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  1. I cannot remember the name of the spisode, but I like the one where Obrian and Bashir go to destroy a virus and Obrian ends up getting it and they are being chased by the authorities. This is the beginnings of the friendship between the two. That and the episode where we find out Bashir is enhanced.
  2. Looks like most of us agree that the horrible God thing just needed to be trashed.
  3. Send them my way if you are tired of them.
  4. I cannot remember the first episode of it?
  5. Most of the time I can get them for about $65 dollars at the local Comic Book and Music exchange, but still that is a lot. Actually I am just a Scrooge.
  6. They just cost so much money.
  7. ok. Just mentioning them so they won't be forgotten.
  8. What about the INVASION series? That was pretty good as well.
  9. Don't get me wrong, I like them all, but season four was the best. My fovorite episodes was the Klingon envasion of DS9. That was great. I think that was end of four and beginning of five.
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