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  1. I have simmed and roleplayed for over a decade, but I have never done so in a sci-fi setting or such a structured environment as a fleet. The game I have been playing for years seems to be dying and I'm looking for a new challenge, plus I was recently reading a series of reviews of old TNG episodes and reminiscing about how much I enjoyed Star Trek, so the idea popped into my head to google for an online Star Trek RPG. And here I am.
  2. Personal Log: I am about to arrive aboard Starbase 118, where I have been assigned to complete my final year as a cadet aboard a ship. Some cadets get real assignments out in real space, but not us. We're being sent aboard a simulation vessel on the starbase's huge holodeck platforms. I suppose it's good that we cannot do any real damage there, but a year cooped up in one place does not really stir my sense of adventure, no matter how much virtual space we might traverse. I've already had three at the Academy's satellite campus on Betazed. I just keep telling myself that one day it will al
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