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    horticulture, hydroponics lab, geared toward nutritional balance for the crew.

    12 year History with (ECA) Earth Cargo Authority. Pilot with Galactic Cargo Services.
    Highly recommended for UFOP Academy.

    Temporary Additional Duty. (T.A.D.) USS Leyton an experimental temporal starship charged with policing and protecting the timeline.


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  1. fill reg's? I'm having too much fun. Try something new, this is where we can step out and learn... and have fun at it. FUN is the Prime directive here. :o)

  2. As a child, James would tag along as his Dad would make cargo deliveries, working as a pilot with Earth Cargo Authority. So now on Starbase 118, he is found on the Promenade headed for Subspace Café. Where Dad used to spend time there playing his cornet for the patrons, as Little James sat looking on.

    James got a latte and took a seat, he looked around watching and reminiscing of...

  3. got it from search. sent me to wiki

  4. is there a deck plan somewhere for starbase 118?

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