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  1. Hey. I had to use your account on the Wiki. For some reason, I couldn't get into mine. I'll try again tomorrow.

  2. I can't log into my wiki account. I shall try again tomorrow, and see what happens - I don't want to have to resort using my friends account all the time!

  3. Hey, if you want the use of Rowan any time soon, just contact me. He's banned from my ship . . . He broke into the Brig, Armory and half of the Secured Jeffery's Tubes on the Security Deck. He's banned from both the Drake and StarBase 118. So, he probably isn't banned from talking to you!

  4. You were on the Challenger A, weren't you? Yeah, because we did a post joint as a subspace transmission as friends. Turned out great by the way.

  5. Okay, the Academy is starting to confuse me . . . lol. I'll live

  6. I managed to bring my friend Sky on board!

  7. Oh gosh - it's becoming a very lonely weekend!

  8. Ahaha. I had a few technical difficulties, but I survived!

  9. Well, obviously it's going to be an extremely warm day!

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