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  1. I have simmed and roleplayed for over a decade, but I have never done so in a sci-fi setting or such a structured environment as a fleet. The game I have been playing for years seems to be dying and I'm looking for a new challenge, plus I was recently reading a series of reviews of old TNG episodes and reminiscing about how much I enjoyed Star Trek, so the idea popped into my head to google for an online Star Trek RPG. And here I am.
  2. Personal Log: I am about to arrive aboard Starbase 118, where I have been assigned to complete my final year as a cadet aboard a ship. Some cadets get real assignments out in real space, but not us. We're being sent aboard a simulation vessel on the starbase's huge holodeck platforms. I suppose it's good that we cannot do any real damage there, but a year cooped up in one place does not really stir my sense of adventure, no matter how much virtual space we might traverse. I've already had three at the Academy's satellite campus on Betazed. I just keep telling myself that one day it will all be worth it. And even if we're boldly going nowhere, at least I'm far away from home. Mathilda clicks off her PADD, saving the log entry. She looks up in her seat as the starbase engulfs the viewport, the maw of a huge hangar swallowing the shuttlecraft. Her red hair reflects in the glass, making her cringe at her own awkward reflection. Scowling at her own face didn't help. Of course, her hand is on her leg again, rubbing that long-suffering sore spot. She lets it drop to her side. The last thing she wants to do when coming aboard a new base is show weakness. Or worse - attract questions. The shuttle set down softly on the deck and in a moment she was up and heading out at the end of a line of cadets, each toting their big grey bags and scratching at their tight grey uniforms. They said ships and starbases today could simulate an ambient Earth atmosphere to within 0.04%, but Mathilda could feel the difference. She just knew it. The air was dry and for another year she'd never feel the breeze on her face of a planet's surface. Unless she were assigned to an away team, she supposed, but then that breeze would just be simulated all over again. With a little limp in her step and a lot of thought in her head, Mathilda realised she was trailing behind her classmates. Well, old habits die hard, and if she had not been much of a social butterfly back on Betazed, or even her favourite Earth haunt of Cork, what were the chances she would stay in step with her fellows here? At least keeping her distance helped with the headaches... Name: Mathilda O'Hara Race: Betazoid / Terran Age: 24 years Height: 5'3 Weight: 125 Pounds Build: Slim, compact. Appearance: Every bit the Irish rose, Mathilda has (she would say suffers from) hair of flaming red and a smattering of freckles across her face. They're not nearly as extensive as she believes, but she tries to avoid her own reflection anyway. Born with one leg slightly shorter than the other, she has adopted a slight limp as her right thigh muscle has grown aggravated by the constant imbalance. This sets up a bitter metaphor she is acutely aware of - balancing her mind is something this half-Betazoid finds difficult in the cacophany of thoughts and feelings that echo around a ship or a starbase.
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