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  1. Name: Dominic Reed Rank: Cadet Specialty: Tactical Date of Birth: 19 May 2372 Home: Clarksville, TN, Earth Species/Gender/Race: Human; Male; Caucasian Height: 5'8" Weight: 205 lbs. Hair: Light Brown, crewcut Body: slight athletic build Cadet Dominic Reed stepped off of the transport and onto the arrival platform at Starbase 118. Checking his PADD, he noticed that he was not due to meet with his training officer for another two hours, so he decided to spend some time in the New Orleans sub-district. After doing a little sight-seeing, he decided to grab a bite to eat. Since there was not a Sisko's restaurant available, Dominic settled on a Cajun restaurant call Bien Vendredi. The gumbo and crawfish etouffe were pretty tasty and the mint julep went down smooth. Shortly after finishing his meal, Dominic received a message on his PADD. It was from Lt. Mitchell, his training officer, asking him to report to him on the Promenade. He proceeded to there as quickly as possible without trying to look like he was in a hurry. A few minutes later, he arrived to check in. "Cadet Dominic Reed, reporting for duty, sir", he said, somewhat out of breath. "At ease, Cadet. We have plenty of time. Orders, please", Lt. Mitchell said. Dominic handed over his PADD and Mitchell reviewed it. After pressing a few buttons, he replied, "Okay, Reed, you are officially checked in. Your quarters are Apartment 543 on Deck 789. Get some rest; you're gonna need it in the morning. We'll assemble here at 0600." Dominic thanked him and proceeded to his assigned quarters. Upon arrival, he saw that his roommate, a Ferengi, had already settled in. "Cadet Dominic Reed. Good to meet you, Cadet...?" "Cadet Grek. Good to meet you, Reed", he responded with a eager handshake. "I can't wait to get started on our training cruise. My specialty is Tactical. How about you?" "I am also trained in Tactical. I don't blame you for being excited; I am, too. Who knows, maybe we'll be lucky enough to be assigned to the same ship after the training cruise." "That sounds nice", Grek said. The two roommates spent most of the night getting to know each other a little more before 'Taps' at 2200 hours. Dominic somehow knew he and Grek would become good friends.
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  2. "Mirra, why is half the crew in detox?" "Something something apology, something about beer and something about 'only one'..."
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  3. My real name is Tracy Lilly. I'm a 43 y.o. male and I live in Clarksville, TN. I've been watching Star Trek since the early 80's, but didn't become a hardcore fan until 1992. I've also been a member of STARFLEET, International for the last 16 years where I am the CO of my chapter. I have been happily married for 21 years. No children, unless you count our little furbaby, a Dachshund/Chihuahua mix named Queenie. We also have several nieces and nephews (ages 24 years to one month) that we spoil plumb rotten. I am a diehard fan of Tennessee Vols and Titans football and Nashville Predators hockey. I look forward to the adventures that await me.
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  4. I think you'll need like...a keg for that...
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  5. USS Sass.....? I dunno, I prefer USS Sassbucket
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  6. ((Civilian Ship Pegasus -- 239404.15 22:55)) For the sixth time, Colleen absently glanced over the orders on her PADD. She'd memorized them already, knew the exact timeline for the next two days -- maybe not down to the second, but close enough. Arrive in the middle of the night (23:17), check in (23:32) and get a bunk (23:35). Cadet Orientation started in less than thirty six hours (09:00, day after tomorrow), so she had a day and a half to get herself together. Tomorrow, she had to go and check in with Station Medical for one last checkup (11:30). It wasn't like it was all that much to remember, and not being assigned beyond Cadet Orientation left her with almost a sense of boredom. 'Course, flying with her parents for ten years had left her with all manners of ways to get up to trouble when not busy, but... not a time to fall back on that. The rumble of engines and the very, very brief sense of nausea told her that the Pegasus had dropped out of warp, and sure enough, a few seconds later, the Executive Officer's voice came over the speakers. “All hands, we are approaching Starbase One-One-Eight. Set Condition Blue throughout the ship.” Colleen stood and threw the couple of items she'd taken out of her pack, back into said pack, and zipped it up. She checked her appearance in the mirror of her small temporary quarters, smoothing the long dress, and sighed. Multiple surgeries, years of hormones, and somehow her body still wasn't... perfect. “Yes, well, that's how life goes,” she muttered to herself. Slinging the pack across her back, she checked the small room one more time — nothing left. Time to go. The queue in the hallway to the airlock was mercifully short, and she snagged a handhold as the ship decelerated. Old habits die hard... CLANG. The ship jolted a bit as it locked into the Starbase's grip. Apparently that old habit wasn't such a bad one after all. Colleen threw a small glare in the direction of the Bridge and the helm officer. It wasn't much longer before the airlock opened and the smells and sounds of the starbase drifted into the Pegasus' hallway. The smells of ships, civilian and Starfleet, the sounds of shouted voices and various vehicles driving about... Colleen smiled. It'd been a while. As the passengers ahead of her filed off, she adjusted the straps of her pack, making sure it was sitting correctly and wasn't going anywhere, and moved ahead. A glance at the chrono — 23:27. Basically on time. Eventually, she made it to the customs desk, where she pulled the small PADD out of the pocket of her dress and put it on the table, thumbing it on. “Starfleet Cadet Colleen Bancroft, reporting for Orientation. Permission to come aboard?” The Petty Officer, Second Class that was sitting at the desk glanced over the PADD, entered a few things into his terminal, and nodded, looking up at her finally. “Permission granted, Cadet. Your room assignment —” he gestured at her PADD — “and other information has been sent to you. Welcome to Starbase One Eighteen.” “Thank you, Petty Officer,” she responded, smiling. She picked up the PADD, slipped it into her dress pocket again, and began the walk to the nearest turbolift shaft. Once inside the lift, and against one of the walls — her paranoia never left — she pulled the PADD out once again and thumbed it on. With a quick check over the new information (room assignment, standard welcome from the Base CO, information on where to report Monday morning), she reset her destination for the turbolift. Considering that she wasn't hungry, and she hadn't slept since last night, it was time to go get some sleep. Fifteen minutes and a couple of turbolift switches later, Colleen arrived at her temporary quarters. With a deep breath, she stepped forward, identified herself, and the door slid open, allowing her entrance. The quarters were mercifully silent, and she stepped in quickly, allowing the door to quietly swish shut behind her. After a moment of allowing for her eyes to adjust, she made her way to the second bedroom door, and let herself in. A roommate — another female member of Starfleet (thank goodness they hadn't fraked that up this time) — was snoring softly in the first room, with the door open. Colleen would introduce herself in the morning. When the door shut behind her, she spoke, “Computer: Lights, twenty five percent.” As the lights came up to a low glow, she looked over the room — standard quarters for a Starfleet junior officer. Could have been worse. The pack hit the ground, and Colleen crashed on the bed. “Computer: Lights out.” -- Few quick facts: *Name: Colleen Bancroft *Age: 23 *Species: Terran (Human) *Hair color: Brown *Eye color: Green *Height: 1.65 meters (5'5") *Family: Mother (dead) and Father (living) are both former Starfleet, and two of her three siblings are or were Starfleet (the third is considering joining). *No spouse, no kids.
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  7. Great, I'm about to write my first sim as a member of the Constitution.
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  8. Well Hello there...again! I'm Sebastian aka Damian Wynter, from southern Germany and i'm rejoining this wonderful group of people after taking a year and a half hiatus from simming. I'm looking forward to writing with you again, so see you in space!
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  9. Hello everyone, I'm Robert, from Baltimore MD. I play human/vulcan Lara Grayson. I found this place a while ago but never had the time to fully commit to roleplaying before now. I've recently gotten into star trek thanks to a friend recommending a podcast and that made me want to check out the whole franchise.
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