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  1. I really didn't like the new uniforms anyway. I thought they looked so tacky and it was very obvious that they were thrown together quickly just to make the future look different. The First Contact uniforms were always my favorite. My biggest gripe with Voyager (my favorite series) is that the Doctor didn't bring the new uniform schematics back with him from his "away mission" to the Alpha Quadrant in "Message in a Bottle" lol.
  2. I joined because this site seems have the most comprehensive database out of any PBEM I've ever been a part of. I am one of those people that loves to dive into all of the little details, and I'm going to have a lot of fun reading the dozens of resources provided on the main site... not to mention the wiki articles. I greatly look forward to simming with so many other enthusiastic Star Trek fans.
  3. Vareth Kio had never set foot on a Starbase before. Unlike many of this classmates at the Academy, he did not come from a long line of officers who were as familiar with the bases as he was with the cities on his homeworld. The sheer size of the structure already surpassed any expectations which he may have had. But upon seeing the great dome of the Commercial Sector, he was overwhelmed with awe. The entire edifice appeared so sleek and modern... not at all like the buildings at home. Although advances in architecture were made many centuries ago, Kanarians still prefered the look of "organic" construction. While buildings such as skyscrapers may be comprised of alloy frameworks, the outside is typically covered in white stone bricks. Combined with the large areas of unspoiled nature, cities on Kanaria often appear as large stone monuments scattered throughout a field of green. The young counselor had a few hours to spare, so he decided on making his way over to a cafe he spotted on the promenade. Being mid-afternoon, the shop did not appear swamped with customers, though it was still relatively lively. He ordered a simple black coffee, arabica beans: his favorite beverage. His Terran mother refused to give up coffee upon moving to Kanaria, and so he had grown up with the enticing liquid. He found a table overlooking the promenade and took a sip from his mug. As if the smell of roasting beans wasn't good enough, the taste was even better. Vareth had brought a PADD with him. He had no quarters here, no friends... it was sensible to bring something to help pass the time. Just when he was about to turn the device on, he heard a pleasant female voice behind him. "Mind if I sit down?" "Please..." he responded, moving the PADD out of the way. The woman was not in uniform, but her posture and structured movements conveyed a sense of authority. Her dark brown curls bounced ever so slightly as she took a seat. "I don't see too many Kanarians around here," she stated calmly before taking a sip of her own coffee blend. Although he would typically have been puzzled (after all, how does one keep track of SO MANY faces?), this was not the first time Vareth had heard such a sentiment upon moving away from Kanaria. His species could have probably been considered endangered when it first joined the Federation, and the homeworld's population still didn't get any higher than 1 billion individuals. As far as many people were concerned, he was part of a rare breed, so it was not surprising that people pointed it out... those who even recognized a Kanarian anyway. Would they have found it surprising that Kanaria's population had been that way for thousand's of years? "I wouldn't think so... I didn't see more than an handful during my years at the Academy," he answered politely. "Science or Medical?" the woman asked, indicating the color on his uniform. "Medical. Counseling to be exact. Doctor Vareth Kio," he held out a lean arm and shook the woman's hand. "Clara Decanteur. I'm a teacher here. So you're a bit older than most new graduates, huh?" "28," he answered simply, his violet eyes surveying the multitude of people on the promenade before him. "I was graduated a semester later than I anticipated since I originally entered Santiv University with a Linguistics major. Didn't switch until my second year." "Santiv?" Clara asked "Where's that?" "Sorry... that's the capital of Kanaria. I assumed you had been there before." "Oh, okay. No... it's not too hard to spot a Kanarian. Not too many species have hair on their heads but none on their eyebrows. And the violet eyes give it away too." Vareth laughed. "It's funny to think of myself as a compilation of characteristics, but I guess we all do it. I'm only half Kanarian though. Hence the facial hair." "What's the other half? Human?" Vareth nodded. "My mother is from Earth." Clara smiled and nodded. She was about to speak when her own PADD began to chirp. "Oh no, I'm sorry. I was supposed to get this to-go," she indicated the mug in her hand. "I have an appointment a few doors down. It was a pleasure meeting you, Doctor. I hope we can do it again sometime." Vareth took the woman's hand. "Likewise," he smiled back.
  4. Hello everyone. My name is Roman, I'm 25, and I'm from Chicago, IL. I grew up with Star Trek, so my passion for it is stems as much nostalgia as anything else. I still remember sitting in class in elementary school, eagerly anticipating the new episodes of Star Trek Voyager. It was the show that got me hooked and continues to be my favorite tv show to this day. I have several years of Star Trek RPG experience (I even tried to join Starbase 118 a few years ago, but I think all the emails were being sent to my Spam folder) and I'm greatly looking forward to flexing my creativity among so many other Trek fans
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