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    I am currently a Labor & Delivery RN after 4 years in the Emergency Dept. I am an avid reader (mostly action adventure fiction or political dramas) and love strategy games... Starcraft, Civilization, CoD, etc. Really disappointed the latest Duke Nukem was a bust. I loved the original back in the day.

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  1. Welcome to the fleet, and best of luck with your training class!

  2. Greetings I'm Belinda. I currently live in Dallas. I work as a Labor & Delivery nurse. I take care of the mommas, not the babies. (And sometimes the fathers/BFFs/grandmas/sisters if they get out of hand. We joke our job is at least 1/4 security.) It has been about a decade since I have been active as a Trek writer, but I greatly enjoy collaborative writing. I found SB118 through a google search for starbase images. Go figure Have a terrific Sunday!
  3. To: ufop-sb118-ops@yahoo.com Subject: Cadet Tanneth Lyre, M.D. - Arrival at Starbase 118 Message Body: (( Commercial Sector, StarBase 118 )) ::The sensation of being a very small fish in an enormous ocean affected different people in different ways. For Dr. Tanneth Lyre, the press of minds engaged her mental defenses so solidly that she might as well be a Ferengi instead of descended from Betazed on her mother's side and Vulcan on her father's. It was not merely psychic defenses that were on red alert either. The 5'4" slightly-built counselor stood with her back against a storefront window,
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