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  1. Not at all. :) I've enjoyed our run and hopefully we'll have some more opportunities, even if we're on different ships.

  2. Greetings! I used to do a lot of Star Trek style RPG PBEM several years ago before my kids got into high school. Once they get to a certain age, you lobby for as much time as you can get before they fly the nest. Since they're both college bound now, and my daughter's been after me to take up writing again, I thought I might rejoin a ST game. MK
  3. If no one minds an old RPGer's input: I've known a few people who have started as one character and for any number of reasons, have had to leave, or take a break, and go deal with what they have going on life. I probably would have gone on myself if it wasn't for my sister, who's as big as an RPGer as I was/am (our parents like to joke we're male/female versions of each other), as well as my daughter, who loves a good RPG herself when she has the time to commit. In any case, let's say you were a Lieutenant, or a Commander, in a prior run. If you're seeking to return as that character, with his/her specified rank at the time they left, I view that as a petition to the Game Administration. They might say yes, they might say no. For myself, I wouldn't. And I will explain why. It doesn't matter whether I might have achieved a Captaincy, or above (Admiral, Commodore, take your pick) in a prior run. What matters is my commitment, and willingness to be open to my fellow players thoughts, ideas and inputs. In such a scenario, if I were restarting, I would restart as an Ensign because if my heart was there, the promotions would come in due course based on my CO's recommendation. Plus, it's worth it to have the opportunity to meet and write with new people. This is why I love ST PBEM. MK
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