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  1. I'm always marching to the beat of my own drum, but I've been working on a variation of the ST:Beyond "survival suit" as a combat/mission uniform variant.
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  2. And after several drinks, "HEEEYY YOOOUUU!!!" will be acceptable.
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  4. I had always pictured us staying with the First Contact Uniform but began using the All Good Things style commbadge. Honesty, the FC uniform looks the most professional to me instead of being bright colors. The subtle of the colors while the gray felt efficient to me.
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  5. Ya the OOC thing is definitely limiting. I was part of a Bravofleet sim called USS Cavalry which just recently switched over to the AGT uniforms and...it was very difficult to make avatars for it haha. I think half of the people at the time ended up getting their uniform pics from STO haha
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  6. I know it might end up as a bit of an anachronism from what we've seen, but from a purely OOC practical (i.e. image manipulation) standpoint, I think it's easier and best to keep the First Contact version in play. The All Good Things uniforms showed up in only 3 episodes, which doesn't give us a lot to work with when it comes to photoshopping characters, whereas we have 3 movies and several seasons of DS9 (plus the odd episode of Voyager) as fodder for the FC uniform.
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