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  1. I play as well. Saria Rex@senseiebola
  2. I'm looking forward to, hopefully, a Science post. If not, Engineering is my second choice.
  3. You may have already seen some posts of me, but I wanted to stop by at the welcome thread though. I'm Shannon, but everyone calls me Shan, and I'm 15 years old (probably pretty young for a Trekkie) . I live in the Netherlands and I'm currently studying Biology. I'm a Trekkie (yes, not a Trekker) thanks to my dad and stepmum, which watched TOS when they were my age. I'm looking forward to get really active on the forum!
  4. They'd probably just play rock and roll everywhere (Oobie Doobie, as mentioned, but als Magic Carpet Ride I bet) and sell cheese pierogies (Cochrane's favorite food) in all snackbars.
  5. Well, today in the Star Trek franchise, everyone would be celebrating First Contact Day. So happy First Contact Day everyone!
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