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  1. I found this place via google. I was looking for a PBeM RPG that had a good number of ships and an up to date and current website to show me that the fleet was active. I also checked out some of the articles to see the quality of writing (which is excellent, aside from a few minor punctuation errors). Your admissions form was complex, and I appreciated that you require a certain number of words for the example post, which told me that you do turn people down who aren't willing to make the beginning effort, but that you're also very willing to teach those who want to learn, and don't judge. I kind of feel like I over-analyzed, but *shrugs* that's how I am and what I've got. Hope it helps.
  2. I know the Dominion War started in 2373...but that doesn't mean that it didn't end the same year, although in DS9 it did seem to go on for quite a while. I also know that contact was first made with Voyager in 2374, but I don't know that that necessarily helps. No JPs...check. Thanks everyone for the welcomes and answers, and I look forward to posting with you in the sim, Koloth (though not in a JP like manner )
  3. Heya! Being new myself, I can't actually answer any of your questions, but they are ones that I was wondering about as well, so thanks for posing them. Also, it looks like we're going to be in the same training group next week and I'd be okay with perhaps creating a back-history with our two characters if you're interested. Although mine can be kind of hard to get along with sometimes. Anyway, my e-mail is thebetainpegasus AT gmail if you want to work something out. Otherwise, see you in training!
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