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  1. That is my happy face.

  2. Amazing how behind you get over the holidays

  3. Ohhhhh...The Avandar. Nice.

  4. nearing the end of training

  5. I joined, mainly because after 3 years with another sim, where I had been a member of the Council, and First Officer or CO on a few different ships, I found our organization growing stale. I wanted to get back to that original zest that I felt when I first joined. Your organization has more than exceeded my expectations so far. I've been a member of a few different sims over the years, and some have been ok, and some have been...well, less than stellar. I've done sims that have been all over the timeline of Trek, but I like the placement of yours.There seems to be (I could be TOTALLY wrong) none of the infighting that has plagued other organizations, and a sense of community here. A common good if you will. In the past, I've written just about any crew position on a ship you can imagine, but I've rarely seen an organized sim have a section where players can discuss how they play a position. While I have yet to be on an active sim yet (still in training), I appreciate what you have to offer. Forums, a wiki, a real training program with realistic goals and expectations, All signs of a class operation. My hat is off to you.
  6. Jack smiled and nodded approvingly. He ran a hand through his black hair and paused on the back of his neck. He had finally arrived. Jack Mancuso, unlikely cadet was about to embark on his cadet cruise. And he was early no less. Jack considered that it was probably a strange sight, this tall awkward looking cadet, with the dark hair, hazel eyes, and distinguished nose, standing here grinning like a fool. However Jack was very pleased he had even been chosen for this. He hadn't done bad at the Academy mind you. He had even excelled in some subjects. But he had struggled with others, and had barely managed to balance his grades enough to stay near the middle of the class. Mancuso stopped for a moment, considering the voice in his head that sounded terribly like his mother telling him to be careful. But Jack was also overwhelmed with a sense of pride and the thrill of it all. Ever since he had been a little boy, Jack had stared at the night sky and dreamed of all those far off worlds. It was certainly a far cry from his simple upbringing in the Tennessee hills where his father was a veterinarian and his mother a school teacher. But Jack had wanted so much more, and against the best advice of his parents he had signed up for the Academy. And now it was almost over. Jack had studied Counseling and Science, History to be precise, mainly because they interested him. Even if he had no idea yet which role he would be assigned into, Jack knew that this was exactly what he had dreamed of. Jack looked down at his pale, slim hands. They were almost shaking with anticipation. He desperately wished for a cup of coffee right now, and wondered to himself if there were anywhere close enough to grap a cup before the breifing. If this were Earth, there would certainly be be no shortage of locations for a warm cup. Mancuso was impressed with the size of the station as he looked around. It was massive. Perhaps he would even be lucky enough to be assigned here once he was done. Jack so wanted to one day visit New Scotland. Mancuso chuckled to himself. He only wished his father could see him now, dressed in his uniform, looking like a child on Christmas, and yet equally nervous. But of course his father would have merely chastised him, yet again, about his decision to join Starfleet. His father had sought out a peaceful, meager life, but that hadn't been enough for Jack had it? Jack picked up his pack and began to walk. He hadn't been an athlete or a genius. Simple a bright enough young man with a sense of wonder. A dreamer. And good with people. So what had they expected him to do back home? He wasn't mechanically gifted or an outgoing sort. But he did have a way with people and a desire to see more than just the stars from a pasture in Tennessee. And so, here he was. Jack Mancuso. About to embark on his cadet cruise, and who knew what adventures after that? And as he checked the time, about to be late if he didn't hurry. Cadet Jack Mancuso
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