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  1. You're gone, gone, gone away
    I watched you disappear
    All that's left is a ghost of you
    ~ Of Monsters And Men - Little Talks

    ((Memorial Hall, Holodeck 4, USS Constitution))

    She had pushed it away, far away, past the reports and official talks, conversations with crew members but she knew she would have to come. The pictured displayed in this hall were of people, her people, her crew. She shouldn't let them wait for that long. They were important too, no matter if they were alive or dead. To honor them Jalana had dug out her dress uniform, they deserved at least that much. Though she had chosen a time when the memorial hall was not visited by many.

    In some cultures it was believed that their soul remained and watched over loved ones, in others the essence of people passed on into an afterlife, in again others it just ceased to exist. Jalana didn't know what she believed. As someone who carried the lifetime memories of six more people she carried the believes of them with her too. But she was aware it was not her own. She would have liked to think that a piece of them would remain with others, any maybe in a way they did. Remaining in memories and in the heart of those whose path they had crossed was like that in a way was it not?

    'As long as we remember a person, they're not really gone. Their thoughts, their feelings, their memories, they become a part of us.' She had heard these words during her Academy time when holding a memorial for a cadet who had passed surprisingly. It was what she liked to believe. But she was aware it was not shared by everyone. and she respected that.

    The Trill had informed herself about different traditions for memorials like these, trying to honor each fallen crew member in a way they would honor their own.

    She had visited the memorial for Horm first and placed one of his prized possessions next to his picture. It was a small trophy, it was nothing special, nothing big. But one of the children had given it to him for helping him with mathematical issues and he had always treasured it.

    It did not feel appropriate for Jalana to howl to Sto'Vo'Kor for Q'Ren, as her family and closest friends. If anything the soul was in the afterlife already, feasting in the Hall of Warriors. Klingons did not care about the physical remains after the warrior spirit left. So Jalana has stood in silence, holding her gaze on the dark eyes of the woman on the picture.

    The picture of Syanir Kol looked peaceful and smiling, and she knew that someone would remember her and her memories when her symbiont found a new host. She was relieved that they had been able to determine that the symbiont was unharmed and found a QSD equipped ship to bring Kol to the homeworld.

    She visited every of the memorials mostly quiet contemplation, sometimes whispering conversation with Zilan, Kylie Willams, S'Ral, Dhelvad and Scrol Ar'el. And now she stood in front of the last one. Doctor Han Soo Mi looked at her with that infectious smile. She had been with her in her last moments and somehow that hit her more than the others, even though they were all equally important.

    The database had been informative about the customs Soo Mi's family would follow. So Jalana bowed her head and lowered herself to her knees. Placing her hands on the floor before her she bowed down before raising to her feet again. She repeated that two more times before she stood and bowed her head once more and then took one of the white flowers provided in a vase and placed it on the pile with the others already placed in front of the picture.

    Once she finished her round she stepped to the front of the room, looking from one to the other with a somber expression. Her green eyes meeting their picture's gazes once more.

    Rajel: You all served well, with honor, with passion and a high sense of duty. It was a pleasure and honor to serve with you. Your stories will be remembered. As of now your service ends and your time to rest has come. ::She swallowed, fighting with the tears welling up in her eyes before adding with a warm undertone.:: You are dismissed.

    Commodore Jalana Rajel
    Commanding Officer
    USS Constitution B
    Image Team Co-Facilitator

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  2. Quote

    T'Aven: Determination is a dangerous skill in this case.

    Saveron: For us, or for them? ::He asked dryly, unable to help himself.::

    Lystra: Both? ::She retorted. After all, their fierce defiance in being ambushed, they had thrown a piece of their own ship at the pirates to defeat them::

    Foster: Both.  ::He gave a slim nod of confirmation.::

    Both Is Good The Road To El Dorado GIF

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  3. Quote

    Nugra's eyes became predatory slits as he focused on Jalana. If she had any intent on going down to the planet by herself, he was going to have words with her. Honestly, he wasn't passed throwing her over is shoulder and taking her to her ready room. He lost one Captain on his watch, The lizard was not losing another.

    Saveron might not be the only member of the crew to have to physically drag Jalana out of harm's way.

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  4. PNPC Tenna Kyd - Air and Sea Rescue

    ((Ocean, Endaasi))
    Tenna scanned the horizon visually, as though her eyesight could somehow compete with the shuttle's sensors. Still, it was the principle of needing something to do while the shuttle flew her programmed search pattern. The ocean was calm, sparkling, and incredibly vast. The system's star was also setting, casting radiant reflections off the surface and causing the shuttle's viewport to dim automatically. 
    She had easily located the islands that the resort's secluded cabins had been perched upon. The pillars of rock remained, but the plateaus were devastated. Little remained of the cabins and other amenities that had made up the resort. Using data 'borrowed' from the Endaasi ministry of the environment she had extrapolated the best search course to follow based on the tidal surge's direction and rate of speed. She refused to give up.
    Occasionally her comm unit would ping with an incoming communication from Endaasi security or aerospace control. She ignored them. She assumed they would simply demand that she return the shuttle she'd 'rented' from its rightful owner. She fully intended to return the shuttle, but only when she was done with it. 
    The waves looked peaceful now. Any evidence that a massive disaster had befallen the planet was essentially gone. She sighed. The computer blipped. She thought it was the comm unit again for a moment, but this time it was the sensors! She quickly honed in on the brief contact. Something biological had just appeared but it was only for a moment. The sensor echo remained, and she plotted an immediate intercept vector. 
    The shuttle was older, and not incredibly suited for atmospheric operations but it was fast enough to get her where she needed to go. The senors picked up the reading again, this time resolving that it was a lifeform. Tenna felt her heart start to race. She attempted to quell her adrenaline response but wasn't quite able. 
    There! She spotted a floating piece of debris down on the surface. It looked like a section of wooden structure floating along. On top was the prone form of a man. She quickly isolated his signature and activated the shuttle's transporter. Salzaar appeared in the aft section looking haggard. His clothing was ripped and mostly soaked. Salt crusted the parts that had dried. His lips were cracked and he had pieces of seaweed in his hair. His eyes had a faraway look for a moment before he seemed to recognize what had just happened. He looked at Tenna. She looked back at him. Tenna dropped beside him and wrapped her arms around him.
    Kyd: Never do that to me again, you idiot... 
    PNPC Tenna Kyd
    Assistant to the Representative
    UFP Trade and Economic Outreach Bureau
    Simmed by 
    LCmd Edward Spears, MD
    Chief Medical Officer / Second Officer
    USS Constitution-B
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