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  1. Hi all! My name is Peter, I live near Harrisburg PA. I've been a Star Trek fan for a long time now, mostly TOS and TNG era. I started playing Star Trek Online when it went F2P last month, and remembered what a fun universe it is. Hope you're all having a good evening!
  2. Thrakar K'Zin looked all around to take in all of Starbase 118's interior. The size of the place was staggering. He thought back to one of his last Engineering courses at Starfleet Academy before he switched to Security, where the professor had referred to a certain class of structures as "Big Dumb Objects". Starbase 118 fit the description of a BDO perfectly. The Commercial Sector was an exercise for all of the Caitian's senses. The sounds and smells of all the various sentients milling around would have been sensory overload of most humanoids, but for K'Zin it was incredibly exciting, a prom
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