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  1. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to post my question, but alot has changed organisationally since I was last here. Several weeks ago I submitted a request to return to the group after several years away from simming. I haven't heard back yet. I know that there are probably 100 places that things could have gotten hung up, the web app, my own e-mail account, etc. Regardless, I am interested in returning and so I figured I would post here to see what I need to do to further the process along. Thank you in advance.
  2. Kwame, I agree with you, and so do many people. Even cast members were complaining that the writing on some previous seasons was atrocious, and most were pleased with the improvement on Season 4. Apparantly the improvement was due to Manny Coto getting more freedom and input on the stories.
  3. Well Season 4 is half over here!
  4. Boy, the dutch are more violent than I thought!
  5. Well apparantly the Xindi at least found a way to fix Miami-Dade and Broward county voting discrepancies.
  6. But according to ENT, it killed 7 Million People. They are always mentioning things like "Oh, some thousand died at Wolf 359", but no one ever thinks to mention "Oh yeah, remember when the Xindi blasted 7 million people?". That's like the Holocaust, kind of a tough thing to forget about in the history books.
  7. Ok, a few comments on Ent. 1 Question: Florida still got phasered off or whatever, how come we never heard references in later series to this? We hear references to the eugenics wars and stuff, but no mention of florida getting blown up by the Xindi weapon. What does everyone think about the new format? i mean, we've had at least 3 multiple episode stories (The Nazis, The Augments, and The Vulcan one) I LOVED the Spiner episodes, I thought it would be terrible, but it worked really well, especially the end bit where we see Soong hinting at Data.
  8. We should make an official anti-fan club for sisko
  9. Too bad Benjamin Sisko wasn't on the list!
  10. You know, I thought I was going nuts or something when the holographic lady appeared in the council chamber and she looked/sounded so familiar. Glad someone else noticed it.
  11. Falcon, was it a game where you like took the TOS crew on away missions where you had to solve mysteries, resolve problems, etc, then fight like a clone of the enterprise? If it is, it was a game made for the 25th anniversary
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