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  1. (( Clinic, Sikuna Colony )) A. Sevo: PUSH! Theletha: NNYAARGH! A. Sevo: You’re at 10 cm. Push again! Theletha: I AM PUSHING, YOU SPOTTED VERUUL!! A. Sevo: oO She’s doing quite well, I think. Oo (( Flashback - ~200 years ago - Illuna Hospital, Leran Manev, Trill )) Doctor: PUSH! Lizara: I AM PUSHING! :: Lizara was laid back in the birthing chair, trying desperately to get the little parasite out of her. Her whole body was sweating; the ionic imbalance in her skin caused
  2. How is a nursery rhyme about a cat racist?
  3. Huh, don'tknow why I wrote "sun" since they were on the Bridge. It was supposed to be just "lights"
  4. Scotty, because it is Alucard's secret goal to crew the ship with only Scotsmen.
  5. I have to go with the Enterprise era. It's more like an NASA flight suit, plus it's more utilitarian. And all those pockets are great for storage. actual
  6. It depends. The wife and children get simmed relatively often, but Alucard's father and in-laws have only been simmed directly a few times, and mainly appear just as asides, such as "I talked to dad today..."
  7. (( A Guided Fall Within The Center )) :: There were 56 of them. 56 was ideal. Many would remain Shadowed and some would be Seen. Large ones would be Seen. The Wayward learned truths more quickly when the larger Keepers approached them. This had been learned, over many cycles. They moved through The Center, with silvery swiftness. The Song had changed, with new tones - the Keepers had come upon the Wayward who had dared to break the seals, and they had taken them into The Center, and guided them through a Fold to the hearth and the Ascension of Rest. The Wayward would want to see the
  8. At the end of our Year in Hell I killed off Alucard's evil alternate self in a fight between selves during our final battle with the Dominion. It ended, as I recall, with a satisfying Gibbsian neck snap. No one felt sorry for the way he went, he was truly a vile person.
  9. Star Fleet - o - bots! Transform and warp out!
  10. Ayiana Sevo: https://wiki.starbase118.net/wiki/index.php/Ayiana_Sevo
  11. Hey folks! The awards ceremony is fast approaching and it's time for us Gorkonites to strut our stuff!
  12. (( Clear Stream, Leutra IV, Leutra System )) Millis: %##$@##5. What in the moons of Endor was that! ::Loudly.:: :: These creatures could really scream. The purple one hadn't been kicked over by her attack. A different method would need to be used. But whether the Cliff Dweller was actually capable of thinking one up... Well, maybe now, but certainly not before. She'd already been alive before the new young-ones were put in the river. It hadn't felt like a sudden change to any of the Dwellers. Instead of putting the eggs on the side of the water, their instincts now told t
  13. Pulling this back up, because I just got STO for PS4. I like it a lot more than on PC, as evidenced by my rising 24 levels in about 2 days. Anyone else playing on console?
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