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  1. Just never had anyone to organize it. If you're interested, take the helm
  2. I'm here folks, I'm just extremely busy. Unfortunately I just don't have the time to read these entries while also trying to build the new website. If you want to poke anyone, poke Idril. She's judging this round. I'll take "applications" for 1-2 people who want to assist with the next round of writing challenges. I really would like to do one a month, but if I can't get any help in creating/judging, then we won't be able to do it at all. :-\
  3. Yes, I'm stupid. Nothing to see here, move along...
  4. They stole my idea!! Um, HELLO. Thieve from me much? Jeez. If you're going to troll around our boards on a regular basis and steal the ideas of UFOP'ers, at least let us in on the fun!
  5. Did anyone think it was a little hokey that they had Soong (Spiner) giving the impression that he was the origination of the Borg at the end of the last episode? (Not to mention the fact that it completely throws off all of what we know about the Borg as it is...)
  6. A new challenge will start in November. Until then, no stories are accepted.
  7. Hmm... I'm kinda nervous. Not sure if I had TiVo set to record ENT while I'm gone! :-/
  8. Sorry, been a bit busy with the new website and all :-\ I'll try and get the Judges together this week
  9. I've actually never seen the seventh season of DS9, and for the past few months I've been watching DS9 on SpikeTV as they rerun the eps. Right now they're up to the station-retaking ep in Season 6, so I decided to take the plunge and buy both S6 and S7 I'm super excited to see what's in store! (BTW: Watching the retaking of DS9 eps on DVD is SO much better than TiVo'ing them! I love my TiVo, but the quality just isn't the same. On TiVo, you're seeing the signal fed over an already-imprecise cable line, into the TiVo, and then played back from a harddrive. The details like the hull plating on the Defiant are completely lost. I had totally forgotten how detailed the model of DS9 was until I saw it on the DVD. TiVo is great for sitcoms and other shows with mostly light-colored scenery, but dark colored scenery is generally dulled, unfortunately Anyway, thumbs up for the DVDs! I just wish they weren't priced so high...)
  10. We're only a few weeks from the end of this challenge! Be sure to get your submissions in soon.
  11. I have tons of favorites, but a few stick out in my mind. As others have mentioned, I thought "Year of Hell" was a superbly done 2-parter. Tons of adventure, drama, etc. My favorite DS9 episode has always been "The Ship." They just showed it on Spike the other day This is the one where Sisko finds the Jem'Hadar ship, and then has to protect his find against a Vorta/Jem'Hadar squad until the Defiant can arrive and tractor the downed-ship back to DS9. For some reason, this episode has always stuck with me. I thought it was a really gate statement on international disputes, and that the Trek side of it was really engaging.
  12. I agree that Janeway "let" herself be promoted. And she had a right -- after all the hell she went through, she deserved a cushy desk job.
  13. ::Snickers:: Class? I always thought Riker was a bit brash, really.
  14. I love Janeway, but let's be honest, she couldn't have done it without Berman & Braga on her side
  15. ::Gag:: I have no interest in seeing an Enterprise movie, for starts. Luckily for me, however, "[sT:XI] would not be connected with Enterprise." The hell? So it's not going to be an ENT movie. Does that mean it's going to be another time travel movie, with Riker/Titan? ::Vomits:: Or worse, does it mean we're going to see a whole new crew of nobodies that's going to ensure this movie shoots straight to the top of the "Worst Movie Release Earnings Ever" list? This sounds terrible. I'm very worried :-\
  16. From Slashdot.com: Here's the TrekToday story:
  17. Small, only if you count 4 out of 15 votes a small lead
  18. I went with Ransom. His actions were completely inexcusable -- even with the position he was in. The Nova's a good ship, and the compact crew should have meant that they wouldn't need too many resources to shuttle along. He shouldn't have killed those poor wraiths!
  19. Picard, by far. Brains beats Brawn any day
  20. Jan./Feb. '04 Winner: Akino Janaar's story "Love Under Fire," was the previous winner for this challenge. The judges, (Idril Mar and Frink), felt that the Janaar's story had good plot, characters, and moved briskly forward in time. The characters were believable and "touched them the first time they read it." The situation was cannon, "not to mention a good example of what could happen during that dark hour." They also mused that "it is just like a guy to pick a moment when a girl can't run away to profess his love." The judges also felt that the "story felt like a part of a larger narrative. Like this was a short story from a collection of related stories." Congratulations Akino You're find your signature badge in your PM box ASAP Here's Akino's entry:
  21. Guidelines: To participate, create a new thread. The subject of the thread must be the title of your story. If it is a Work In Progress, denote that with the heart post icon. If your work is complete, use the horizontal arrow post icon. Your work must be entirely your own. No co-authoring. You are welcome to create any character you so desire, but they must be from the Star Trek universe. No "canon" characters allowed. (i.e.- No one who has been on a show.) Challenge: Academy Memories Your story should be about a character's memories of the Academy -- be it on Earth, or any other location. Remember to try and stretch yourself. Write something you would never try before. Use images you wouldn't consider in SIM. Wow us Length: No more than 3000 words accepted. Beginning Date: Sunday, July 4th. Ending Date: Saturday, September 4th.
  22. Good analogy. That's definitely the feeling I get.
  23. Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game. The most notable of these you would know of would probably be "Sims Online," or "Ultima Online." I too would be skeptical of a Trek MMORPG. I think it would be neat, yes -- but I fear that it would not be what any of us would enjoy. I might be wrong though. ::Shrugs:: I do know that I tried Uru, which is another part of the Myst series, and I didn't like it at all. They released it before they were ready, and the online version is absolutely terrible. The offline, single-player version is okay though. I guess it's hit-or-miss with these type of things.
  24. I haven't seen the revamped version, but I know from an article in Star Trek: Magazine, that they said much of the same as you T'Lara -- it was a very bad situation while it was being filmed, and the new version is much better.
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