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  1. RT @thehill: Sanders: You can't love Muhammad Ali but disparage Muslims https://t.co/h7neyg0xNA https://t.co/uBhkYhoWui

  2. RT @NPCA: Poll finds 70% of Montanans oppose drilling on sacred lands near @GlacierNPS. We agree! https://t.co/sz3uCknTw7 https://t.co/wcfY…

  3. Training starts on Monday and will last about 6-9 days. Usually they last about 7, but sometimes we extend them a little if necessary. We've always said our rating is "PG-13," but I think in practice it ends up being more like "PG." So damn, and hell, are both fine when used in moderation. Stronger language is generally frowned-upon.
  4. The Venetian gondoliers. @ The Venetian Las Vegas https://t.co/T7MSFYyqc6

  5. Welcome welcome! I hope you'll find our distinctive style just as much fun as some of the other RPGs you've tried
  6. I used @Lyft like 6 times in Las Vegas this week. SO MUCH CHEAPER and better than cabs! Everyone was polite, fast: https://t.co/3Gyb3XE083

  7. @steveolson Hah, no, I meant... "I TOTALLY knew who Coldhands was. I mean, like, DUH. Who the hell else could it be?"

  8. The video showing #BernieSanders walking out to the DMX "shoot the gays" song was faked: https://t.co/HIKMUNkYGB #LGBT

  9. @nicjude89 read the site.

  10. @CurbedSF you can pay $1/year for an address just for you.

  11. @MattBaume Saw great article about gay chars on #StarTrek - thought you might b interested: https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/DMaodBlzZ4

  12. @nicjude89 @GeorgeTakei I've been a fan for 25+ years. I've seen every episode multiple times. I run a ST RPG. I rely on my own expertise ;)

  13. For the month of May, I'd like to recognize the following: LtCmdr. Brell & Lt. Valdivia together submitted four Poll of the Week articles; Cmdr. Blair submitted a Featured Bio Contest article, the monthly apps & grads count, and a Publicity Project; Capt. Taybrim submitted two chat reminders, and the Writing Workshop article; LtCmdr. Traenor submitted two Top Sims Contest reminders; LtCmdr. Stennes submitted the Federation News Service roundup/cross-post; Capt. Faranfey submitted the monthly post totals; Capt. Nugra submitted the Podcast Team recruiter; LtCmdr. Fiorr submitted the bonus Lower Decks interview; LtCmdr. Jorey submitted a Featured Bio Contest article; Lt. Vondaryan submitted an Awards Ceremony update; And the Federation News Service Team submitted our monthly plot summary articles! Thanks to all this hard work we had news scheduled for 30 out of 31 days of this month! We're back on track with our goals and looking forward to a perfect "score" next month. Great work, everyone
  14. @officialgaygeek #StarTrek needs an #LGBT captain. Can you help amplify? https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/pHVhs5bUix

  15. @wilw New campaign to put an LGBT captain on the upcoming Trek series. Can you help? https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/ldQkRii8Xm

  16. Spare an upvote for the campaign to put an #LGBT captain on #StarTrek? https://t.co/X2Kquf50Ah

  17. @BenChildGeek Thanks for your post about GLAAD calling for gay chars/Star Wars! Relevant?: https://t.co/2HW5VkOdx2 https://t.co/U8njsGkeHP

  18. I find it really interesting they went such a different direction than the first trailer. I feel the same way about this that I have about the previous ones -- looks entertaining. Doesn't feel like Star Trek. More than anything, I'm annoyed that every movie is a chance to destroy the Enterprise. She deserves better, and by acting like this they've really removed the ship as a character and made it nothing more than the vehicle we get to watch shredded each movie.
  19. Yeah, I just want to second the notion that TV has come a long way since even VOY. Moreover, Fuller has done a lot of creative stuff with television shows, so I think it's likely he'll want to be fresh-thinking with this.
  20. RT @equalitynetwork: Chaos in U.S. House of Representatives after anti-gay #GOP defeats #LGBT protections: https://t.co/bIG3k7ShFM https://…

  21. This could potentially be the new logo and look of the upcoming series. That "new crews," with an S at the end, is pretty intriguing! Could that mean some sort of rotating cast / different ship each season type of format?
  22. RT @MarkRuffalo: The @NRA shouldn't tell Congress what to do when it comes to researching gun violence. No more. https://t.co/ooNtBN6DFL vi…

  23. @Starbucks is something wrong with iOS app reload process? Won't reload even when it should.

  24. @StumbleUpon it's satire, people, it's satire!!

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