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  1. Ah, I was under a misunderstanding. So the UFOP year actually represents the Earth Gregorian calendar rather than an arbitrary number, silly me. So I can directly relate Star Trek events that happened via AD years. Can you tell I'm new at this? Thanks again!
  2. Lovely to make your acquaintance Brenna! While we may be exluded from writing anything jointly it doesn't exclude us from writing a little familarity into the scene, after all we're bound to have run into each other at the acadamy. See you there!
  3. Okay, no joint sims no problem there. And good to know that the time line is consistent fleet wide. Still no takers on making a reference to which UFOP year the Dominion War ended, or another pivotal Star Trek moment I can use as reference? I'll stick with around 2372-2376 but it'd be nice if I had a specific year in which the war ended to gain some perspective. Thanks for all the answers and indeed welcome!
  4. Thanks to anyone that ventures a response to this, its greatly appreciated. As a new cadet I've found it difficult establishing the time frame in which we are caught. Going by the UFOP star date standard and by reading the biographies of certain people I've established that the Dominion War occurred somewhere in between 2372-2376. Anyone able to confirm that for me? Is there an expectation that we are to fit ourselves into this time line and honor canon material? Lastly on this topic is this standardised across the fleet? I was wondering about a little bit of back story to the training simulation. I understand it's part of our cadet's cruise, albeit via simulation, but is the mission meant to be with cadets we would know? Obviously once things get started I could organise a joint sim with a fellow cadet and invent a little bit of history together but I was just wondering if this was feasible or considered outside the scope of training? Much obliged!
  5. Looks like I'm not following the pattern here. After extensive searching I found that what I wanted in a rpg group was: Exclusively Play by Email role playing. (I just find groups with mixed mediums are always slanting toward the chat/forum/IM based role players while PbEM simmers are ignored.) Exclusively Star Trek based role playing. Strong group structure. A number of active groups. Professional web site. A training/academy phase upon joining. The wiki, forum and other resources are a huge boon as far as I'm concerned but still it was another subtle attraction being able to read through people's detailed biographies and trying to second guess which ship you may end up being posted to. All in all I'm looking forward to getting into the thick of things.
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