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  1. Candidate Narala faces questions about crime lord's sudden acquittal

    By Vian Nova
    Stardate 239206.10

    Posted Image
    Election2392.png NIMBUS III - In a stunning decision, Vivian Voreic, a known Orion crime lord, has been acquitted of all charges in the Nimbus system.

    Tensions were high in Paradise City when crime kingpin Vivian Voreic (last name recently changed from Volkoff) touched down a week ago and was arrested on sight by the city's security force. It marked the first time Voreic was positively identified by the general public after rumors of her organization's activity in the Nimbus system. Detained, charged, and put on trial, the verdict was given today: acquitted of all criminal charges within the Nimbus system.

    Voreic's history of charges (criminal and otherwise) across the Alpha and Beta quadrant include kidnapping, treason, arms trafficking, drug dealing, and much more, many of these activities she was charged of carrying out in the Nimbus system. She has rumored ties to the Orion Syndicate, Scarlet Brotherhood, and more recently, the Maquis Reborn, as a weapons supplier. Leaked reports rumored to have originated from Starfleet seem to indicate that Voreic has a background in Starfleet Intelligence as an analyst, one of the potential reasons behind her charge of treason in Federation space. Starfleet officials have declined to comment.

    For Voreic to be acquitted of all charges in the Nimbus system is something that has been unheard of ever since Chief Administrator Narala came into power. Despite powerful evidence against her, Vivian Voreic walked out of Paradise City courts with a smile on her face and as free as a bird, and even made no attempt to avoid reporters or hide her face - an indication that she's quite comfortable on Nimbus III. Many of her answers to questions by press were simple yes and nos - however, when asked about her possible membership in the Orion Syndicate, she gave a full statement.

    "Today is a good day for myself, and for the people of Nimbus III," says Voreic. "I don't plan to ruin today by asserting dominance over a legal system, so let me make myself clear. I am not the Orion Syndicate, I am not the Scarlet Brotherhood, and I am certainly not the Maquis Reborn. I do not endorse any of their actions. I am simply a good businesswoman, trying to make a living."

    She declined to make any further comments.
    Posted Image
    Chief Administrator Narala was questioned about her government's decision whilst promoting her campaign in the cloud city of Stratos, Ardana.

    "Nimbus III's legal system is not me, sitting in a sort of throne in a law court," said Narala. "I do not make every sole decision, and I certainly wasn't consulted on the case of Vivian Voreic. I will appeal to the Chief Prosecutor to reconsider the decision the courts have made - in a correct and lawful manner - but if our system has deemed Voreic is to be acquitted, then that is the result for now."

    However, political experts observing the situation are unconvinced about Narala's confidence in the situation.

    "This is a justice system that Narala has based her campaign on." Political adviser Matthew Broteivach says to FNS. "It's how she came to her position on her home world. She has used it as her podium, asked the Federation citizens to trust her to bring this sort of system to the potential role of President of the Federation, and that system has just decided to release a known crime lord back into their home. That decision alone may have just shot their candidate in the foot."

    This article was written by Deliera, the writer for Tristam Core. Submit your own news stories and headlines to the FNS or consider joining the FNS team!

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  2. Hi, Arden!

    Wiki accounts are usually provided to cadets once they've graduated from training. When you train, you'll be required to create a character bio, and that will be transferred to a wiki page either by your CO or resident wiki officer, of which you can edit as you please. :D

  3. The Transport Union have a right to be concerned about their safety. Its unfortunate that they haven't been provided with proper security and that they've had to resort to a strike for this issue to be noticed.

    As for Bacco's handling the situation . . . what more and what less could she honestly do. One can't simply snap their fingers and immediately assign security forces to these ships, and it's not really Starfleet's job to play the role of security guards.

  4. Stardate 239201.19
    Posted Image

    ORNARA — Peace talks between the two civilizations of Ornara and Brekka came to a spectacular end today when an Ornaran ambassador threw a fist at a Brekkian delegate.

    The sudden aggression by Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop was reportedly caused by "an offensive remark regarding the Ornaran people" from the Brekkian delegate Renei Oberm. The Brekkian delegate denies this remark was ever made.

    Having finally removed the addictive drug felicium, of which was initially supplied to the Ornarans by the Brekkians to combat a fatal plague many years ago, from the streets of Ornara, the peace talks between the two were supposed to abolish murmurs of war between the two races and ease the tense relationship built up since the Starfleet intervention in 2364, when it was revealed to the Ornaran race that the Brekkians were exploiting them for a better lifestyle.

    Since then, the Ornarans have become a thriving race, now a unified planet and having become warp capable in recent years. The Brekkians, however, have simply stalled in their current way of life.

    "Despite reports of their own technological advances, the Brekkian race still heavily rely on Ornaran engineering," says Ornaran representative Kyyn Serrenor. "They are in severe disarray. Brekka have several different governing entities, all of whom want something different for their part of Brekka, making it difficult to work with their 23 ambassadors. Parts of their world are at the present moment facing things like famine and interstate conflicts—as much as they deny it, they need our help."

    Regardless of the urging by his fellow delegates, Oberm is not pressing charges against Cartop - though if the peace talks are to resume, a statement by the Brekkians demands a formal public apology by Cartop on Brekkian soil;

    "We believe that it is in Brekka's best interests that we withdraw from negotiations with a race of whom obviously cannot control their own aggression until such a time Ornaran Ambassador Wenrequi Cartop gives a formal public apology on Brekka for the assault on Delegate Oberm."

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  5. Stardate 239201.18
    Posted Image

    NIMBUS III — On the heels of Ambassador Lily Ventu's presidential campaign announcement, Nimbus III Chief Administrator Narala joined the race for the presidency.

    Many citizens of the Galactic Peace planet Nimbus III had gathered in Paradise City for what quite possibly was the ambitious chief administrator's most staggering announcement yet.

    "My fellow citizens of Nimbus, these are troubling times in our galaxy. Strong leadership is needed to handle both the challenges ahead and those that will always require a watchful eye and a steady hand. We as a planet have experienced similar disarray, and look at what we have accomplished," said Narala to cheers. "I believe that I can steer the Federation as well back towards the right direction. How? With the ideals and experiences I received after a life of service here. Today, I announce my candidacy for the Office of President of the United Federation of Planets."

    Narala's entry stunned many political commentators, who were still reacting to Ambassador Ventu's earlier announcement.

    "This is shaping up to be one of the most exciting presidential elections in decades," said Professor Samit Blutan of the ShiKahr Institute. "We've yet to have a member of the Federation Council throw his or her name into the race, and that's practically unheard of."

    Although Terra Novan councilman Kevin Steiner has long been rumored to have his sights on the presidency, the councilman has yet to make an official announcement. Incumbent President Nan Bacco has also not yet officially announced her re-election campaign.

    Still, others found Narala's bid highly unusual and were skeptical of her promises.

    "Nimbus III isn't even a Federation member," said Erol Broam, Governor of Proxima Centauri. "Yes, she's done great things there, but the fact is she would have no experience dealing with the Federation Council. People think the presidency is all-powerful, but the truth is you have to work with the council as a partner to get things done."

    Posted Image

    Yet Narala's outsider status is likely to be the crux of her campaign. She was born in 2297 to a Vulcan mother, from whom she received her own Federation citizenship, and a Romulan father. Her parents were residents on the joint Federation-Klingon-Romulan colony, and Narala has spent most of her life there. She started her career in the Paradise City Police Department, rising through the ranks, before attending law school and eventually becoming Chief Prosecutor for the colony. During this time, she was credited with leading several operations to eliminate Orion Syndicate activities and those of other major criminal organizations that had long treated Nimbus III as their own fiefdom.

    Having solidified her support among the population, she next focused her efforts on eliminating corruption within the Nimbus planetary government. In 2377, Narala and officers from the Nimbus III Police Force stormed the office of Chief Administrator Ventimago Weil while he was giving the annual State of the Colony address, dramatically arresting him live on air and charging him with breach of conduct. Her popularity, already high, soared overnight, and when the next chief administrator was to be selected, rallies broke out across the planet demanding that she take office.

    Although she claimed she had never sought the position of Chief Administrator, within her first year in office, she balanced the operating budget of the colony and announced renewed investment in education, crime reduction, and other quality of life services. By her third year in office, she had managed to halt the population loss of the colony, and she is credited with turning around what was once the poster child of failed colonies into one of the most promising hotspots in the galaxy.

    "I can't wait to see what she does when she gets to Paris," said Pai Xi Feng, a shopkeeper and Narala supporter who attended today's rally. "The people of the Federation only need to see what's happened here to know what prosperity is possible with the right leader, and she's the real deal."

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  6. I think for now the Cardassians and the Federation are playing nice towards each other as much as they can. Starfleet's gone so far to allow them to share a joint command of DSX (also called DS10, depending on who you talk to) in the Menthar Corridor. The Garuda has simmed a lot of contact between Starfleet and the Cardassian Union, though tensions are still sort of high, especially since the terrorist attack on the station (the original co-captain of DSX was killed during this event).

    I haven't seen anything on the Romulans. There may have been one or two Romulan characters I've come across, but none of them mentioned their homeworld or anything regarding a new home planet.

  7. ::R’raika took Core’s momentary distraction as a chance to steal one of his battered bits of fish, dipped in that peculiar sauce and took a taste… it was a thousand little stars exploding in her mouth- it was almost worth stealing another piece- but she held herself back. ::

    As I was reading it, I was chatting to Rich about Ketanya's image...






    You know

    this isn't really the kind of feedback I was hoping for...




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  8. Pok: Hello? Is someone still here?

    ::The poor Ferengi never saw her. There, standing behind him, was a blonde woman, green eyes striking - even in the dark of the Sick Bay - clad in a Starfleet uniform and a long field jacket, a little dirty down near her feet, as if she’d been walking in a desert of some kind. She didn’t hesitate in her strike. With trained skill, the woman hooked her hands on the short Ferengi’s head, twisting quickly.::

    ::The doctor's body slumped to the deck with a thud, the bio samples scattering in a mess over him. She calmly stepped over the corpse and took a glance around the empty med bay once more, tapping her combadge.::

    Blake: =/\= Decks 2 through 6 secure, Captain. =/\=

    So . . . this little not-so-happy gem marks the classic horror movie death in Meanwhile, on the Mercury part 6 . . . I thought it was a pretty neat collaboration. :whistling:

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  9. Just this entire section with everybody's reactions . . .

    From PNPC T'Leia's "No Bricks Without Clay":

    BAKARI: ::He cleared his throat,:: *Not* a good time, T!
    ::Core sighed and crossed his arms. T'Leia shifted, stepping to the side of the door, so that she could not see inside, and let her eyes settle on Commander Bakari.::
    CORE: Really? *Really*? We are in the middle of a *crisis*, and you're here, *assisting the nurse*.
    BAKARI: What I do in my off time -- and hers -- is none of your business.
    ::Perfectly reasonable. Though apparently not so for Core.::
    CORE: What is even *with* you and nurses!? The teal ends up on the floor *anyway*!
    ::She glanced at Core, her voice flat and stern.::
    T'LEIA: That was unnecessary, Commander.
    ::Bakari may have thought so too, given the annoyed look he sent in Core's direction as he leaned his hand against the doorway.::
    BAKARI: Is there something you need or not?
    CORE: Get dressed. We've got work to do. And then I'm calling Ayelet.
    ::She briefly wondered who Ayelet was, as Bakari directed his gaze at her.::
    BAKARI: Have you figured out how much of a pain in the [...] he is by now?
    T'LEIA: ::Smoothly,:: I cannot report any discomfort in that particular part of my anatomy.
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  10. Vaala: Oh, that's peachy-keen. I'm Vaala. Ensign Vaala. ::she started to speak very quickly:: I have a lot of other weird Klingon names but I don't like discussing them because they're really long and pretentious plus I think they kind of intimidate people I mean really who spends like ten minutes introducing themselves that's just kind of annoying plus the wording in some of the titles is quite strong and that can freak people out like a bug in their sleeping bag although it's perfectly normal for Klingons to have names and titles that are super violent because of our cultural history of violence and propensity to engage in wanton acts of destruction you see that's why I didn't fit in because I really am not like that at all in fact I've never done anything violent to anyone my parents once forced me to fight any creature I wanted to and I picked a tribble because I thought it was the easiest thing in the world but it turns out I am deathly allergic to them and I went into acute anaphylactic shock and nearly died.

    Before I read this sentence properly, I was quite honestly looking for the full stop . . . and then realized there wasn't one . . .

    And then me in my silliness decided to attempt to say the entire thing without stopping . . . I failed miserably. Vaala must have a serious pair of lungs.

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  11. Ross: Captain. ::He looked toward Quinn.:: I need a word. Join me in the shuttle?

    ::Reynolds gave Ross somewhat of an odd look before nodding and closing her tricorder. Tristam narrowed his eyes as he watched them head back towards the shuttle. There was a slight pause before he broke the silence.::

    Core: Not to sound as if I'm being disrespectful towards a higher-ranking officer, but does anyone else think that they're heading back to the shuttle for some "personal debriefing" or something?

    In response to above from the Tans:

    Alleran: ~~ Okay, I don't like him. ~~
    Marlee: ~~ I don't like him either. ~~
    :: They agreed. They actually agreed on something. Would wonders never cease? ::

    It is quite literally the first time they've agreed on something. XD

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  12. Voss: One of your officers might have been compromised- (her voice was neutral) at any time- shore leave, a casual encounter after a night of drinking. Are any of your engineers particularly socially weak or lonely?
    ::Roshanara did her best to suppress the goofy Rodulan face that was popping into her head just then.::

    My work is done. B)

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  13. I heard about Captain Worf, but who's Captain Word? :P Nah, I'm just kidding.

    Every time I read something about the ST: Captain Worf possibility, it was always shut down for some reason or another. JJ Abrams turned around and said that there was no talks at all about another Star Trek TV show because CBS supposedly wasn't interested (http://screenrant.com/jj-abrams-interview-almost-human-star-trek-cbs/2/ ).

    However, (and it's obvious that I kind of love screenrant), this article gave me a bit of hope: http://screenrant.com/star-trek-captain-worf-tv-show-michael-dorn/

    It should be noted that both these articles are about one or two months before the one you posted (I think), though, so stuff might have changed. ::shurg::

    If ST: Captain Worf does happen, (and I'm going to be picky here), I hope that they;

    a. Rename it. Every Star Trek show wasn't normally (I'm looking at you, TOS) focused on specific characters, so as much as I like Worf, and as much as I recognise that at this stage, he may be the only familiar face we'll see on the show, they should stick to the "show named after the ship" convention that TOS,TAS & TNG understandably ignored. This is why we didn't have Star Trek: Captain Janeway or Star Trek: Captain Archer. Plus, it kind of messes with the three lettered abreviations - TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT . . . CW? . . . CaW? . . . CWo- okay, enough now. Oh Oh! May it would be STW (Star Trek Worf?)?

    b. GET A FEMALE SECURITY OFFICER. After Tasha Yar was killed off/left TNG, it always bugged me that there was rarely any major females taking charge in Security and Tactical. The only person that ever came close to this was Major Kira on DS9, but she wasn't actually a member of Starfleet. So come on, guys, share the CoS/CTO position for a change!

    c. Meet up with someone familiar. Captain Riker and (I'm not sure of her rank at the moment..) Troi at least. If they want to throw Picard or Sisko in there, go for it, because I believe that in order to kick this off the ground properly, they have to establish what timeline it's in, separate it from the reboots, just . . . anything to kick it away from JJ Abrams (and I seriously hope they don't plan on sticking it in the Abrams universe). What would be equally satisfying is that they launch from Deep Space 9, that way we get to see Quark again, and Quark gets to set foot on five different Star Trek shows/movies (Next Gen, DS9, Voyager & deleted/cut scenes of Star Trek Insurrection). Heck! Maybe Worf could meet up with Dax.

    So there. Those are . . . basically my demands . . . B) Agree, disagree, do whatever. There they are. :shaun:

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