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  1. ::Carter sat slumped in his chair on the shuttle, leaning against the cold wall of the spacecraft with his eye closed in a light slumber. With such a long voyage and nothing to do but re-read Starfleet manuals, Vance sought to catch a few winks. His slumber was calm, an endless sea calm as polished glass with a singular sailboat of antique design catching the gentle currents. Carter sat in the padded seat at the helm, clad in only a bathing suit with his feet kicked up. Beside him was a singular cooler filled to the brim with ice and chilled beers. The dream was not long to last, however:: Pilot: =/\= Attention passengers, we will be docking with StarBase 118 in the next ten minutes. Please make sure that you have gathered all of your belongings and are prepared for customs.=/\= ::Groaning, Carter was dragged from his dream of a warm San Francisco sun and the cool sea breeze of the Pacific by the shuttle pilot over the intercom. Rubbing his eyes with an index and thumb finger, the man yawned, the scar on his face knotting oddly. Grunting sharply at the feeling, Vance massaged the knot of scar tissue and the flesh around it.:: Carter: oO Five years since that brawl and it still knots up... Oo Child: Why is his face like that, ma-ma? Woman: Quiet, dear. Don't be rude. ::Carter turned to the source of the voices, seeing a young Caitian woman and her child, perched upon her lap with wide eyes trained on the deep scar on Carter's face. He smiled at the two of them warmly."" Caitian Woman: I am so sorry, sir. ::Chuckling, Carter raised a hand to stop her where she was.:: Carter: Think nothing of it, miss. If the little one really wants to know... ::Carter paused, looking the child in the eyes, seeing them grow wide with curiosity. Leaning in, Vance spoke in a loud whisper.:: Carter: I didn't eat my vegetables as a kid. Caitian Child: Really? ::Carter nodded, smiling.:: Carter: Oh, yes. It very common, so you need to remember to eat well, or you'll end up like me - only half of you will look good in the mirror. ::Carter smiled wider still, seeing his words root into the child just by his expression and even more so by the coy upward curl of the mother's lips. In light of the conversation, Carter had not noticed that the shuttle was pulling into dock at the StarBase. Gathering up his one black duffle bag, Vance set it on his lap, eagerly anticipating a chance to stretch his legs.:: Pilot: =/\=This is your pilot speaking. We have docked with StarBase 118. You are now permitted to disembark.=/\= ::With those words, Vance stood up and straightened his uniform. Slinging his duffle, he smiled to the Caitian woman and her child, giving them each a polite nod.:: Carter: You two be safe now. ::Carter pointed to the child, smirking.:: Carter: And you be sure to eat right, little man. ::The child nodded and smiled back. Turning, Carter departed from the shuttle and made his way with the milling crowd, ultimately moving from one slowly moving line to a slower line in the customs department. Carter sighed, moving a couple paces every several minutes. In reality, it was not that long, but he was tired from the trip and anxious for his Cadet Cruise. Finally reaching his turn, Carter simply handed his Starfleet Cadet credentials to the Customs officer. With a scan, a stamp, and a wish of good luck, Carter was sent on his way. With the rest of the Station before him a handful of hours to kill before roll call, Carter made his way to the lounge.::
  2. Hello everyone! My name is Alex, I'm making my possibly-glorious return to Starbase 118 after more than a year hiatus. I am a Californian, born an raised and am currently attending college at LCAD. I have been an avid and active artist and author for years now and continue to hone my crafts. Like most in Game Art, I am up at stupid hours of the night/day. If you add me to skype or keep up tabs via email, you will see just how stupid it can get. Currently, I work at a gun range close to where I live and go to school. It is a fun job and it has taught me a lot [as well as paying great] and it is fun to say "I work with guns" in such an anti-gun state and see people freak out. Anywho, I look forward to playing with you all soon.
  3. "What about Photon torpedoes? Are those part of the plan?"

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  6. My name is Alex, i just turned 20 as of today and I live in sunny California. I am currently studying to get my BFA in Game Art and Design, majoring in conceptualization and storyboarding. I found StarBase 118 through my good friend good friend Google. You'll probably see me lurking around the forum a lot, as one of the side effects of Game Design is insomnia. Anyways, glad to be here, and I hope to get the chance to sim with a great deal of you.
  7. Silence. The shuttle to Starbase 118 was surprisingly quiet, the only noises worth noting being the rhythmic hum of the impulse drive and the occasional sigh of apprehension from a nervous cadet. It wasn't like the shuttle ride to San Francisco, where candidates hooted and hollered, boasted or vomiting from motion sickness. The Academy had tempered all of them, turning them in to something that could be utilized by the Federation. Vance Carter was just another one of the apprehensive Cadets, his right foot tapping the floor panel restlessly, just something to get the nervous energy out, otherwise Vance was quite sure he would burst in to flames. The StarBase had grown from a small speck of metal in the distance to a monolithic structure that dominated all the viewports available to the Cadet. It was most impressive, even to a space-born boy like Vance was. With eyes like chips of blue ice, Vance watched as the shuttle circled the StarBase until their queue for docking came up. With a lurch, the shuttles artificial gravity compensated for the sudden change in speed and direction. The docking process and quick and seamless, the navigational computer handling such a delicate yet menial task. "This is it, ladies and gentlemen. StarBase 118 - your portage in to the unknown." the pilot spoke with a humorous tone flavoring his voice, obviously taking great joy in his job. Keeping to himself, Vance Carter stood and took up his duffle bag from under his seat. It was light, filled only with necessities like personal hygiene products and memorabilia from home. Other that that, it had a couple extra Cadet uniforms identical to the uniform Vance was currently wearing. Walking with a purposeful pace, Vance took in the sprawling terminal of the StarBase, a venerable city amongst the stars with the population and hustle to boot. There he stood, like a country bumpkin seeing the big city for the first time, turning himself in a slow three-sixty to drink in all of the details. Vance was a healthy example of the human male, standing at a modestly tall six foot-three with a caucasian complexion that said his skin had not seen much natural sunlight. His face was hard and masculine with a strong jaw and chin, rough from forgetting to shave the previous night back at the Academy. Years of hefting cargo and replacement parts gave Vance a powerful physique without being impractical; lean muscle visibly pressing against the tightly pressed Academy uniform. Contented by the visual exploration of the shuttle terminal, Vance immediately turned about-face, finding a sign that read "lounge" and followed the prompts thereafter. He ran a hand through his shortly cropped hair, the color of antique brass. Checking his schedule, Vance's training vessel wasn't due to arrive for another couple hours. Plenty of time for a drink and a smoke and maybe catch up on whatever sports he missed during his time at the Academy. Finally finding the lounge, Cadet Carter made sure to do exactly that. He quickly found a vacant table and ordered a beer and a smoke, partaking in both with joy, knowing that this would be the closest thing to legitimate shore leave he would get for a long time... but then again, shore leave was not something Vance was all that familiar with, spending the greater majority of his life aboard space-fairing vessels. The mixture of alcohol and tobacco helped ease the tension running through Vance's mind and muscles, calming him to a degree without inhibiting his judgment. Time passed without notice, Vance Carter just sitting - watching and listening to those who came and went. Many of them wore the uniforms of Starfleet personnel, and it was their stories Vance made sure to spend extra effort eavesdropping on. Some stories were glorious, others were quite terrifying in their scope and scale. Until his training was complete and he was promoted to Ensign, all Vance could do was further his studies and understanding of Starfleet operations and dream of what life in the Federation would be like. --------------------------------- -Character Summary- Name: Vance Carter Age: 28 terran years Race: Human Birthplace: Space-born; USS Ulysses, military vessel Personality Profile: Analytical and calculating by nature, having grown up in an environment where one wrong detail or mis-measurement could make the difference between life and death. Having been surrounded by such high stakes, he developed a brand of humor seen by most naval and military personnel.
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