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  1. All Americans, please check in.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      I'm here, alive and well....

  2. Can only "like" posts once. I believe we need to expand this number to however many times a human being can click the "like" button.

  3. Donate to your nearest Good Friday appeal.

  4. Hoping all Melbournites in the fleet are safe after what happened today. Thoughts with those injured and passed.


  6. I didn't realize how quick the internet could actually be.

    You know these forums used to take two minutes before all images actually loaded up? Takes five seconds now.

    Netflix and Online Multiplayer here I flipping come.

    1. Moonsong


      And another one bites the dust.

  7. If you didn't like Star Trek: Picard very much, it's okay. Santiago Cabrera comes into the third episode to rescue the entire show. 

    You're welcome.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      I was liking Michelle Hurd myself....

  8. Learning a new language because the Americans want to say "whole note" instead of "semibrieve". :-/

  9. My timezone allows me to live in the future.

    And no, you didn't win the lottery you entered.

  10. Not sure which is better - people running down your driveway "picking up air drops" in a virtual zombie apocalypse or people walking down your driveway claiming to be looking for Pokemon near your [...] paddock. :-|

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      Either could get you shot in the right circumstances.....


  11. Should launch an Australian time-friendly fleet chat.

    1. Hannibal Parker

      Hannibal Parker

      TRue, but when would that be?

  12. Vote yes for Australian Marriage Equality.

  13. !!!!! MICHAEL CLARKE DUNCAN . . . DIED!!???!!! WHAT!!!

  14. "Always tell the truth . . . and then leave straight after."

  15. "An error occured - You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" . . . what, I can't *like* anything for the rest of they day!?!? What are you trying to do, *KILL* me???? >:(

  16. "IT'S ALIVE!"

    Hahahaha. Should be interesting after the mission. I can't wait to see what we're doing, especially if it means: PARTYS!! ;D

  17. "Juke Box Hero" "Stars! Stars!" "I love Rock 'n Roll"

  18. "Oh, have you seen my ghost, staring at the ground . . ."

  19. "The name of my ship is the Lollipop." ~ Cmdr Riker

  20. "There's no light over London today" . . .

  21. [...] these forums.

    What I ATTEMPTED to say was "I know, I'm a Chuck Geek, but you asked!" before the Forums silenced me . . . .

  22. 21st Century Sherlock Holmes! Ship should do a version of "The Hounds of Baskerville".


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