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Status Updates posted by Blake Seungi

  1. Is in hospital. Apologies, as there may be delays from me of all sorts.

  2. Am tired, and can't sleep. So what do I do? Look for flaws on Sky's wiki page... :/

  3. Is back a day early..

  4. Now has Firefox . . . :/

  5. Re-watching all of the Marvel and DC movies that I own . . .

  6. "Oh, have you seen my ghost, staring at the ground . . ."

  7. "An error occured - You have reached your quota of positive votes for the day" . . . what, I can't *like* anything for the rest of they day!?!? What are you trying to do, *KILL* me???? >:(

  8. Too hot for this season. If I suddenly go silent for a couple of days, nobody panic...

  9. is rather popular today . . .

  10. Ever since Facebook, everything has needed "like" buttons . . .

  11. Happy B'Day, Whale!!

  12. Individual Feedback for Featured Nominees/Featured Bio (Michael Valentino) are up in the Featured Bio Contest thread! Go have a read!! :D

  13. One more post to 500 . . . Almost there!!!

  14. "Always tell the truth . . . and then leave straight after."

  15. Seein' Coldplay tomorrow!! EXCITING!!

  16. Guess who your resident Ms. Marvel is . . .

  17. No point for avatar - you missed check in by a few days . . . :(

  18. It's bad luck to say good luck on opening night . . .

    1. Anen


      If this is a Producers reference then you are my new favorite person Deliera :)

      If not... well you are still pretty cool...

    2. Blake Seungi

      Blake Seungi

      Lol!! Right on target! I managed to see the stage show and I own the movie - both are fantastic!

    3. Anen


      Sad there's no like button... The Producers was the last show my High School did when I was there, had to fight a little bit since it's of course a bit... out there, but the money we made from that show was only eclipsed by Les Mis four years later and it was only because of the money we made from the Producers that they could buy the royalties.

  19. Wicked Witch of the West . . . coming to get you, and your little dog too, for halloween!!

  20. is not working today. Yippy!!

  21. No work today!! *And* tomorrow, apparently!!

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