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  1. Transferred to the Apollo. Seems like a challenge.

  2. Abrams (or the writers) did not do great research on Romulans for the movie. They refer to Nero as "captain" when Romulan ranks do not work like that. They should have referred to him as Commander. Jacob
  3. Hello! Jacob here, and I made this topic to raise awareness of my site that I have made. If you would like to check it out, simply click on the link below(or if that doesn't work for some reason copy and paste it into your address bar): Jacob(Ens. Luna) www.startrek-1701.weebly.com
  4. I don't recall receiving an invitation. But I will barge my way into your party sometime in the next few days. Jacob
  5. Welcome aboard. I hope you are enjoying the drake, I see you got posted there.

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