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  1. Found my training emails in my junk box. *fails at training*

  2. "That's why they call them Business Socks!" Thanks for the warm welcome folks. As soon as I figure out what to do next...you will see more of me.
  3. It has been a rather lame summer to be honest. One of the worst in my memory. Sad days. AAAAND nice to meet you too
  4. Jerk's gonna get his own back...in full. Yes, revenge was sweet, even sweeter for some, and when it was a punk like Samuels it was even more enjoyable. Daine, 'Dee' in her own mind and to her closer friends and family, had a sly grin on her face as she stepped out of the shuttle behind her tall, lanky foe. Having endeared himself to her by talking down to her and assuming that she was Vulcan in nature and not just appearance, Daine had granted him the honour of being her first blacklisted individual on her first day of training. He would be the one she would not want to be partnered up with, and would, such as he was about to find out, receive the brunt of her frustration. The sly grin was a rarity on this trip. Samuels had quickly labelled her as the straight laced logic defined Vulcan of the Voyage, whereas she was as far from Vulcan in outlook as any other human could be. When he had started into his assumptions, she had tucked her blonde wisps of hair behind her elven ears and taken on the dry tone she was so well practiced at faking. Yes, she had taken on the persona he had assumed upon her. Of course, this was all the plan. "Cadet...your ID?" The words broke Daine out of her thoughts by the question. Good. It wasn't her that was being talked too, but the 'enemy' in front of her. "Yes sir," he said, but seemed to be becoming increasingly agitated. "Cadet? Are you missing something?" Samuels was obviously rather worried now. It was time for the 'Vulcan' to step up to the plate. "Sir...I believe he left this on shuttle," she said stepping forward and handing over the young man's personal PADD on which were contained his credentials and orders. "Thank you, Cadet," the Ensign said to Daine. "You are welcome," she said with a beaming smile, which was seen by Samuels who now stood wide eyed. "Your...not..." "My grandmother was Vulcan," she whispered, before granting him a wink. Revenge had been served, he was mildly red in the face, and surely more embarrassed than that indicated. His eyes looked up and cast a quick glance about those behind Daine and found all those that had heard his earlier words were trying hard to suppress laughter. "Excuse me," Daine said, to get him moving. "Oh, yes...sorry...uhm...sorry," Samuels replied. "You are welcome to move on Cadet Samuels," the Ensign said with a subtle gleam in his eye. Apparently he understood that Samuels had just received his comeuppance for some indiscretion. "Why yes sir, yes sir," he said and then moved on. "Cadet...Arnst?" the Ensign now said as he looked over Daine's PADD. "Yes sir," she said with a triumphant expression. "Don't enjoy it too much," he whispered before stepping back a bit and speaking a little louder, "you are clear to proceed." "Yes sir," she said before walking away, and casting Samuels a cursory glance and whispered, "understood." It was time to explore.
  5. What's your real first name? Hadi, that works for me ^.^ Where do you live? New Zealand How did you find our group? Top 50 RPG Sites? I think... What kind of work do you do? I work for a charitable organization in their finance department, and dabble in the promotional materials.
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