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  1. There was a jerk as the shuttle attached itself to StarBase 118. As soon as he heard the familiar hissing sound of the airlock, Christopher leapt up from his seat and grabbed his bag from above. He had been anticipating arriving for so long now. Starfleet Academy had been a long journey for Lenar. He was glad to be finally on the other side, finally so close to his dream. Now, if they'd only put him on some starship, he'd be happy. He ran his fingers through his brown hair as he walked, making sure it hadn't gotten mussed on the flight. Lenar dreaded the possibility of a desk job on the station. He couldn't stand the thought. But surely, with his Academy record, they'd put him on the deck of some vessel? Chris shook his head. He was getting a little sleepy, but there was no time for that now. He pulled out his PADD and checked again when his cadet cruise began. "Cannot be late," he muttered to himself, quickly pulling up a map of the massive station so he could find his way. As he walked, the thrill of the moment began to overtake him again. He was finally here, not in the Academy; he was far, far away from the Academy now. A smile spread across his face, and he quickened his step.
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