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  1. Yeah, I had seen that before. But, I'd want one from TNG .. no TOS.
  2. Well, you should have heard Marina and LeVar talking about it yesterday at the Con panel in Atlanta! From what they were saying it's basically a show were they want to put a bunch of young 20 year old actors in the parts and make it a teeny bopper movie. Going for the younger element. A lot of us older fans aren't too sure we want to see a Teeny Bopper Star Trek Movie. So, I don't know about this. I'd really like to see another movie with TNG. They were just the best in my own opinion.
  3. I got invited to join it. Posted in the forum, but I don't know. Looks much more complicated then it could be worth to me. I am just fine with the rpgs I am in now.
  4. Congrats to Ethan and Reed!!! Thank you for sharing your stories!
  5. The morning brought a soft drizzling rain down over Izar. Winter was finally over and the temperatures on El Auria were warming up. Deran stood near the window, one palm resting up on the edge of the frame. Her brown eyes watched as the light rain danced on the slowly greening plants outside. Today, her friends were supposed to come by and take her out shopping. Deran hadn't had much time to do simple things like that, since the birth of her son, Tidus. Matthias, her husband, worked as Security for the Izar government. It was a job that took up much of his time. Deran worked as a gymnastics te
  6. Well, we will be watching the last episode of ST. Sadly enough. Course, we still have the reruns and DVDs.
  7. Unfortantly, I think it would be the Borg. They are so like an incredible virus that quickly adapt and change to fit the needs of battle.
  8. I would love it. But, where are you going to open it up? And will it be a role play?
  9. I was very excited to run upon this website full of different ST fonts! ST Fonts I was especially excited about the El-Aurian script. I am started to use it as much as I can. If you click on my profile, you will find the character portrait there has her name written in El-Aurian on it. yep, cool.
  10. I think it would be hard to prove yourself as a legend of a captain on a Starbase.
  11. lol Good points Seph. I go with Picard. He just has the right leadership karisma that makes you want to follow him. Janeway is second in my book. Tough cookie who was able to bring her crew back despite a major set back in plans!
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