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  1. Cadet Sterling Knighthorse stepped off of the transport fresh from 4 years of Starfleet training with full honors. His confidence levels were at a all time high just as if he had just completed his rite of passage among his native Seminole tribe. He had already been considered a man among his people for many years, but now was his first step in becoming a Starfleet officer. As he collected his gear, he looked around at the faces of others that have come from the academy and noticed that some seemed overwhelmed as they attempted to grasp where they actually were as if they were surprised they made it to this point. One such Cadet was a Ferengi. In the middle of the hustle and bustle, Cadet Knighthorse made a cordial introduction and offered his hand in order to offer some peace of mind. Cadet Knighthorse: Has the experience been everything you have expected as of yet? Ferengi Cadet: I have not come with any preconceived notions, so my expectations have no ruling in the matter. Cadet Knighthorse: ...but you have to have some sort of idea or thoughts on what was to take place... Ferengi Cadet: ::Turns to Cadet Knighthorse:: I am a Ferengi. I am short, slow in speed and whose race is considered the cowards of the universe who will sell their mother for one silver pressed latinum. We are not trusted and are not considered a physical threat to anyone. We are looked upon as a waste of cells. People look on me as what the Earth people call a circus freak. Now you ask yourself what it is I may be contemplating my stay will be like. Cadet Knighthorse: I am a tall, lighter skin Seminole Indian whose lineage is traced back to always being at odds with whatever ruling body was in power and now I just finished 4 years at the academy, so your in great company. We can only control our attitudes and what energy we put into our careers at SF. Ferengi Cadet: Wise words. Very wise words cadet. I spend too much time dwelling on what my race has been instead of what my race can become. I hope we have the time to meet again sometime. Cadet Knighthorse: As do I. My name is Sterling Knighthorse. Ferengi Cadet: I am called Kog. ::Cadet Knighthorse shakes the hand of Kog and walks off in the direction he was given of the holodeck he will be briefed at. As he begins his Trek, he starts to collect his thoughts and press his personal feelings of homesickness to the back of his mind for he will soon embark on a career that will take him boldly where no one has gone before in just a few hours:: Fast Facts: NAME: Sterling Lee Knighthorse HEIGHT: 6'1 WEIGHT: 195 HAIR COLOR: Black HAIR STYLE: Retro Caeser Cut EYE COLOR: Hazel TATTOOS: Bear as a representation of his clan within the Seminole nation applied to chest over heart MARITAL STATUS: Single FAMILY HISTORY IS CLASSIFIED...
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