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  1. OOC: Thanks to Zonhar for coming up with the pretty title

    "Awaken, from dreary night newly shaken, and squeeze the hand of

    faithful few." -Jason Kelly 2011


    ((ICU ward, Sickbay))

    oO What is that wretched beeping? Oo

    :: It had been going on for what seemed like hours, refusing to allow

    him to remain sleeping, when that was all he wanted to do. He reached

    out in the darkness, aiming for his bedside table to smack his alarm

    off. His hand met with nothing but air and he was instead assaulted

    by a searing pain shooting through his chest. Lord, his right side was

    killing him::

    ::Voices echoed around him. He caught odd words like ‘ventilator’ and

    ‘dexalin’ and ‘rexlin’ and wondered if he’d dozed off in one of his

    pathology classes again, but that wouldn’t explain the beeping::

    ::He felt a warm hand on his forehead and it was soon joined by a soft

    voice, but it was fuzzy, he couldn’t understand what she was saying,

    not that it mattered much. He was being dragged back into sleep and

    found no reason to fight it::

    ::There was that beeping again. And someone had apparently placed a

    fifty pound weight on his chest while he’d slept. He was too old for

    these pranks. He tired to sit up but found his lack of breath made it

    rather difficult. He tried for a deep inhale and was stopped by a

    sharp pain. Lord, his right side was killing him. All sorts of pokey

    things were pulling at his arm. He scratched at it, the movement

    causing him to jerk away in pain. Oh, what was the point? He let his

    head sink back into his pillow and he drifted back to sleep::

    ::That voice was back again. She kept asking for someone – it was a

    familiar name.:::

    Voice: Davies, do you know where you are?

    ::He was sleeping soundly in his quarters. Or trying to sleep,

    rather. The real question was what she was doing there. He recognized

    the voice but couldn’t put a name to it. He knew though, she didn’t

    belong in his bedroom. But, since she was there, she could bring him

    some water. His throat was on fire::

    Voice: Davies, do you remember what happened?

    :: What was she on about? He opened his eyes and tried to focus on the

    blurry blue figure in front of him. He tried to blink the image into

    focus but wasn’t having much luck, and though it was blurry, the room

    surrounding her was distinctly NOT his quarters. He squinted at her

    and tried to swallow against his dry throat::

    ::There was that beeping sound again, only now it was faster. He

    attempted to sit up but a cough bubbled up in his throat and had him

    doubled over in pain. His side was killing him. Hands were on his

    shoulders, rubbing gently. Her name suddenly popped into his head::

    oO Jen Oo

    Malcolm: Davies, it’s all right. You’re in Sickbay.

    ::No wonder it didn’t look like his room. He laid back against the

    pillows and watched as she moved away from him. Panic swelled in his

    chest and he reached out, catching her hand in his own::

    Davies: Wait. Don’t leave me here.

    ::She gave his hand a squeeze::

    Malcolm: I’m not going anywhere.

    ::The beeping slowed again and he closed his eyes. He tightened his

    hold on her fingers, just incase she forgot to stay::


    Ensign Christopher Davies

    Medical officer/pathologist

    USS Avandar

    simmed by Lt. Jen Malcolm

  2. ((USS Aurora, Captain's Quarters))

    :: Despite the fact she can still feel her emotional over-reaction seething inside her, the view that greeted her as she walked through the door to her quarters brought a kind of stunned smile to her face.::

    :: Frozen in the middle of the room, Beth looked like she'd been caught in the middle of saying something - which would quite likely account for the fact that she had a diaper quite securely perched on her holographic head. Actually, as she approached, Della began to suspect that the bug sunny smile on the nanny's face was probably more likely to be the reason...::

    :: There was neither sight nor sound of either of the "T"s she was looking for, but there was plenty of evidence that Beth had done exactly what she'd asked. After a moment,though, she frowned. No, the hologram *hadn't* done that - she'd exceeded it. All Della had wanted her to do was make sure the basics were in place for T'Lea and the baby to come home, but by the looks of it, she'd gone the whole hog - leaving Della with nothing that really needed to be done.::

    Vetri: ::softly:: Dammit... I wanted to sort the rest...

    :: Now disappointment was mingling with semi-homicidal rage inside her, and this was *not* a good combination. She turned, about to head back out, but pulled up short when her ears caught a quiet little noise from the bedroom. Carefully, she moved that way, silent as she approached the doorway and looked through.::

    :: The scene that greeted her was enough, even with everything else, to turn her a little gooey. T'Lea was laid on the bed, eyes closed, chest rising and falling gently with her soft breathing as T'Sara lay beside her, one of the hybrid's hands curled protectively around her as she looked around her, making the occasional little cooing sound like the one that had caught Della's ears.::

    :: Still silent, the Trill padded over, gently reaching out a finger to touch one of T'Sara's hands - which promptly grabbed it, earning her a delighted smile from Della. The smile faded pretty quickly, though, as a thought occurred to the Trill. She had no idea if this would work, but...::

    Vetri: ~ Hello, little one. ~

    :: The response she got was a total freeze on the baby's part, followed by a kind of whirlwind of imagery that had Della pulling her finger away, breaking the contact as she tried to sort it out.:;

    Vetri: Woah... That was... weird.

    :: Eyes heavy with a special kind of tiredness that went along with the events of the day, and trying to strangle the nanny, T'Lea managed to surface from a sleep that was a lot deeper than what she'd intended.::

    T'Lea: Hey.

    :: Groggily, the hybrid gave a growly little groan as she stretched awake her muscles.::

    :: Suddenly feeling guilty, Della shot a look toward the door, almost like she was trying to figure out if it was too late to make a run for it.::

    T'Lea: ::grinning at both Della and the baby:: Looks like she waited up for you.

    Vetri: Sorry, I... I didn't mean to wake you.

    T'Lea: It's all right. We're glad to see you.

    :: Fussing with the baby's blanket for a moment, T'Lea wanted to make sure that T'Sara wasn't too hot, or too cold, or too restricted. She seemed happy enough, which left only one person in the room that could be giving off such a bad vibe.::

    Vetri: ::shaking her head:: No, you probably still need rest, and I...

    T'Lea: ::lopsided grin:: I… love you both very much?

    :: Sighing, Della rubbed a hand over her eyes before answering.::

    Vetri: I probably shouldn't even be in here. We just got the latest news from Starbase 118, and it... really wound me up. I think I leaked it all over the bridge, and I sure as hell still feel it now.

    T'Lea: Yeah… I'm sensing that, but lucky for you I have the perfect remedy. Tomato soup and crackers.

    :: That was sure to either confuse her, or *not* amuse her. Either one worked for T'Lea. What *actually* happened, however, was that her mate simply stood there and looked at her with a kind of blank incomprehension.::

    Vetri: Huh?

    :: Extracting herself from the bed, T'Lea gathered the baby in her arms and walked her over to Della, looking like she wasn't going to be the least bit helpful to her mate. But in closing the gap T'Lea reached around the Trill's back and pulled her over, placing the baby more in Della's hands than her own, and with her free hand she quickly located a particular nueropressure point along the curve of Della's spine.::

    :: Leaning in close T'Lea whispered.::

    T'Lea: Take a deep breath.

    :: The feel of the hybrid's hands on her was almost enough to distract Della from T'Sara. Almost. It didn't actually happen, though, and she quickly found herself smiling goofily down at the little bundle as she did what she was told.::

    T'Lea: Now exhale.

    :: As the Trill's lungs expelled the air, the hybrid's fingertips delicately applied the appropriate pressure to three specific points, as a result she felt the tension in her mate's body slowly start to release- accompanied by Della's exhale hitching into soft gasp, eyelids fluttering as a kind of "click" seemed to ping through her.::

    T'Lea: ::softly:: Again.

    :: The exercise was repeated three more times, until T'Lea was satisfied with the effects – which was that the emotional run-off she had been sensing from Della had diminished.::

    T'Lea: Okay?

    :: Oddly... yes. She still wasn't sure just how this neuropressure stuff was meant to work, or even if it had simply been T'Lea's presence that had done it, but she certainly couldn't deny that the darkness that had been lurking within her had retreated back into the depths of her symbiote once more.::

    Vetri: Yeah... :: Careful not to dislodge T'Sara, she leant over to brush a soft, tender kiss across her mate's cheek.::

    Vetri: You're far too good with those fingers of yours. Thank you. T'Lea: Now. The tomato soup and crackers… *that* is for me, and *this* is for you.

    :: She carefully pushed T'Sara the rest of the way into Della's arms, and then headed into the living area toward the replicator. In passing she swiped the diaper off Beth's head and tossed it on the changing table. It had been a childish thing to do, but at the time it made her feel better.::

    T'Lea: Frakking starving…. Do you want something? And don't say coffee, I mean something substantial. Banana fruit?

    :: That was the only fruit T'Lea actually tagged with the word "fruit" at the end. She did it because Banana was the name of a hideous devil god in the Iola culture, and maybe it was a bit superstitious, but she just couldn't bring herself to speak his name because of the terrible curse that went with it, especially *now*, having a first born of her own.::

    Vetri: Hmm? ::looking up from where she'd been gazing down at her daughter:: Oh. Food. Sandwich?

    :: The few minutes that it took for the order to appear in the receptacle were spent watching Della with the baby. T'Lea's intended remedy for soothing Della's troubles hadn't been the neuropressure, but the little bundle of love resting safely in the Trill's arms. Sneaky, but maybe it had worked.::

    T'Lea: ::silently mouthing the words to herself:: You're so beautiful. ::normal volume:: Have you seen the holo-cam? Do we own a holo-cam? We need pictures. Lots and lots of pictures.

    Vetri: ::chuckling:: I'm sure we can find one. ::to T'Sara:: Your mother's being goofy again, you know.

    :: Actually, now she thought about it, statements like that could apply to *both* of them...::

    :: Bowl in hand, the hybrid eased herself into her seat, still a little surprised at how sore she was. In spite of the discomfort she smiled at Vetri, and couldn't seem to keep her eyes off mother and child.::

    T'Lea: Puts things into perspective, doesn't it?

    Vetri: More than you know. I think... I think I needed a reminder that there's something good in the galaxy right now.

    :: To be honest, T'Lea hadn't been keeping up with much of *anything* going on in the world, or on the ship. Right now, her whole galaxy consisted of that little person in Della's arms, and she really kind of liked it that way. But seeing her bond-mate so stressed and frazzled with the idiots in the universe, well, that was unacceptable, and reason enough to get involved… somehow.::

    T'Lea: Do you want to talk about it?

    :: Settling herself across the table from T'Lea, Della took a few moments to make sure her daughter was comfy before opening her mouth to answer - then stopped as she reconsidered what she was going to say.::

    Vetri: ::sighing:: There's nothing to talk about, really. They're still trying to work out how many casualties the bombings caused, and there's apparently a ship that's flat-out ignoring the general traffic wave-off they're sending out. ::

    T'Lea gave a soft nod and sipped her soup.::

    T'Lea: What about the base defense systems?

    :: Having been stationed on Ops in the past, the hybrid knew there was some kind of exterior weaponry the station had been equipped with, but if the bombings had disabled those…::

    Vetri: No idea, but I doubt whoever's on it is planning a sightseeing trip.

    :: That earned the most logical raised eyebrow, T'Lea had ever given anyone.::

    :: Reaching over, Della dipped a fingertip into T'Lea's soup, then dabbed a bit of the warm liquid onto T'Sara's lips, earning herself a somewhat puzzled noise from the baby, and a soft chuckle from T'Lea.::

    T'Lea: Not what you ordered, is it, you cute little nug. ::tilting a more serious look to Della:: What's the plan for our situation here?

    Vetri: Deal with it. Marcus is seeing if he can get anything from the one Bajoran that didn't kill himself over on the Orion ship, and the Orions themselves have managed to make off with a shuttle - the Verter is chasing them.

    T'Lea: Is there anything I can do to help? Jen hasn't cleared me for duty, but if there's something that can be done from here…

    :: She waved her spoon around, indicating their quarters was as far as she could go, without the threat of being yanked back to sickbay at warp ten.::

    Vetri: Well...

    :: Thinking about it, Della could come up with a couple of bits T'Lea might be able to handle...::

    Vetri: Leishani said she was taking the Bajorans to Farius Prime. If you can dig out anything about the place, it might come in handy.

    T'Lea: ::thoughtfully:: Farius Prime. ::a sip of soup:: We can do that. :: The "we" included T'Sara.:: Vetri: Thanks. And... you know, for just now.

    T'Lea: ::a wink:: You can return the favor later.

    Vetri: ::chuckling:: I'll try not to let my hands wander tonight.

    T'Lea: Yes, because I hate that so much…

    Vetri: For now, though, I should get back to work.

    :: Getting up from her seat, she started heading for the door, only to be pulled up short by her mate's observation from the table.::

    T'Lea: *Ahem.* Your little passenger there, isn't cleared for duty.

    :: With a soft laugh at her own little lapse, Della turned back, handing T'Sara over to her other mother with a certain amount of reluctance. Once that was done, she stepped back, taking a moment to simply drink in the sight of two of the people she loved most in the universe settling in for a meal.::

    :: The small pause caught T'Lea's eye, and she could certainly understand why the woman hadn't left yet.::

    T'Lea: You okay?

    Vetri: Just enjoying the view - and trying to figure out just what I did right to deserve you.

    T'Lea: ::smirking:: Well, you saved my life for one… *some* might consider that a good thing. ::beat:: Before you go running off to save the galaxy from alien scum, get some food in you, please. Can't have the Captain passing out on the bridge from low blood sugar.

    Vetri: Yes, *mother*...

    :: The cheeky grin she gave T'Lea was a welcome change from what she'd been feeling when she came in here, and she snagged her sandwich from it's plate.::

    T'Lea: ::tilting a look:: That's twice now. You're asking for it, sweetcheeks.

    Vetri: Oh, I'm sure you'll think of some way to get me back. ::frowning as she looked at the sandwich:: In fact, I think you already have. A banana sandwich? Seriously?

    :: Leaning down to place a kiss on T'Sara's brow, then her mate's lips, she took an absent-minded bite of her sandwich and headed back out to the bridge.::

    :: T'Lea's eyes faded from the doorway as it closed. Della had a hell of a lot on her mind right now, and even though T'Lea really wanted to discuss what was going to happen to their little family the next time they docked for shore leave – now definitely was *not* the time. She glanced down at the baby in her arms when T'Sara had suddenly become fussy and squirmy.::

    T'Lea: Miss her already? She'll be… ::sniffing the air toward her diaper:: Oh, frell… that's foul.

    :: Standing, she held her breath and glanced desperately around the room, narrowing her view on Beth.::

    T'Lea: Computer, reactivate the Holo-Nanny, quickly! Beth: ::exceedingly happy:: Hi!



    Commander Della Vetri

    Commanding Officer

    USS Aurora


    "Understanding is a three edged sword - your side, their side, and the truth." & Lt. Cmdr. T'Lea

    Chief Science Officer

    USS Aurora, NCC-72750

  3. That is precisely the problem I have with STO (and to an extent) other Star Trek Games. I know action sells and all but in honestly it is very disapointing and boring (for me) that this is all they put into games. In some of the best roleplaying games I have played they have had a lot of non combat, exploratory and even diplomatic missions and things to do. One such game even had an entire mercantile guild filled with related quests and goodies. I enjoyed those aspects of the game sometimes more than the main plot and action elements.

  4. ((USS Aurora - Near Engineering))

    ::After turning on his heel and heading back to Engineering, Lucien was suddenly glad he'd spent so much time lately checking and testing the repairs.::

    oO I'm sure none of the crew expected to be at yellow alert so soon after leaving the Starbase, but at least nobody can say we're not prepared... Oo

    ~ Hah, and what do you know about engineering anyway, brother? ~

    ::Lucien sighed audibly, and turned to pretend to check a power conduit before relieving the crewman manning the master console.::

    oO Ah, there you are Ju-Shen. I thought it was too good to be true. Where've you been? Oo

    ~ I just thought with this new engineering assignment you'd need time to think about what you were doing without any distractions. ~

    oO How very kind of you. So... why don't I need to think now? Oo

    ~ Oh, you do. You just need some brains to think with. That's where I come in. ~

    ::Lucien rolled his eyes, and continued on to the main engineering console, relieving the veteran terran woman who'd been left in charge. Moments later, his padd beeped to indicate an incoming message. Reading it, he relayed it's contents to the engineers: Priority is shielding. Ignore the demands of the science department unless ordered by Lt. Tali. Simple enough request.::

    ::Landau relaxed, and glanced around the department. To be honest, there wasn't a great deal to be done down here at the moment. Needless to say, things would soon pick up.::

    (( Timewarp - Approx. Ten Minutes ))

    ~ You'd better hope it stays like this, brother. Wouldn't want to actually have to touch anything down here, would you? ~

    oO Ah, but that's where you come in, right? Oo

    ~ Eh, I could... but why should I? ~

    oO Because if I get killed, you can't annoy me any more? Oo

    ~ ... a good point, well made... ~

    ::Lucien's internal victory dance was to be short-lived, as his commbadge chirped.::

    Tali: =/\= Tali to Ensign Lucien. Meet the first officer in the transporter room and brush up on repairing Orion technology. You're going over with a team to make some repairs. =/\=

    Landau: =/\= Acknowleged, Lieutenant. On my way. =/\=

    ~ Ooh, an away mission. You might get to shoot something. You'd like that, wouldn't you? ~

    oO Sounds like we're going there to fix things, brother. Not break them. Oo

    ::Landau signalled to the woman from before to resume her post, as he left the console and grabbed a bag from a locker by the door. Checking through it - diagnostic tricorder, various tools to fit Federation standard panels and fittings - he headed for the turbolift up to deck 2.::

    ((USS Aurora - Transporter Room 1))

    ::Stepping into the room, Landau set his bag on the floor, and accepted a phaser from Barnes, the tactical chief, and strapped it to his hip. It felt good to be armed with more than a tricorder again.::

    Landau: Commander, what's going on out there? I hear we're going to repair an Orion ship?

    Dickens/Barnes: ?

    ::Landau raised an eyebrow at the news.::

    Landau: We're going to repair damage we caused ourself? How very Starfleet of us...



    Ensign Lucien Landau

    Engineering Officer

    USS Aurora

  5. ((USS Aurora, Sickbay))

    ::Upon arriving at sickbay, Zonhar spoke with one of the nurses and learned that Dr. Malcolm was currently busy with an examination so it would be a while before she would have opportunity to see him. Zonhar asked the nurse to inform her that he wanted to speak with her whenever was convenient and not only introduce himself but to undergo his physical examination. He went on to say he would be in the holo deck whenever Dr Malcolm's schedule opened back up to see him and could be reached by comm badge. Thanking the nurse he left and walked to the turbo lift, thinking to himself.::

    oOGood to see that Dr. Malcolm is already busy though I certainly hope there wasn't already a medical emergency. Maybe it is other members of the crew doing their physicals. Can't say I am looking forward to my physical anymore than some of the others are to my own counseling sessions, however I will be highly pleased to speak to a fellow colleague of a similar profession. At least while I wait it gives me a little time to play this holo letter before we get too far into our mission.Oo

    ::Stepping off the turbo lift and rounding corridors towards holodeck 1, Zonhar finally allowed himself for the first time since he received the holo-letter program, to think about his wife. Immediately as he walked, and took time to think about her, a deep emotional longing rose up inside. He could still, even now in the far reaches of space, feel the deep emotional bond he had made with Li'ainea, for it was not something that either time nor distance could ever erase. He cleared his throat a few times as he stood outside the holodeck, seeing that no one as of yet had booked it so it was indeed open for personal use, seeing how most would still be busy at their stations this early on in the mission and the day.

    His breathing had already picked up and he had to admit his hands already felt damp and shaky as he remembered in great detail the day he had departed Li'ainea to head back for his final training mission after the short semester break. Their time together had been especially intense, deep, moving, and as always pleasing but overwhelming.::

    oO Overwhelming yes, but then again, I wouldn’t have it any other way. As hard as Li’ainea’s outpouring of emotions and pheromones can be, I wouldn't trade one second of it. I am still so surprised she has gotten this here to me in time. I certainly hope it is good news!Oo

    ::He fished out his PADD and began transmitting the holo program he downloaded earlier to a secure link on the holodeck server, so that it would be able to play his message. He also engaged the security features so he could not be disturbed unless it was by a higher ranking officer or a comm signal.::

    Zonhar: Computer: Run Program Li’ainea Letter 1 secure channel. ::He said as he stepped into the room, letting the door slide shut behind him.::

    ((Holodeck 1, Letter from Li'ainea))

    ::For an instance, the entire room was dark except for a single bright circle of light coming up from the floor. There was no sound, no movement, only the circle of light. Smiling silently to himself Zonhar knew what to do before he even would be instructed as he was quite well aware of Li’ainea’s ways of thinking, and her intriguing “games.” Stepping into the middle of the brilliantly lit circle of white light, Zonhar stood in the center of what had now appeared to be a large dark room. The temperature was comfortable, a light cool breeze (no doubtedly simulated by the environmental controls) touched his skin, rustled his hair. He turned in circles slowly showing himself, hands open, grinning wide.::

    Zonhar: Li’ainea...I am here. ::Just then a light elfin giggle echoed through the room, so fast he almost missed it...then the simulated scent of the xleah flower came wafting on the breeze just under his nose, reminding him of the great bushes of the exotic flower they had had under the window of their house, and how Li’ainea had often teased him with its intoxicating smell, as she was doing now.::

    Zonhar: Li’ainea....why do you tease me so? Another one of your games....You know I’m a Ships Counselor by now no doubt, even must have learned my assignment to get it sent here already, so how can expect me to play your games? ::he chuckled:: Very well...I guess I have no choice but to play along...after all...I do love you so.

    Li’ainea: ::giggle:: Zonhar....Zonhar.....::Giggle and a flash of color and light out in the distance.:: Wont you come follow me...chase me like you once did by the fountains of Alsaire, past the Gardens of Gentill? ::She giggled again, her voice drifting on the breaze, as footsteps lit up leading directly from the spot of light Zonhar was standing on, out toward a beautiful multi tiered fountain just now visible in the twilight glow , a row of shrubbery snacking away before fading into the darkness.::

    ::Zonhar blushed remembering their interesting courtship and his younger days when he had felt so young and carefree that he would have chased the real beautiful deltan to the edges of known space and back. Knowing in the back of his mind that no matter how real this appeared it was still a simulated program, but nonetheless one written by the greatest love in his life, he knew his best move was to put aside his dawdling and play the game with Li’ainea...as what waited him at its conclusion would undoubtedly be well worth the wait.::

    oO I just really hope that I don’t get walked in on...especially knowing how Li’ainea likes to end her “games.”Oo

    ::After following the footsteps to the fountain, Zonhar entered an entirely new programed zone of the Hologram, the splendid Towering Fountains of Alsaire: Three twin spires, built with multiple assending layers, water shooting up in spactacular streams, and interweaving here and there in spectacular gravimetric displays which always both defied the laws of physics and also marveled the heart at their beauty. He paused taking in the site, the stone bench he had actually sat and proposed to Li’ainea when it had come time. He had chosen this place as he couldn’t think of any other more beautiful place to ask for her hand, after having had many many fun filled chases and courtly happenings around these particular fountains.::

    He walked over to the pool that the fountains were sitting in, and dipped his hand into the simulated water, it was so real and cold to his touch. Here and there there were little ornaments and mementos that other lovers had thrown into the water. He studied them under the surface looking. Wondering to himself.::

    oO Could she possibly have programed this to the exact day and time...Oo ::He studied the area around him, as people passed by faceless crowds, lovers and merchants and other folk. Everything looked exactly like he had remembered, the sky the atmosphere, the beauty of it all. Every last little detail that had been etched into his memory, had recounted to her over and over again at her request, knowing it was her favorite “story to be told.”

    ::Smiling to himself, Zonhar looked to the eastern most corner of the fountains, and as if on cue, there she walked: the young, immensely beautiful, diminutive and graceful deltan that had stolen Zonhar’s heart the very first time he had laid eyes on her...this very selfsame day in fact, playing out in live action before his very eyes.::

    ::Zonhar’s heart raced, completely reliving the experience all over again. He watched her, just as he had done from that first meeting, spotting her out of the crowd, magnificently dressed, yet with elegantly simple tones (as most deltan’s were in the habit of wearing), her completely bald head so beautiful, her eyes deep and doe like, walking curiously along the edge of the fountain, running her thin delicate fingertips slowly along the surface of the water, making small little furrows in its surface.

    He moved along the fountain opposite of her, watching her every movement, taking in the glorious sight of her, singling out the scent of her xleah flower perfume and the holograms simulated scent of her pheromones (which though somewhat appealing could never at all compete with the real thing, neither in potency nor satisfaction).

    He waited anxiously for that moment he knew would soon be coming, as he kept his eyes locked on hers, as the both neared the edge of the same side of the fountain. He put his fingers in the water, and mimicked her motions on his side, running them in deep furrows as he made his way slowly up the west facing side of the fountain, heading north, while Li’ainea, still transfixed by the fountains beauty and obviously unaware of her date with possible destiny, walked south toward him, fingers still in the water, the distance between them growing less and less...

    Thats when it happened: Li’ainea’s delicate hands touched Zonhars, shocking her to her senses but instead of jerking her hand away, or muttering some obscenity about him keeping his hands to himself, nor even an apology, she had just stood there, her face suddenly turning to a bright blush as she smiled broadly. On their real first meeting Zonhar had remembered that he had been so nervous he had almost pulled his own hand back and broke contact, but though they had both been strangers, and had both even been of very different races, such was the first time curiosity and attraction that both of them had, that it wasn't until several minutes had passed that they had even been aware that they had not only been touching hands as they spoke but that they had fully interlocked their fingers.::

    Zonhar: Ah Li’ainea...::Zonhar sighed outloud speaking to the program as though it really were his wife standing before him:: What I sometimes would give to be back in those days with you...You were and still are so beautiful. I should have known you would have done something so sweet as to recreate our first meeting. Your games always were the best.

    Li’ainea: Dear one...though our distance may be great, there will not be a day that goes by that I will not be thinking of how proud and how thankful I am to be the wife of such a fine denobulan as yourself. I am so proud of you for your accomplishments. I know you are probably so busy on your new ship, undoubtedly underway on some already epic mission, but I had to at least try to give you some greater piece of home and of my heart to help pass the time. And keep you fond of me. ::Giggle::

    Zonhar: I shall forever be fond of you Li’ainea ::Kissing her hand and looking at her lovingly in the eyes.:: Infinitely so. There shall never be one to replace you, no matter what happens. And I can say that you have quite given me something very heart felt to contemplate as I undoubtedly will have many many days and nights filled with work.

    Li’ainea: About that Zonhar...::she smiled slyly stepping a tad closer:: There is one thing I have left to offer you, for your cold hard lonely nights aboard your ship...

    Zonhar: Oh?...And what is that?

    :::Li’ainea only continued to smile that same knowing smile, as she reached behind her deltan dress, and slowly began to undue the ribbons that held it in place. Zonhar swallowed hard, sweat instantly coming to his temples, palms clamy, body surging, as she began to slowly undress until...::

    (OOC: Malcolm/Anyone Comm Badge me and interupt if you can)

    ::Shaken up by the either very ill or very perfect timing, Zonhar cleared his throat and first spoke to the computer.::

    Zonhar: Computer end program, save in my secure server, pause checkpoint, encrypt code, beta alpha five nine three.

    ::Suddenly the holodeck lit up and his wife completely disapeared.::

    oOSo close, and yet so far away. Life of a counselor is never done.

    Zonhar: =^=Zonhar here, On my way.=^

    <br class="yiv1715626764kix-line-break">Ensign Zonhar


    USS Aurora

  6. ((USS Aurora – CSO's Office))

    :: Working through the backlog of reports, T'Lea continued to catalog the information into the database with unwavering efficiency. She was like some kind of super-powered, Vulcan-beast with the speed of Mercury, and a focus as intense as the sun. The work related distraction was a welcome one after the visit to Sickbay though.::

    :: In all, the exam had gone well, and Della had been genuinely excited about the baby, which was comforting because *somebody* needed to be. T'Lea, on the other hand, was still trying to distance herself from the child, for her own reasons. It wasn't that she hated children, which is what she'd always claimed, it was just…. Well, it was just something she had to work through. And even though the exam had brought *some* relief to her personal fears, she still believed that she was destined to repeat an unforgivable thing she'd done in the past. But seeing the first images of her and Della's "little critter", as the Doctor had put it, made distancing herself that much harder.::

    :: Another report soon fell to T'Lea's mighty powers of efficiency, and another, and another until the sound of her comm. console decided to intervene.::

    Computer: Incoming sub-space call on Civilian Securi-link channel Urhinda-Beta-Nine.

    :: A pair of steely blue eyes flicked toward the emblem on the display screen, scrutinizing it. T'Lea knew exactly who was on the other end of that call.::

    :: With a tap of her finger, the transmission began to feed through, and so did the low, rumbling voice.::

    Ceedel: Oh. You answered. I was going to leave a message.

    :: There was a look of surprise on Ceedel's face. The big oaf was kicking himself now for not sending a text message. Talking to the Butcheress on a*live* sub-space call was very unnerving, considering what he had to say.::

    T'Lea: I can pretend you're a recording if it helps. What do you want, Ceedel, I'm busy.

    :: His image sputtered a few times as the signal met with some kind of interference, but there was enough "face" in the screen to see his big bald head, the sharp chin tusks, the blue skin, and the tribal tattoos adorning his scalp and cheeks.::

    Ceedel: I, uh… Well, there's this thing… I suppose it's a thing… It could be a nothing… but it may end up being a tiny, wee, little, minuscule whiff of a problem.

    :: Minuscule. That was a big word for Ceedel.::

    T'Lea: ::sighing:: What kind of trouble are you in this time, and get to the point quick, or I'm cutting you off.

    :: For a giant humanoid with such a deep gravelly voice and such a frightening appearance, the Shrackian was looking down right scared at the moment.::

    Ceedel: Try not to do that, little one, this could be important to your health. ::leaning toward the screen:: Remember, Squirmy Worm?

    :: Instantly T'Lea's expression grew cold. The mere mention of the nickname had the voices from her past howling through her mind like a raging Sehlat charging-in for the kill.::

    ((OOC: For the new folks, the longer version of this mini-flashback, can be found here if you're interested: http://games.groups.yahoo.com/group/sb118-aurora/message/1437))

    "Okay, you little frak – you come into my house with this piece of dren…," said T'Lea while wagging a sickly homemade knife at a small boy. "… and then what? What exactly did you expect to do here, except die? Or is that it? You have a death wish."

    "Go ahead," the boy spat with a fair amount of bravery. "You better kill me now `cause one day I'monna git you"

    "Oooh…," laughed Ceedel in ridiculing baritones. "Big threats from such a wormy little thing. Kid must be high. I don't think he knows who he's talking to."

    "I know xactly who she is -- the Butcheress and I'm gonna kill'er for what she done." The boy's icy glare narrowed on T'Lea. "You killed my father you, a'khk, t'phr eating, knhlt!"

    "Lesson number one, kid -- people die." T'Lea stuck the knife close to the boy's eye. "If you're lucky you won't be one of them. At least, not for a while. String him up. I'll cut him down later.

    "Off we go squirmy worm," said Ceedel in good cheer as he carried the child off by the scruff of his neck.

    "And make sure nobody else sneaks in, or you'll be up there with him!" T'Lea shouted before mumbling to herself, "Dumb frak..."

    :: The transmission flickered with interference again, and Ceedel banged on his monitor, as if that were the problem not the long distance.::

    Ceedel: Piece of dren. Am I still transmitting?

    :: Blinking herself out of her trip down memory lane, T'Lea shook her head and massaged away the stress that was forming along her brow. Years ago, she'd hung that filthy little kid by his toes, in the dead of winter to teach him a lesson about respect and territory, and for one reason or another she'd forgotten to cut him down.::

    :: He died.::

    T'Lea: Yes. Why?

    Ceedel: Because, this link is frakked-up with interference?

    T'Lea: No, idiot, what about the kid?

    Ceedel: Oh, right. ::he winced:: Well… like I was saying, there could be a thing.

    :: While he glanced down at his big, thick hands and swallowed what felt like a boulder in his throat, T'Lea started to grow agitated.::

    T'Lea: What kind of thing, Ceedel?

    Ceedel: He's looking for you.

    :: Right on cue the Shrackian giant felt his three stomachs fill with acid.::

    :: Not amused, T'Lea wagged her head at him in disbelief.::

    T'Lea: Are you drunk-calling me again? The kid is dead, you said so yourself. Quit wasting my frakking time.

    :: She reached out to end the call.::

    Ceedel: ::shouting quickly:: He's not dead!

    :: T'Lea's hand froze over the command console, and she slowly lifted her murderous eyes to the giant on screen.::

    T'Lea: What?

    Ceedel: I lied to you that day. He didn't die. He was about too, but I cut the boy down. I know you said you'd do it, but he was half frozen. He wouldn't have lasted the night. I lied, because I knew you'd have my frelling chin-horns for disobeying you. I took him to an injury clinic in town. I lost track of him after that, but now he's resurfaced, and he's looking for you.

    T'Lea: You… you what?! You mother frelling, son of a—

    Ceedel: I should have left him to freeze, I know! I'm sorry.

    :: He flinched as his old gang leader slammed her fists down on the desk, shot out of her seat in the heat of anger, and disappeared off screen, presumably to kill something.::

    :: T'Lea was experiencing an sudden overload of outrage at the moment -- the mere suggestion that this ghost from her past was coming back to seek revenge was certainly worthy of such a volatile reaction, but the other passenger on her rollercoaster ride of fury was, surprising, relief.::

    :: Relief that she'd not been responsible for the death of a kid. Relief that maybe she wasn't destined to accidentally harm her own child. Maybe there was hope for her yet, that is, if this old threat didn't keep his promise to kill her.::

    :: T'Lea's face suddenly reappeared on screen with a snarl directed at Ceedel.::

    T'Lea: Where he is, and who he is?

    Ceedel: His name is Naku. He sent three Nausicaans to Starbase 23. They were sniffing around for you, until they got arrested for a bar fight. Thing is, I don't know the location of Naku. He is…

    :: The pause was quickly struck down.::

    T'Lea: He's what, on vacation, been abducted by aliens?

    Ceedel: He's hard to find. ::beat:: He's a very good assassin from what I hear.

    :: That's not was she expected, but it made perfect sense. The kid grew up around violence and death, he'd lost both parents in the turf war, and he had a heart filled with revenge. Why wouldn't he focus all of that energy, and all of those tragedies into one special skill to achieve his one special desire.::

    :: In a way, T'Lea had turned the boy into monster – and someone that she may end up killing after all.::

    T'Lea: That's just frelling great, Ceedel. Remind me to kick your [...] the next time I see you. ::rubbing her brow again:: Frak!

    :: Ceedel's whole demeanor changed as he leaned toward the screen. He was suddenly very strong, proud, and confident in appearance.::

    Ceedel: I still remain your Kol-ma-Rah. I am bound by my faith to protect you. My life is yours to command, and thus far I have obeyed your wishes to live freely, even though it goes against my beliefs. But because of *this* I cannot be free, little one. I owe you. And I will gladly give my life to fulfill the honor of your Kol-ma-Rah.

    T'Lea: It's not me I'm worried about. ::huffing, thinking, wagging her head:: What kind of assassin sends three Nausicaans to do his dirty work?

    :: Ceedel thoughtfully stroked the patch of fur between his chin horns.::

    T'Lea: He wants me to know that he's coming. He wants me to fear him, and fear what he might do. I've got a family to protect and a child on the way—

    Ceedel: ::shocked:: You have a family?

    T'Lea: Shut up and listen. This is how it's going to work -- whatever network of seedy, rotten criminals you have at your disposal, whatever favors are owed to you, collect. You find this [...] and you hold him for me until I get back. That is your only priority right now, understand?

    :: He affirmed with a grunt of allegiance so strong that there was no doubt he knew exactly what must be done, and then he scrunched up his face in confusion.::

    Ceedel: What if I can't find him?

    T'Lea: Find him.

    :: She cut the comm. signal and dropped back in her chair with a heavy thud. With any luck this would be resolved by the time the mission had concluded. If not, the slightly ill feeling in her stomach told her that she'd have to inform Della about everything, and that wasn't going to be a fun chat.::

    :: Closing her eyes, T'Lea did her best to still her restless emotions, and process Ceedel's confession. He'd saved the boy's life, which meant that she didn't have the blood of an innocent child on her hands. Of course, it still didn't excuse what she had done to the kid, but the guilt she'd been carrying around for Naku's death had been lifted, and consequently her perspective on things began to slowly change.::

    :: After a very, very long stretch of silence, she let out a short, sharp breath of air, and reached for her belly, opening herself up just enough to start to feel something for her child.::

    ~~ I've been taking this out on you and Gina, all this time, haven't I? ~~

    :: That was going to change, she'd made a silent promise.::

    :: Perhaps she could do this parenting thing and not screw it up – perhaps she could be a good mother. It wasn't totally inconceivable anymore, and besides, her instincts to protect her family were strong, and she knew how to love, Della had taught her that much… the rest… well, one day at a time.::

    ((Fast Forward – Turbolift))

    :: The backlog of science reports had been done away with. The entire department was now up-to-date. Changes had been implemented, projects had been canceled, and new ones had been granted, while other experiments had been allowed to continue. Shift rotations were in effect and new department heads were appointed to replace the ones who had proven themselves unworthy.::

    :: Satisfied that she'd done all that she could, for the moment, to get the science department functioning efficiently, T'Lea set her sights on the current mission, bringing herself up-to-date with Blackwood's progress, via the little reports the woman had been sending.::

    :: It seemed that the new Helmsman Blackwood met with had come up with, what seemed like to T'Lea, a pretty good idea to capture and contain the proto photons. Blackwood, Rathbone, Sylkar, and Tali were to meet about implementing the idea shortly.::

    :: Taking a moment to relax on her turbolift right to the Bridge, the Romu-vulc leaned back against the hand rail in, and called up the image of her baby daughter.::

    :: Daughter.::

    :: A strange, lopsided grin pulled at the hybrid's mouth.::

    :: She was having Vetri's baby… .::

    :: That thought turned into full blown smile as she opened her softening heart around that idea.::

    :: Steeling a moment to forwarding the baby image to both Della's and Gina's personal data PADDs, T'Lea attached a note that read, "T'Atanka. If you don't come up with a better name for our daughter, (your sister), that is what she will be called."::

    :: Tatanka – in the language of the Lakota Indian Tribe it meant, bull buffalo. Really, she had no intention of naming the kid that, but she figured it would get them both thinking hard about alternatives. And the Romu-vulc was content to let Gina and Della do all the brainstorming work, then veto the ones *she* didn't like.::

    :: With a low raspy chuckle of self-amusement, T'Lea exited the lift and headed over to the Science Station where Blackwood was located on the bridge.::

    T'Lea: Ms. Blackwood, I received your report on the Azure Nebula. It was thorough. ::glancing at the console:: What are you working on now?

    Blackwood: ?

    :: The Romu-vulc gave a shallow nod of acknowledgement.::

    T'Lea: I have placed Sylkar as the head of the physics department, and I understand that you are already utilizing her skills for the proto photon containment project. When will you be meeting with Tali and the others?

    Blackwood: ?

    T'Lea: Very well, I will take over your shift on the bridge while you attend. Continue to send updates. Carry on, Ms. Blackwood.

    Blackwood: ?

    :: Of course, T'Lea had every intention of checking up on Blackwood's teammates on the project -- Tali, Rathbone, and Sylkar -- about how the young ACSO was performing. After all, they were working more closely with her than T'Lea was at the moment, and while T'Lea had been pleased with her work so far, there was still a question mark as to how well the Ensign played with others while the boss was away.::

    Anyone: ?

    TBC/TAGs ((OOC: Blackwood, if you want to leave the bridge to do other things, I left an opening for you to do just that. ;] ))

    Lt. Cmdr. T'Lea

    Chief Science Officer

    USS Aurora, NCC-72750

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  7. We never did get those vids in the end. *sadface*

    Had my sister over yesterday, digging up some ancient favourites on you-tube and sharing some laughs. I actually never use you-tube except when she comes over. So here is another old favourite, though many of you may be challenged to understand it. Favourite line: "Set phasers to Malky" LOL. This was a sketch on a program called "Chewin the fat" btw. You've probably all seen it, but if not - well, have fun...

  8. Picard is my favourite captain and "

    " is my favourite Picard clip (to date) I am sure you've all seen it many eons ago, but I was watching it again tonight for a giggle and decided it was to good to keep to myself. If anyone else has some fav trek vids i'd love to hear about it.
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