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    abracadabra, [...]y, being the Man, bitter ends, bookstores, cephalopods, cheeses of the world, chefdom, comic books, conspiracy theories, counter-zeppelin strategy, discordianism, history, huckleberries, legerdemain, magic, nuclear war, paranormality, pedestrian's rights, perspicacity, piracy, political turmoil, pop culture, professional wrestling, rapier wit, roguery, roleplaying, rough beasts, smiting, smuggery, spam, sumo, the signal, unprofessional wrestling, urban exploration, zen

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  1. Wait, when did the change the forums on me? This place looks "off" now.

  2. Shock treatment is not largely illegal now. At least, not in Florida. It is just uncommon.

  3. Good to hear that you won't leave without it. LOL

  4. I'm never without it, Commander. I'd sooner leave my quarters without my uniform!

  5. Just dropped by to say hello and see if you still have you nickel. *lol*

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