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  1. That is my happy face.

  2. Amazing how behind you get over the holidays

  3. Ohhhhh...The Avandar. Nice.

  4. nearing the end of training

  5. I joined, mainly because after 3 years with another sim, where I had been a member of the Council, and First Officer or CO on a few different ships, I found our organization growing stale. I wanted to get back to that original zest that I felt when I first joined. Your organization has more than exceeded my expectations so far. I've been a member of a few different sims over the years, and some have been ok, and some have been...well, less than stellar. I've done sims that have been all over the timeline of Trek, but I like the placement of yours.There seems to be (I could be TOTALLY wrong) no
  6. Jack smiled and nodded approvingly. He ran a hand through his black hair and paused on the back of his neck. He had finally arrived. Jack Mancuso, unlikely cadet was about to embark on his cadet cruise. And he was early no less. Jack considered that it was probably a strange sight, this tall awkward looking cadet, with the dark hair, hazel eyes, and distinguished nose, standing here grinning like a fool. However Jack was very pleased he had even been chosen for this. He hadn't done bad at the Academy mind you. He had even excelled in some subjects. But he had struggled with others, and had bar
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