill. Nicholotti: He, who sir? ::Kali was lost on this point. She looked around the narrow hall, but saw nothing unusual.:: Jaxx: I am not sure exactly what, but we are being watched. ::Without hesitation, the woman turned and orders were issued. Vincent raised his eyebrow towards the First Officer, but something in the way he stood, and in the tone of his voice, told the tale of honesty and the deadly truth none of them realized. Turning around slowly and training his weapon as he went, he was far too late to do anything about the door that suddenly slammed down between them and both Kali and Jaxx.:: Jones: Dammit! ::Having run to the metallic slab that kept him and one other Marine separated from the officers, he slammed his fist on it and watched through a small window as a massive Hirogen hunter faded into existence just in front of Kali and Jaxx. A frantic look came over him, though no one would see it to share the moment. Unable to move the slab with his bulk alone, the Marine searched quickly for anything that would allow him to pry the door open.:: ::The event lasted moments, and the door eventually opened on its own, but by the time the team came back together, it was already too late. Glancing forward as he ran into the room, Vincent looked on as the First Officer picked up the fireteam leader and moved towards the closest exit, where the transporters would be able to find her. Glancing sideways, he noted another casualty, a teammate, but the trail of crimson that fell, leaving a path where Jaxx had been to where he was, drew Vincent's attention as a icy chill ran down his spine.:: ((End Flashback)) ::Subconsciously, Vince had looked towards the [...]pit, to where that woman was now. Vowing to keep her in that state, alive and well, even if it were for the arms of another, he found himself gripping the rifle just a bit tighter as a few more people entered the craft.:: ::Back to watching, rather than re-living painful memories of the past, he noticed the medical officer from earlier join the rest of them in the somewhat packed rear compartment. He didn't know the man, having just met him, but something seemed to be written on his face and it didn't look entirely like sun and roses. And whatever it was drew Vincent to him as he started to move forward.:: Jones: The rough day's just beginning, unfortunately. Skyfire: Yep...I know. May I join you? ::With a subtle nod of his head, he offered the new medical officer a place next to him on the wall, as far removed as was possible from the crowd.:: Jones: They call me Jonesy, you can too. I'm not an officer, just an ear, if you needed it. Skyfire: I'll keep it in mind in the event I need it...tell me, who is the counselor on our posting? I am afraid I wasn't given much chance to read up on the assignment before it was handed to me...but I should schedule an appointment when we get back. ::An ear, and a shield, and perhaps the interference that ran between darkness and light, somewhere in places no one actually knew, keeping others from knowing the truth. For the briefest moment, he missed his place on Starbase 118, the chair he leaned back in, and the console where his boots were often found. But they would be home soon enough. They would be home and perhaps things would get back to normal.:: ::As soon as he thought it, he scratched the idea. No, normal was far too chaotic. He really could do with at least a week without someone trying to blow up the station, eat his soul, kill his captain, or steal anyone from his home. After all, those things made it a far less desirable place to live.:: ::But as long as Kali was there, and he served his fellow officers as he could, then maybe chaos was survivable.:: TAG/TBC -- CWO 1st Class Vincent 'Jonesy' Jones Lead NCO, 292nd 'Eagle Eye' 118th Counter Intel Division Starbase 118 / USS Victory As simmed by Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
  2. To my fellow fathers her at Starbase 118, have a great day tomorrow.

  3. "Joseph what did you get yourself into?" He whispered to himself as he looked at the interstellar city get bigger and bigger in the port window. The transport craft was making it's approach towards the station and as it did the academy was moving further away as the real world was coming closer. He stared out the port window until the ship was well inside the station and docked. "All heading ashore to Starbase 118 report to the docking bay" The voice said as the thud of the locking clamps was felt through the ship. 'Hope to see you again boys.' He thought to himself as he moved through the corridors to the docking bay. He was thinking about friends he left behind on Earth, home. He had left the games, the parties, the fun. Even during his days at the Academy he still managed to sneak away back to Canada. Then he thought about his uncle, the Starfleet Admiral, he wanted to be like him. That's all he wanted ever since he put on his uncle's tunic and looked at himself in the mirror. He wasn't the most academic student the Academy had seen, nor the most athletic. Being a heavy set individual, not exactly over weight but not exactly muscular, he was definitely built for strength not speed. "Ensign Dubeau." The boarding officer said. "Sir." He said replied as he came to attention. "This isn't the academy Ensign, just show me your orders." He handed the officer the pad and held his breath. 'This is it.' He thought to himself. 'This is where my childhood ends and my adult hood begins.' He continued as he rubbed his balding head. "Go ahead Ensign." He took back the pad and walked through the porthole into the long shaft to the station. He began to think about his mentor at the academy. One of the hand to hand instructors, he was an ex security officer who began teaching. Because Joseph wanted to get into security or tactical he gravitated to this person. The instructor was a martial arts expert who instructed Joseph on his off hours, which brought Joseph great pleasure. He loved being on the mats, he liked it better then the classroom, but even that was over with. 'Time for reality.' he thought. He held his breath as the otherside got closer. He could hear the sounds of activity coming closer. This was it, pack on back, ruck sack in hand, the last step towards the beginning.
  4. Hello my name is Mike Doucette, my character name is Joseph Dubeau, and I live near Oshawa, Ontario. I was told about this group by a friend and co worker who speaks very highly about this group. I work in law enforcement field. I'm looking forward to getting started. Talk to you guys soon. Thank you Mike
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