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  1. ((Interrogation Room, Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn))
    ::Finally getting the resolution to his burning questions, Tor'kath was relieved to know that the endeavor had been successfully completed. The pilot Mar Valek had managed to secure the objective, and having finally broken the Starfleet captain Renos, he was certain that the warship's true intent at Zakdorn was still secure. He was ready to return Renos to nir own ship and disappear into the ethers, but his henchman had accidentally administered a mortal blow to the captive. Tor'kath had already risked the anonymity of his ship and the organization it belonged to by interjecting against the Darwin; if its captain was killed by his hands then all hopes of remaining incognito would be lost as Starfleet hunted them through known space. Tor'kath was close to panic.::
    Tor'kath: Quit your simpering excuses, and go fetch a medical officer! He's breathing, but barely! ::standing and shaking a quivering fist at the henchman:: I swear, if you've killed him and brought the wrath of Starfleet against us, I'll shove that painstik down your throat!
    ::Sullenly, the henchman fled from the room, leaving Tor'kath to stand there and wonder why the fates continued to conspire against him. As if bidden by his sour thoughts, a slight shuddering shook the deckplates of the warship.::
    Zixo: =/\= Tor'kath to the bridge. Immediately. =/\=
    Tor'kath: oO Why me? Why now? This was so close to being resolved!! Oo
    ::Casting one last desperate glance over the prone form of the J'naii captive, Tor'kath sprinted from the room enroute to the bridge, to see what else the fates had in store for him.::
    ((Bridge, Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn))
    Tor'kath: Report!
    ::Entering the bridge, Tor'kath witnessed the USS Darwin displayed prominently on the viewscreen. Its orbit appeared perilously close to Zakdorn, and if he wasn't mistaken the hull was starting to glow as it encountered the thin exosphere around the planet.::
    Tassa: The Darwin is going down. The dumb fools drifted too close to the planet, and they'll probably burn up in the atmosphere. Good riddance.
    Zixo: Warp drive is online, and we're ready to leave. The Darwin is hailing us, though.
    ::The warship's commanding officer was highly conflicted. On one hand, Tor'kath would like nothing more than to beam Renos back to the Darwin and high-tail it out of the system, leaving the Federation starship to its fate. However, he also knew that if the Darwin was destroyed, then Starfleet would never rest until they tracked him down.::
    Tor'kath: What is the Darwin's status?
    Zixo: Shields down, venting plasma, ship-wide system failures. It's in rough shape, Tor'kath.
    Tassa: So what? They stuck their nose where it didn't belong, and now they're paying the price for their sanctimonious actions. Let's just leave and be done with it.
    ::The helmsman's dismissive attitude grated on Tor'kath. She wasn't looking at the full picture. If everything went south and their identity was determined by Starfleet, and the full force of the military arm of the Federation rained down on their organization, she could claim innocence through compliance of orders. Tor'kath would have no such protection from the wrath of his superiors.::
    Zixo: Their commanding officer is hailing again, Tor'kath.
    Tor'kath: ::indecisive, conflicted:: Patch it through, audio only.
    Thomas: =/\= Captain, we have sustained a catastrophic problem with out power grid and we are drifting into the atmosphere. Our Chief Engineer is incapacitated…….and….we need help. Blasted, hate this more than you can imagine, but, please help. I’m not sure we’ll get power online soon enough to pull up from the atmosphere. =/\=
    ::Tor'kath was torn. He could hear the stress in the man's voice, and he could see the ventral hull of the Darwin continuing to glow brighter on the viewscreen. But, what could he do? What was the right choice? He cursed the fact that it had come to this. He had signed up to pick up a shuttle in neutral space, and whisk it away undetected. It was never supposed to get this involved and complicated. Now, he had a Starfleet captain in his possession, dying or already dead by his hands, and a Starfleet ship he had attacked that was about to be destroyed. And all of this was most likely recorded by the Zakdorns.::
    Thomas: =/\= Captain, please. Do you really want a Starfleet vessel to go down with your name written all over the evidence. Don’t do this, please. We don’t have anything that you want…..but you do us. Please help us and return our Captain and we’ll be on our way. Captain, we don’t have much time. =/\=
    ::Putting voice to his own thoughts, the Darwin's interim commanding officer confirmed the worst case scenario. Should the Darwin perish, all blame would be placed on Tor'kath. He couldn't allow that to happen. With an exasperated sigh, he paced the deck in indecisive contemplation for a full minute before finally issuing a barked order.::
    Tor'kath: Bring us back into orbit of Zakdorn. Lock a tractor on the Darwin and pull it to a safe orbit. Then, beam their captain back to them. Once that's done, we're warping the heck out of here.
    Tassa: What?! That's the stupidest -
    Tor'kath: ::exploding:: Shut up and do what I say! The sooner this is done, the sooner we leave!
    ::Sullenly, the helmsman brought the warship back into place around Zakdorn, and the tactical officer prepared a tractor beam. During the moments it took to do this, Tor'kath watched with growing concern as the Darwin's hull continued to ablate in the heat and friction of the atmosphere. The bulbous dome of the ship;s forward section appeared to take the brunt of the damage, as the ship sunk lower and lower into the atmosphere. He started to become nervous that he had waffled for too long, and that his efforts would become too little, too late.::
    Zixo: We're in position, preparing tractor beam... Wait, Tor'kath, I'm detecting a surge of power from the Darwin!
    ::In total disbelief, Tor'kath felt himself frozen in place as he watched the Darwin break its descent and maneuver into an advantageous position. Having turned their backs to the Darwin in order to maximize their tractoring efforts, they now found themselves at a tactical disadvantage to the Starfleet vessel as it opened fire on them.::
    Zixo: Dammit! We're in range of the Zakdorn satellites again! They're firing... brace for impact!
    ::The warship shuddered violently as it was plastered from all sides by incoming fire. Finding his seat, Tor'kath swore loudly as he came to the realization that the Darwin had stolen a move from his own playbook and used it against him.::
    Tor'kath: Return fire! Full shields! Get us out of here! ::jabbing a finger at the ship on the viewscreen:: Hurt them in the process!
    Zixo: They have no shields on their sphere section, concentrating fire there!
    ::Their own phasers and torpedoes rained down on the top of the Darwin's forward structure, resulting in heavy explosions. The warship's tactical officer, fully aware that Starfleet design places a ship's bridge on their uppermost deck, tried to permanently disable the Darwin by destroying its command center. Based on the damage dealt, the starship should have been dead in the water if the breached and smoking top deck was any indication, but it continued coming strong.::
    Zixo: We're losing shields, Tor'kath! We need to get away from the Zakdorn defenses!
    Tor'kath: Enough of this! Prepare to leave, maximum warp -
    Henchman: =/\= Chech'tluth to Tor'kath! I arrived back to the interrogation room with a medic, just in time to see the prisoner being transported off the ship! We've lost him! =/\=
    ::This was their ruse all along? To attack them just long enough to get their captain back? Tor'kath laughed at the irony of it all, considering that he was just about to send their captain back anyways.::
    Tassa: The enemy is engaging warp, they're getting away!
    Tor'kath: Good riddance. To both Renos and the Darwin. Plot a course back to safe space, maximum warp.
    ::Aimed in the opposite direction that the Darwin had departed in, the warship jumped to warp, escaping the barrage of the Zakdorn defenses and the terrible set of circumstances that they should have never encountered in the first place. Though the battle was done, Tor'kath's trials were only just beginning. He would have to answer for all that had transpired to his superiors, and it would not be a cordial meeting.::
    Tor'kath: Transmit the following message to the Darwin, audio only. =/\= It never had to be this way. You forced my hand from the beginning, and the status of your captain and your ship are on your own shoulders. If I never see your accursed ship again, it'll be too soon. =/\=
    Zixo: Transmission sent, though I cannot confirm whether they've received it or not.
    ::Slumped in the captain's chair, Tor'kath barely acknowledged the statement. He was drained, and wanted nothing more than to hide away from the universe. He had the objective in hand, but at what cost? He had engaged Starfleet, and they would not forget that, and neither would his superiors. This was a hollow victory.::
    Tor'kath: ::mumbling:: I don't care. Just take us home.
    MSPNPC Tor'kath aka Raikenoff - Commanding Officer, Unknown Warship
    ~as simmed by~
    LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor - Chief Science Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
    Graphic Contest Taskforce =/\= Publicity Team
  2. ((Jefferies Tube, Deck 8))

    ::Shallowly breathing the recycled air inside her masked helmet, Mar took stock of her situation. She was in a Jefferies tube. Her biosigns were masked. She had no idea how to get out of this situation. She had no idea how she'd gotten into in the first place.::

    ::Uaed was charming when she met him. He'd seduced his way into her life, despite her better judgment and all her careful plans. He'd become more important to her than she'd meant to allow. When he told her about the organization he worked for, she'd failed to listen to her instincts to get out. When he asked her to be part of it, to go on some missions where her skills as a pilot were needed, she hadn't had a choice. She had to do what was necessary to protect the most important person in her life. She had to do what Uaed asked of her.::

    ::Some piloting skills. She'd been caught.::

    ::Lying still in the Jefferies tube, Mar reviewed her options. Her shuttle was one, if she could reclaim it. Or the planet's surface, if she could find a way down there. The third option was rescue by the warship she'd intended to meet up with. If they didn't receive her rendezvous beacon, maybe they would swing by and rescue her.::

    ::The way the organization she worked for ran things, she wouldn't be surprised if they counted her a loss and moved on.::

    ::The Darwin rumbled, shaking with weapons fire, rocking her roughly in her tunneled cocoon.::

    ::So they had swung by to rescue her.::

    ::Mar knew better than to deactivate her biosign masker to let the warship find her. It was likely the Darwin would find her first. The same would be true if she communicated with her ship over comms. It would lead the Darwin crew immediately to her location.::

    ::Was there some other way to contact the warship? To let them know her whereabouts so they could get a lock on her and get her out of this? Surely they would try to recover her ship, assuming it contained evidence that could be used against them by Starfleet. Used to uncover the illegal operations of an organization that had so far managed to stay hidden in the shadows.::

    ::If the Federation learned of the organization based on Mar's ship, or the capture of Mar herself, then she would be the one who blew the cover on an organization that had protected its identity and operated without detection for years. She would be the cause of the organization's discovery, and potentially its downfall. All she'd wanted was a paycheck. To work a few jobs for them, take the money, and get back home. Back to Uaed.::

    ::Her chest was heaving now, growing tight with panic. She tried to breathe, but she felt claustrophobic in the mask, in the tunnel. Why was she here? How had any of this happened to her? If what McNeil and Bui had said on the shuttle was true, she had aided in a terrorist operation. All she'd known in advance was that she was to take a team in undercover, and wait to extract them after their operation. She hadn't asked questions. She'd only thought about the money. She needed that money more than she needed to keep her nose clean. Now, she wondered if that hadn't been a big mistake. Whatever damage McNeil and Bui had caused on the surface of Zakdorn, Mar was complicit. If she was caught, she would never get home. She would never get her money. She would never get back to Uaed.::

    ::None of this was what she'd intended. None of this was what Uaed had told her it would be.::

    ::With mind over matter, she forced her body to calm itself. She forced her mind to the details at hand. Darwin was a science ship, she'd learned. It was outmatched by the warship in offensive capabilities two to one. But the Horizon class ship could defend itself. And surely, despite the power drains and the lack of security forcefields, Darwin retained its internal sensors, and would have her in an instant if she slipped up.::

    ::McNeil, her only ally, disturbing as that thought may be, was probably in the brig by now. Let her be the one to blow the organization's cover. Mar regretted not shooting to kill. But she'd never killed anyone. She thought of the explosion on the surface of Zakdorn. Maybe she had killed after all.::

    ::She shook off that thinking. There was one point in her favor – Darwin was suffering damage. They had more to worry about than just her. Otherwise, their security teams would have had her in a second. Okay, maybe two.::

    ::Mar decided that now, while the Darwin was engaged in combat, she had her best chance at moving about undetected. She rolled to a crawling position, then moved along the tube until she found a likely hatch. Passing up a few that looked like they might set off all the bells and whistles, Mar emerged in glass-surrounded control room overlooking a cargo bay. A ladder and one unguarded hatch led to the cargo bay below. She'd practically struck latinum.::

    ::Mar descended the ladder. There had to be something here she could use. The ship shook as she went down, and she slipped on a rung, almost falling. She regained her grip and her footing, and made her way down.::

    ::Through the hatch, she found the cargo bay empty. Until a security detail decided to check or recheck this room, she was alone. How quickly could she find something useful? With the large orange visors of her helmet, she scanned the room for weapons signatures, a handy but limited add-on she'd acquired for her tech. There. She crossed the room and opened a crate.::

    ::While the ship ran red with alerts, fighting an enemy outside, looking for her, the enemy within, Mar decided she had to take a cue from her horrible, evil teammates. To save herself, to get back home in one piece, Mar had to blow a few things up.::

    ::She took a few charges with her, crossing back to the hatch and the ladder. She stopped before exiting and set the first charge to explode in the cargo bay. It was as good a place to start as any.::

    ::Back through the hatch, up the ladder, through the glass-paneled control room and back into the Jefferies tube. Mar closed the tube hatch behind her and waited. A little thrill went through her as her mask watched the thermal readings through the wall. They exploded.::

    ::She held onto the charges that remained. Her life line. Her way out. Taking off at a fast crawl, she headed for the next stop on her way home.::

    MSPNPC Mar Valek

    simmed by

    Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn
    HCO Officer
    USS Darwin NCC-99312-A

  3. ((Unknown Warship - Orbit Around Zakdorn))
    Tor'kath: What do you mean, the torpedoes missed again?!
    ::This ship was outfitted with the best military technology that money could buy, and yet the small Federation starship was dodging their ordinance with relative ease.::
    Zixo: ::exasperated:: That ship is flailing through space in a way that the targeting computers can't compensate for!
    ::Tor'kath begrudgingly agreed, but it didn't stop him from throwing a disparaging glare at the Tactical station. The moves of the Darwin seemed so random and unpredictable that he was secretly impressed. He had underestimated the odd vessel, and it was making a fool out of them.::
    Tor'kath: Double the fire rate. I want those shields down, and I want our operatives off that ship. Tassa, match their movements to give Zixo a better fire angle.
    Tassa: Are you cracked? I can't fly that!
    ::Tor'kath fought the urge to draw his disruptor and shoot her. Discipline was going to be an issue, he saw, and he intended to speak with his superiors about instituting a more rigid command structure on new vessels such as this, but for now he'd have to make do with boring holes with his eyes into the back of her head from his vantage point in the center of the bridge. The bridge shuddered slightly as two torpedoes from their prey detonated against their shields.::
    Tor'kath:: They're hitting us. We're not hitting them. Change that, or else heads will roll.
    Zixo: Aye.
    Tassa: Whatever.
    ::The ship's commander watched as flurry after flurry of torpedoes flew at their target, continuing to miss, until finally fate smiled on them. Two direct hits on the flanking shields caused a flickering, then their phaser shots were striking the Federation ship's hull directly.::
    Zixo: Yes!
    ::Tor'kath didn't need to look back to know that Zixo was pumping a fist; it was his signature victory move. A faint smile crept onto the commander's face.::
    Tor'kath: Send the subspace signal to the operatives, to tell them to prepare for a signal lock. Lock onto the shuttle as well, just in case the operatives stowed the objective aboard it. Zixo, prepare to drop shields for transport.
    Zixo: Wait! Tor'kath, the planetary defense system is online!
    ::Tor'kath nearly screamed in frustration. The presence of the famed Zakdorn defense network was well-known, but it had never been demonstrated. He had bet on the fact that it would take a fair bit of time to be brought online, aided by the unlikely threat that a single ship posed to the planet. Apparently his assumption had been wrong.::
    Zixo: We can withstand damage from the Federation ship for long enough to complete transport, but the power signature of the defense batteries are off the scale. If they hit us without shields, we're done.
    ::Things were spiraling out of control. If the Federation discovered what they were doing, why they were here, then the endeavor would be fatally compromised. Every second that the Darwin had the operatives on board was ever more likely that the mission would fail. Now, not only did Tor'kath have to retrieve the operatives, but he had to ensure that their nemesis in orbit did not have knowledge that they shouldn't. He seriously considered destroying the Darwin outright. Mission failure would cost him dearly, but not as much as if the mission was compromised.::
    Tor'kath: Give me options!
    ::There was a pause on the bridge, and Tor'kath thought that he would have to repeat his demand. Or, failing that, pull out his disruptor and shoot people until the rest realized the benefit of speaking up more quickly. If only it were that easy, he thought about the half-joking desire.::
    Tassa: Play lame, draw the Starfleet ship away from orbit. If we gain enough distance from Zakdorn, it'll mitigate the threat from the planetary defenses.
    Tor'kath: oO Nice! I knew there was a reason I didn't shoot you! Oo Go on...
    Tassa: If we take some hits from the defense network, then modulate the shields as if they're weakened, and make a run for it, they might take the bait and follow. Maybe vent some plasma to make it realistic, blow out a cargo bay or two...
    Tor'kath: ::looking questioningly to Zixo:: Thoughts?
    Zixo: ::giving a non-committal shrug:: Worth a try. Why not?
    Tor'kath: Okay then, give it a go. Keep taking pot shots at the Darwin, but nothing too damaging. We want to give the Zakdorns a reason to keep attacking us, but not disable the Darwin enough that they can't or won't want to follow. As soon as we've taken a few good hits from the planetary batteries, implement the plan to appear damaged and limp away from orbit. And cross your fingers that this works.
    ::If it didn't, then Tor'kath would have to revisit the earlier consideration. Take no chances and destroy the Darwin. Even if he didn't need to destroy their ship, he had nagging worries about what they might have found out...::


    Tor'kath (aka Raikenoff) - Commanding Officer
    Unknown Vessel
    ~as simmed by~

    LtCmdr Maxwell Traenor - Chief Science Officer
    USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
    Graphic Contest Taskforce / Publicity Team
  4. ((Quartermaster's Office, Deck 3 - USS Darwin-A))

    ::Sovak gratefully took Karami’s advice to visit the arboretum when he could. He loved plants. He loved what they represented to him. His mind began to drift into the realms of memory at the thought, but he held to the conversation at hand. There was another topic of interest upon which Karami might help increase his knowledge.::

    Sovak: Please, if you have time, will you tell me about this ship's Multispecies Initiative? I find the concept most intriguing.

    Karami: Oh! That's why I'm here! The Multispecies Initiative is quite prevalent on the Darwin...

    ::Karami proceeded to fill him in on the details of this incredible intercultural venture. He listened at first to every detail. As she went on and on, he found himself reminded of someone else he knew who sometimes talked too much. Plant life. Talking. The memory swirled through his mind, wrapping around him, until he was momentarily lost in it.::

    ((Flashback - Arnmere, Trill - 5 Years Ago))

    ::Sovak sat quite still on the crumbling remains of an abandoned old border that had once bisected the lush green field before him on a homeworld vastly different from his own.::

    ::On Vulcan, everything was red. Everything was dusty, dry and hot. Temples of stone had been built all over the planet, more for their cooling properties than their meditative purposes, he sometimes thought.::

    ::Here on the Trill world, Rennyn’s world, everything in sight was alive with color. Electric blue air with high white clouds spread over fields of green and gold that stretched to eternity. Ripe berries of crisp red and deep, luscious purple dotted the hedgerow along Sovak’s crumbled old stone fence. A clean, cool breeze washed over him, rustling the nearby tree line, sometimes ringing a distant chime, providing pleasantly intermittent respite from the brief midday heat.::

    ::In all his years of struggle, the Vulcan had never fallen so far from controlling his feelings of joy.::

    ::At the sound of approaching footsteps behind him, Sovak forced his face to abandon the little contented smile he’d dared to allow himself.::

    Rennyn: Beautiful, isn’t it?

    ::Almost against his will, drawn by the force of Ren’s personality, Sovak had accompanied his roommate here to Trill on break from the Academy. Ren had refused to leave him behind to haunt the hills of San Francisco alone. The trip had been a challenge of mental control in dealing with the sprawling Rennyn clan and the curious people of their home village, Arnmere.::

    Rennyn: Had to get away, didn’t you?

    Sovak: Your family is much larger than mine.

    Rennyn: My family is much louder and more obnoxious than yours. ::Ren was happier here than at the Academy, Sovak could tell. The man’s whole being was alight with contentment.:: I know you’re used to solitary meditation on a mountain top. How do you like meditating on my great-grandpa’s broken old border wall? Without us all talking over you?

    Sovak: The afternoon has passed pleasantly for me.

    ::Ren laughed goodnaturedly.::

    Rennyn: Sovak, you’re one of a kind! All your Vulcan formality...

    ::The people of Arnmere certainly found him amusing. There had been a constant parade of locals fighting for their moment with the strange visitor from a distant planet. He was an oddity in this hidden corner of Trill, where few offworlders were known to visit. Ren had a cousin who was married to a Betazoid, but they'd moved to one of the large cities in another region of Trill. Here in Arnmere, one felt as far away from a metropolitan area as from an alien world.::

    ::Sovak thought on Ren's words. He found the Trill took delight in singling out his oddities. He found, too, that he rather liked being the cause of Ren's amusement. Shyly, afraid of the implications of these burgeoning feelings, he avoided those thoughts. He was not comfortable being so different from other Vulcans. At the same time, he knew he did not want to be like them. The Rennyn family and their steady stream of visiting friends and neighbors all brimmed over with joy and vibrant life. Sovak had to run from them, out to this far corner where he could be alone. He had to run because he wanted to be like them, and he did not know how.::

    ::Ren put his hand on Sovak's shoulder, and the Vulcan forced himself to remain motionless. Inside, his heart leapt. He was finally beginning to understand some of his feelings, and the one in particular was turning his heart in circles.::

    Rennyn: I'll leave you to it. ::He breathed deeply.:: This place will do your soul good. It does for me. Thanks for sharing it with me, buddy.

    ::Sovak nodded weakly. As Ren walked away, the Vulcan wondered how long he could hold off the feelings stemming from his heart. Ren had wanted to be a kind and inclusive friend. Instead, he had made the Vulcan fall in love.::

    ::Sovak sat motionless, long into the afternoon. He smelled the rich earth and felt the warm sun on his face, and heard nothing but the breeze rustling round him and the distant crack of the forest line, punctuated sometimes by a bird's call or the unselfconscious fall of a leaf or old fruit. He could not resist that small, contented smile.::

    ::An abundance of plants. An abundance of life. He felt a bit centered again, though still with many challenges. He'd glimpsed the source of the calm Ren held at his core. Sovak had a long and emotionally turbulent way to go before he would understand it, but that day, he began to know what it meant to feel at peace.::

    ((End Flashback - Quartermaster's Office, Deck 3 - USS Darwin-A))

    Karami: ::finally stopping to catch a breath:: So yeah, the Multispecies Initiative has had some hiccups for me, but I'd still call it a success overall.

    ::Sovak came back to reality as Karami’s longwindedly helpful speech came to its conclusion. He was sorry to have missed a few lines of what she said, but he counted on his placid outward demeanor to have hidden any evidence of a wandering mind. That, combined with the Vulcan reputation for stoicism, allowed him to cover a great many faux pas, including totally zoning out.::

    Sovak: It seems to me that your contributions have been a part of that success. You should be proud of that. I thank you for letting me know so much about the program.

    ::The Bactrican gasped as she looked at the chronometer, but Sovak was not bothered by the passage of time spent in conversation. He had come to see her specifically to spend time that was not needed anywhere else, and it had been a pleasure getting to know her, despite his own momentarily wandering thoughts.::

    Karami: If I don't stop talking, you won't get any time to visit the arboretum, and that would be a shame. ::trying on an apologetic grin::

    Sovak: I shall go to the arboretum at my first opportunity, on your recommendation. Thank you, Karami.

    Karami: If there's anything else I can assist with, please don't hesitate to let me know. I hope you get settled in soon and that your quarters end up to your liking. And I hope that our arboretum makes you... ::conspiratorial wink:: happy.

    ::Though he was now allowing himself to feel emotions as they came, Sovak would perhaps never lose the formal Vulcan manners that had been trained in to him.::

    ::He bowed to Karami swiftly, rigidly nodding from the waist up.::

    Sovak: That is a highly probable outcome. Good day.

    ::At that, he exited the Quartermaster’s Office with a brisk step. It was the Vulcan way to get on with business without any delay. It was Sovak’s way to smile inwardly as he went, happy to have made a friend.::

    Ensign Sovak
    Operations Officer

    simmed by

    Lieutenant Commander Rendal Rennyn
    HCO Officer
    USS Darwin NCC-99312-A

  5. Once the class begins - which can be later in the day depending on where you live, due to time zone differences, you'll be assigned a role. This is usually based on what you put in your application, most times you'll be given either your first of second choice of duty post to play, but if there are a lot of cadets in a class all wanting the same role you may be asked to sim something that wasn't your first or second choice just for the class. (This isn't common though)

    Hope this helps and that you enjoy your class! :D

  6. (( Auditorium - Display Deck - Utopia Planetia Shipyards ))
    :: The auditorium was a large, oval space built to house quite a number of people. Crimson carpet of the finest quality had been installed that matched the color of the cushions on the chairs that were neatly placed in sections through out. The raised oak dais housed the wood lectern that showed the emblazoned symbol of the United Federation of Planets. Nugra looked about and admired the scenery that lay before him. The most attractive was the massive wrap around window that allowed the crowd to have an up close look at the starship being christened. In this case, it was his girl, the USS Victory. ::
    :: The day had finally come when he would be getting his own command back and though the ship looked different, he could still feel the same vibrations and spirit that he had fallen in love with on so many tours aboard. It was going to be an exciting time. The only people in the room were the technicians, who were setting up the final electronics that would broadcast the re-christening for anyone who would want to watch. There was enough seating for the 160 crewmembers that served aboard her, but the person he was looking for were the two special guests of honor. He saw the Asian woman first as she came in to the room, the one gold pip surrounded by a box glimmering in the overhead light. Straightening his own dress whites, he approached and snapped her a salute. ::
    Nugra: Fleet Captain Nicholotti? Captain Nugra, USS Victory. It is good to meet you.
    ::Kali couldn’t help but smile and salute in return. The Gorn captain stood against the backdrop of a ship that her memories couldn’t place, but she knew from her logs that she had a history with. The Victory had stopped wars, stood against insurmountable odds, and had gone on to become what was before her today. History had come a long way, and now they were standing in the face of a brighter future because of the name ‘Victory’.::
    Nicholotti: You as well. I have heard a good many things about my old stomping grounds and her new Captain.
    ::There was no need to bring up her own recent history today. No, she would make the best of today and create new memories for herself and those who would share in this momentous occasion.::
    Nugra: I wanted to thank you for accepting the invitation to be our opening speaker. It is quite an honor.
    Nicholotti: ::Shaking her head slightly.:: The honor is mine, Captain.
    :: An older black human entered the room and immediately made his way to them. He wore the rank of a Rear Admiral and the stubble and broad smile told the lizard that it was his other guest speaker. The Gorn also provided the respectful salute which in return the man clasped his hand in a human handshake and wrung it vigorously. ::
    Zimbata: Captain Nugra! It is a pleasure finally meeting you. Thank you very much for inviting me. I did not think our email exchange would become an invitation to speak. ::Peering at the refitted Intrepid. :: She's a beautiful ship, worthy of the name.
    Nugra: Thank you, sir, if I may introduce Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti, Chief Medical Officer of the USS Gemini.
    Zimbata: :: Jovial :: It's good to meet you, Kalianna. Excuse my informality, I've been retired for quite a number of years and had to replicate this monkey suit for the ceremony.
    ::Kali grinned at that, sharing a moment between the flag officers. Yet, at the same time, she couldn’t shake the ability to respect the rank.::
    Nicholotti: Well it suits you sir, despite the discomfort. Glad you could make it today.
    ::Time grew short and preparations required attention. Soon the room would be full and she would be sharing her thoughts with the masses. For now, however, she followed the other two and waited for the festivities to begin.::
    ((TIME WARP - Beginning of the Ceremony. ))
    :: Nugra, Zimbata, and Nicholotti took their places in the three seats on the raised dias. The crew had found their seats and the camera crews had finally finished moving in the far corners of the room. A Lieutenant Commander tapped the mic and began to speak. ::
    Borgia: Ladies and Gentlemen, I am Lieutenant Commander Josef Borgia and I will be the masters of ceremonies for this event. I would like to thank Rear Admiral Marien Zimbata and Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti for their attendance today.
    :: Polite applause echoed through the room and grew silent. Borgia stepped aside for Nicholotti to speak. ::
    ::In the echoes of the applause, Kali found herself standing and moving towards the mic. Waiting as the noise returned to silence, she smiled and looked across the room. When all was finally quiet, she began to speak, her slight Russian accent drifting across the wide open space.::
    Nicholotti: The past has always set the stage for the future. Sometimes the path between the two is hard and the choices few. Sometimes, however, history dictates a future bright enough to spark an entire generation.
    ::Kali turned and gestured towards the Victory.::
    Nicholotti: Space is deep and dark, ever threatening to engulf the flames of exploration residing within each of us. The Victory is our answer to that darkness. ::Pausing a moment for the crowds reaction she turned back towards everyone.:: Through the good times and the bad, the ship you that rests before you is the epitome of the spirit of Starfleet. She has stood impossible odds, stopping wars and resisting destruction over and over again. She has offered protection, as a mother might, to the crew that serves within. And now, upgraded with the very best the Federation can offer, she stands ready to do it all again.
    ::Again, she paused a moment before following up with a final thought.::
    Nicholotti: The universe beckons us to explore despite the dangers lurking everywhere. It always has. In the beginning of Earth’s space program, a Russian named Yuri Gagarin first stepped out into the dark wonder and saw but a glimpse of the future. He was the first to place the name of his spacecraft on a long and distinguished list of vehicles that surpassed the dreams of the generation before. Today, the Victory joins that list as well. Today begins the journey into the future, made brighter by this engineering marvel, and all who serve aboard her. You are that future. Stand and be proud of the name Victory!
    ::For a long moment, Kali stood there, waiting. The applause didn’t die down by the time she waved and smiled again, picking up a red carnation and stepping back to the wall against which the Victory served as their backdrop. Holding the flower high, she repeated the Russian tradition that so many cosmonauts had participated in before her. It was ancient history, but the non-verbal message rang loud and clear throughout the room as she returned to her seat.::
    :: As the crowd began to quiet after the rousing speech given by a captain who understood the concept of re-birth rather personally, Nugra watched as the older Admiral, the original captain of the USS Victory, the Constellation Class vessel, made his way to the stand. He cleared his throat and smiled at the crowd. ::
    Zimbata: I am not one for words like Fleet Captain Nicholotti, but I do have a few to share with you. ::reading old fashion Que cards::. The Victory is a very proud name and when I served aboard the first ship of that name, I could not have been more proud. The name embodies strength, vision, dedication, and overall, relentless pursuit of the Federation ideals. To see such a beautiful new ship taking on the roles set forth by her namesake can only make me more proud of her.
    :: Zimbata cleared his throat and motioned to Commmander Borgia who was waiting at the side with a purple satin covered object. The officer brought it forward and set it on the lectern in front of the Admiral before retreating back to his side of the dais. With a flourish, Admiral Zimbata removed the cover and exposed a beautiful wooden model of an ancient earth ship that once sailed the oceans of Earth so many years ago. A grin crossed the old man's face. ::
    Zimbata: This model was presented to me by Lieutenant Commander Geordi LaForge many years ago as the Victory was an important part of his life. I cannot allow such a beautiful momento sit on a shelf gathering dust when it could be sailing the stars with you. Captain Nugra?
    :: The large Gorn stood and approached the lectern and waited at the position of attention. This part of the speech was a surprise to the lizard and he was not sure what the Admiral had planned. ::
    Zimbata: Captain, I would like to present you and the crew of the USS Victory this model as a tribute to your continued dedication to the Starfleet, the Federation, and most importantly, to each other.
    :: Nugra took the delicate model as applause erupted from the audience. The Gorn returned to his seat with it and admired the fine craftsmanship. ::
    Nugra: We'll make sure this gets a good place in the back forty, Admiral.
    Zimbata: Speaking of that, Captain Nugra wanted me to tell you that the crew should meet in the Back Forty for a ship's promotion ceremony! I will see you there!
    :: With that, the christening ceremony was over. ::
    JP By…
    Fleet Captain Kalianna Nicholotti
    Chief Medical Officer
    USS Gemini
    Captain Nugra
    Commanding Officer
    USS Victory, NCC-362447
    FWPA '15 Facilitator
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  7. I know how you feel. I joined almost 4 years ago now and hadn't done any creative writing since my school days, which was about decade on. *Ages self* ;P So I was super nervous, particularly as I hadn't done any roleplaying before. The class was a little crazy (in a good way) and at first I wasn't sure if I could keep up, but I soon got the hang of it and the rest is history! So I'm sure you will be just fine, plus you'll have hubby around to help keep you right, right? XD

    So welcome and have lots and lots of fun! :D

  8. ((Personal Quarters, Deck 6 - USS Darwin-A))
    Attendant: =/\= This may sound heartless, Mister Traenor, but we should reconsider the value of your conversations with your father. =/\=
    ::The matronly woman on the personal viewer had a kindly expression, but her words were firm. It was the second time in as many hours that he had been subjected to a painful truth in such a manner. This time was much worse, though, and he was left thoroughly heartbroken.::
    Traenor: =/\= But... but I can't just cut off contact! =/\=
    ::In the background of the scene on his viewer, there was a hearty commotion. Three orderlies were holding down a frail old man, who just happened to scrap like a tiger and swear like a sailor. They had finally subdued him enough to apply a hypospray, and the captive elder finally slumped in submission.::
    Attendant: =/\= The symptoms of his Irumodic Syndrome worsen by the day, Mister Traenor. He deals well enough with visits in person by your sister, but these comm interactions are too disorienting and overwhelming for him. ::softly:: You can see for yourself how he reacts, Mister Traenor. Each time you call, it is worse. =/\=
    ::It was true, though it didn't make the truth any harder to swallow. His sister Kirsten already liked laying subtle and not-so-subtle guilt trips on him for choosing to accept a deep-space mission, and this type of experience with his father just added insult to injury. He didn't regret taking a commission and traveling the stars as an officer on a ship, but in times like this he wished that circumstances could be kinder to him.::
    Traenor: =/\= ::morosely:: I do understand, but you're asking me to give up ties with my father. That's just not fair. =/\=
    Attendant: =/\= There are other options. We can follow him around with a portable terminal, and you can watch him go about his normal routines without the stresses on him of interaction. =/\=
    Traenor: oO Oh yeah. Great option. I can be a fly on the wall instead of talking to the man I love. I might as well create a holographic representation of him, for all the value of that. Oo
    Attendant: =/\= We can also track his highlights, and submit a daily log for you to keep abreast of your father's status. =/\=
    Traenor: =/\= Gods, that's so impersonal! I'm his son, dammit, not his clinician! =/\=
    ::The poor woman was taken aback by the outburst, and Maxwell felt immediately shamed by his actions. The attendant was only trying to help, and had his father's best interests at heart. To her credit, she kept her professional demeanor. If Maxwell's father was any indication, she had learned long ago to not take emotional outbursts seriously.::
    Attendant: =/\= At the end of the day, Mister Traenor, your father's health and well being is all that matters. It will be easier for all of us if you agree to these terms, but be assured that your father's comm privileges will be suspended regardless of your wishes. =/\=
    Traenor: =/\= ::defeated:: Very well. I understand. Let's try the daily log option, and we'll evaluate it as time goes on. =/\=
    Attendant: =/\= ::kindly smile:: Thank you. I'm so sorry it has come to this, but we only hope to provide a safe and supporting environment for your father. Have a good day, Mister Traenor. =/\=
    ::The vidlink terminated, reverting back to the list of messages that Traenor still had waiting for him. He stared unblinking and unseeing at it for a long minute, trying to regain his composure. Though he had grown to dread the invariably incoherent and often disruptive conversations with his father, the loss of them was even worse. He wished he could share his hurt and pain with Kirsten right now, even though her support would be double-edged, but with her and his niece on Jupiter Station with Kirsten's husband, she was out of touch at the moment. He would have to shoulder this burden alone for the time being.::
    Traenor: ::speaking to the empty room:: How could a day that started so promising turn so wretched?
    ::Maxwell let the sorrow and self-pity stew for a little while, before recalling the conversation he had held earlier with Kael Thomas. Though their discussion had touched on his professional demeanor, the wise words imparted on him could also apply to his personal outlook on life as well. At the end of the day, Traenor chided himself, if this setback provided a stable and safe situation for his father, then it was a small sacrifice. Feeling slightly mollified, he turned back to his messages.::
    Traenor: oO Oh, what's this? A message from John? Oo
    ::Opening the file, it contained a link detailing a call for participants in a shuttle race being organized on Deep Space 6. Valdivia, his scientific colleague, had some experience in an engineering technology that could favorably be used in the design of a racing shuttle, and wanted to know if Traenor was interested in collaborating. With a faint smile, Traenor sent back a quick note indicating his interest, and that they should meet soon and discuss it.::
    Traenor: oO As long as he isn't counting on me for any flying expertise. I couldn't pilot my way out of a wet paper bag. Oo
    ::With that injection of self-deprecating humor in his outlook, Traenor was feeling a fair bit better again. He arose and tidied his quarters, placing the tchotchkes he had just purchased in various places around the room. The place still looked barren without his baby grand, but he would rectify that soon enough. After this, he freshened up with a cold splash of water and a futile attempt to tame his mop of salt-and-pepper hair. Traenor was just toweling off when his commbadge beeped.::
    Renos: =/\= Captain Renos to LtCmdrs Jorey and Thomas, LtJG Traenor and Ensign Manius. Meet me in the briefing room in one hour. =/\=
    Traenor: ::tapping his badge in acknowledgement:: =/\= Aye, sir.=/\=
    ::Maxwell was curious about the summons, as he wouldn't normally expect such a request during shore leave, but was still happy to comply. The time constraint still left him enough time to work through the messages he had temporarily abandoned, so he returned to that task with diligent fervor.::
    Traenor: ::allowing one last indulgent thought:: oO I love you, Dad. Just because we can't talk anymore, I hope you don't forget that. Oo
    LtJG Maxwell Traenor - Chief Science Officer
    USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
    Graphic Contest Taskforce Member
    Contact: Email/Hangouts - otterhooligan@gmail.com
  9. ((Bridge, Deck 1, USS Dunbar))

    ::The Bridge was alive, which was more than Connor could say for himself right now. He had endured some very hard hours and there was little left in his tank for much longer. His officer had been trying to think of ways to free the ship from the anomaly but the Dunbar was simply not equipped with the sensors, or the engines to shake it free. Connor was a little under the pump and he was feeling more than a little overwhelmed. ::

    Tansey: Sir, hull stresses are increasing. I’ve attempted to reinforce, but, it’s not having a great deal of effect.

    Dreyfus: oO When will I get some good news I wonder. Oo

    ::The ship had been moving towards the rift at an increasing rate. While Connor wasn’t concerned with hitting it just yet, they were approaching a threshold where their proximity was about to start becoming a problem. ::

    ::Connor opened his mouth to provide a response, when he noticed the officer jump quite excitedly in front of him.::

    Tansey: Sir, we have an incoming transmission, from the USS Darwin.

    ::The Captain almost fell out of his seat. They had sent out a transmission earlier but had received no return response. It was discussed that perhaps they simply were suffering the extreme effects of the rift and communication never made it out, or couldn’t make it in. Hearing from the Darwin was the answer that Connor was hoping for, but with everything else, wasn’t expecting.::

    Dreyfus: Put it through!

    Renos: =/\= USS Dunbar, this is Captain Renos of the Federation Starship Darwin, responding to your distress call. What is your status? =/\=

    Dreyfus: =/\= Captain good to hear from you. We have been caught in the Anomaly which i’m sure you can see. We have been unable to remove ourselves from it’s grasp, and over the past 24 hours have been accelerating towards it. We have had random and consistent failures across the ship, with no reason that we can identify. We are starting to see some hull stresses across the ship. I’m not sure what your sensors can pick up, but we are running out of time. I could send you Captain, what we have collected her so far. =/\=

    ::It strangely felt good to get all of that out off of his chest. He already knew it, and so did his crew, but sharing his problems with someone else felt a little like some of them could be shared, that the burden could be someone elses for a moment. As if sharing the situation allowed someone to feel like he did right now. While the list of things he shared weren’t the complete list, he was sure only the essential items were necessary to mention now.::

    Renos: =/\= Negative. We cannot accept data transfers at this time due to a weapon called an 'Anoxia field' that the Zalkonians have - have you heard of it?

    ::Connor had know about the Zalkonians for some time, but they had for the most part ignored his presence in the region. He wasn’t sure why now, they would be interested in what has happening here.::

    Dreyfus: =/\= Sadly I am not familiar with that. Are the Zalkonians causing problems? =/\=

    Renos: =/\= Since they've been sighted in the region we're taking no chances. My First Officer, Brayden Jorey can fill you in. I'm sending him over with a team right away. =/\=

    ::They were sending over an away team was a great boost to Connor’s hopes of success. If they could change the tide, and provide some fresh ideas about how to break free, Connor would be forever grateful. He just hoped that they didn’t now become extra prisoners on his ship.::

    Dreyfus: =/\= My officers tell me that Transportes won’t work though Captain. Do you have another idea? =/\=

    ::While his team didn’t have a great need to transport anything, they had discovered the targeting sensors and distortion field, would likely render any rescue via transporters wouldn’t work. ::

    Renos: =/\= How full is your cargo hold right now? Could it accommodate a shuttle? =/\=

    Dreyfus: =/\= We were on a survey mission, the Cargo bay should be fine to house your shuttle. I’ll have my officers prepare it. =/\=

    Renos: =/\= Okay, I'll pass that on to the team. What of your missing engineer, is there any sign of him, or leads surrounding his disappearance? =/\=

    :: A man that Connor hadn’t stopped thinking about since he went missing. It was the general theory that the Anomaly had been the cause of his disappearance, but he was still the only officer missing. He had his teams working on ideas on how to find him, but they had so far come up with nothing. The failures had done nothing to improve upon Connor’s mood.::

    Dreyfus: =/\= We’ve had some thoughts Captain, but so far nothing we have come up with works. To be honest, the impending proximity to the anomaly has begun to take priority. =/\=

    ::It sounded harsh even as he was saying it. But it had to be done like that. He could not force his teams to focus on finding the chief when the entire crew’s safety was in jeopardy while they were approaching the anomaly.::

    Renos: =/\= I see, well our team will certainly help you figure it out and if we can stabilize your ship and get all systems functioning again I'm sure it'll help. Have there been any other disappearances? =/\=

    Dreyfus: =/\= No Captain, the Chief is the only one. =/\=

    Renos: =/\= At least that's something. Is there anything else I need to know? =/\=

    Dreyfus: =/\=Keeping us from falling apart is probably the priority right now, and my team is struggling with that. =/\=

    Renos: =/\= Okay, thanks for that. I'll pass all of that onto the first officer and we'll get them over to you as quickly as possible. Renos out. =/\=

    ::Knowing they were coming aboard gave Connor a renewed energy. Brought from the brink of despair Connor now felt as though they might get out of this mess after all.::

    Dreyfus: Get that Cargo bay ready for their arrival. Summons me as soon as they arrive.

    ::Connor had some freshening up to do. He wasn’t about to present to them in his current, filthy state. Heading to his now re-lit ready room, Connor freshened up in preparation for the Darwin Crews imminent arrival. He needed to be thinking straight, and to do that, he needed to wake up. He'd spent hours in a lull and it was time now to take action.::

    MSNPC Captain Connor Dreyfus
    Commanding Officer
    USS Dunbar

    Simmed by

    Lieutenant Commander Kael Thomas - Chief Engineering Officer, USS Darwin NCC-99312-A
    Academy Statistician
    Contact: azzabax@gmail.com


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