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  1. I'd go with the dominion. They did, after all, have those weapons that could go through shields. (long ago fixed by feds/klingons which the borg would have but is indicative of the thoughts with Dominion weaponry. As stated previously suicide attacks work a la the borg response to species thingdy numbery. The borg I believe it is stated in voyager is already stretched thin which is why thye don't send many vessels to take over alpha quadrant. Dominion simply hatches and builds. With the established power base and resources of the Gamma quadrant the Borg wouldn't win. After all look at what they could do in the Alpha quadrant in so little time.
  2. My personal theory is that knowing the seriously bad situation they were probably heading into the Odyssey probably left the civvies on DS9.
  3. Ahh my vote was with the Odyssey from the DS9 episode "Jem'hadar". The Galaxy class vessel that had such a powerful actor for a captain and you began to feel for the crew. Was this the other side to the fleet? The grass roots that we don't see with Picard around? Then the brave fight begins. We will get our people back. Shock, the shields aren't effective but continue fighting. The battle seems to be turning just slightly. There's a chance to run. Suicide run. End ex. The vessel is lost. It didn't have a poor female driver. It didn't have a mass weapon to stop. Just one ship, in an unknown Quadrant trying to do the right thing and falling to fanatics. The stuff classics are made from.
  4. Ahhh but your forgot the extremely good music that seems to accompany these scenes. Atmospheric, inspiring. However you have to admit at the time the attack on DS9 by the klingons was astonishing. Then there was the wonderful episode with the ground battle with the klingons (mostly behind lines) followed, in far better fashion, by the Dominion ground battle ep. Did anyone notice the similarities there? Man shoots himself in foot to avoid battle with klingons. Narg gets shot in leg and faces not going to battle like he wants.
  5. I had generations. I used to enjoy doing the romulan mission and instead of going softly softly like they wanted i just killed whoever had the best romulan rifle and kept on killing from there. Great fun.
  6. He used a feint to his advantage, a sound military principle but not one that can be relied on. I saw little evidence he knew how to get down and dirty like others.
  7. *shrugs* Riker used tactics. But Sisko used Tactics and Strategy. You'll also notice that a lot of Riker's victories were through deception. e.g. shuttle going to cube whilst distracted. mock battle- ship having 'failures' i believe. and so on.
  8. He was also undisciplined and reckless. However he did have a far more 'tactical' mind than the others.
  9. If it helps any I like sisko too .
  10. I agree everyone has a right to move on with their career. Admirals don't command ships, they create policy, they change doctrine and they control battlegroups. I'd argue that she was selfless in her promotion. Everyone one loves the idea of the person who stays in the lines with the troops, but if everyone does that how will the benefit of their experiance be passed along? No, she did the selfless thing.
  11. Well I actually liked her command style too in the element of personal contact with her crew. She had the right mix of being a friend and a commander. Something that I can very much relate to. Picard however was a bit more aloof, he needed to be with the size of his crew. However I admired his command style too. However at this current time Janeway can win out because I see her as more physically capable than picard who's getting on in years now.
  12. Picard would have got my vote but I decided that as I really did think Janeway was attractive. She can have my pity vote.
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