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  1. love the personal statement

  2. ((Brotherhood ship)) Tarnok: I think you do. Now answer my question. Streath: I am Lt. Jg. Streath, Helm Officer aboard.....: :She was hit again, this time she tasted blood in her mouth.:: Tarnok: This will be very painful for you if you give us any trouble. Streath: Painful? ::Spits the blood from her mouth onto Tarnok.:: Tarnok: No, you need to give us more information. What have you done with him. Streath: With who? I have no... Tarnok: ::Punching her again, this time in the solar plexus:: What have you done with him? Streath: I have no idea who you are talking about. oO Well, this isn't so
  3. A question if I may... I am still fairly new and *do* want to get into the contests and I have been recently been helping with the Steadfasts' Wiki site. Anyways, if you submit a sim of yours, you should not tell your fellow crewmates that you submitted your sim to the contest. Am I right? Another queston, is there anyway you can put a star trek font in your sim, because you can't do it in Yahoo! Thanks again!
  4. I came to this SIM group because it reminded me of what I was looking for when I was younger. I used to be on the AQSG (Alpha Quadrant Sim Group) when they had the Cadet Training Starship named the USS San Fransisco. This is the best group that I have seen yet!!! :laugh2:
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