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  1. My name is Miles. I live in Austin Texas. I foung this on google by searching star trek rpg. I am in school so I do not work.
  2. ((docking bay)) ::a young vulcan male with remnants of Borg implants walks out from the docking bay and walks up to a lcars display taps a button and says:: "computer can you direct me to the commercial district" ::the screen then displayed arrows. as he walked the corridors a cadet approached him.:: cadet:"I see you are a cadet too. My name is sam winet" Ter'dal:"my name is Ter'del." sam:"Are you reporting in at 1500." Ter'del:"yes" sam: "so am I. are you heading to the commercial district?" Ter'del:"yes." sam: "May i join you?" Ter'del:"Its a free federation" sam:"Good. ((commercial distric
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