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  1. Captain: Jean Luc Picard XO: Spock COO: Data Chief of Security: Odo CTO: Tuvok Helm: Tom Paris CEO: Montgomery Scott CMO: Beverly Crusher Counselor: Deanna Troi CSO: Jadzia Dax
  2. Mirror, mirror: TOS - Great character interaction and an awesome plot. The Best of Both Worlds: TNG - The Borg, Locutus, space battles. What more could you want?! Take Me Out to the Holosuite (and) Badda-bing Badda-bang: DS9 - Two great episodes that allow the crew to escape from the pressures of the War. Endgame: VOY - End of an era, Voyager finally gets home. Shuttlepod One: ENT - Hilarious and great interaction between Trip and Malcom.
  3. No, it wasn't the Stargazer. It was the USS Hathaway.
  4. I just meant it as speculation Solan. And what do you have against the Dadelalus class??!?!?!?! j/k
  5. Honestly, as weird and somewhat disappointing that premise sounds, I'm totally excited. 1. I've always been intrigued as to what happens during the Romuan War. To see it in cinematic form is more than I could've ever predicted. 2. Perhaps Star Trek is moving to a different casting format. Instead of drawing the characters from the TV show, getting fresh blood will maybe pull in a much larger audience- trekker and non-trekker alike. 3. This site has shown some possible foreshadowing that I find really interesting. Daedalus Class Starships
  6. I've got... Elite Force 1 and 2: I like 1 better because I can turn on cheat codes! Bridge Commander: Awesome Game Armada 2: Not as good as I thought it would be, but good none-the-less. Starship Creator: Cool when I got it, now it's a bit old. Dominion Wars: Awesome game! Especially when you are the Dominion!
  7. Somehow I think I had a hand in setting this one up. Esteban. Defintely.
  8. As much as I agree Mal, save the Captain-bashing for another poll.
  9. I would expect nothing less from Varaan. BTW: I went with Picard.
  10. Then we can rationalize that Morrow was basing his figure on the fact that Enterprise was 20 since her first refit with Kirk and the major overhaul. Which makes more sense.
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