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  1. I didn't fail yet. I just got to my new town and I'm looking for a lodge for a few days till my house will be ready for living again. Now I have stable Internet connection. My Commander told me what I have to do to make it and I have high hopes to be with you in a jiffy.
  2. Thank you for your answers. I’m sorry I didn’t respond before. Because of the job, more task then job actually, which I accepted I'm moving from my hometown in Oregon to a place on the diametrically opposite part of country. I'm in academy but it seems I'm going to fail it this time because of internet problems. I always considered me being huge fan and knowledgeable about Trek, seeing all shows at least three four times (have them all on DVD), all films are safely stored in my collection (some in several versions) and reading more than 200 Star Trek books. Then I met that 12 years old kid who
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