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  2. VÆRON — Routine operations of the USS Gorkon to the Romulan Republic colony of Væron uncovered active beacons within the core of the planet and on the surface and the presence of an unknown species. A species, believed to be fungal, discovered beneath the surface of the planet by Lieutenant Arlo Thornton, Science Officer from the Gorkon, accompanied by Lieutenant Jona ch’Ranni and Lieutenant JG Tali Namura. The species set up a series of duck blind scientific outposts beneath the surface of the planet where they could observe the various locations of the Romulan Republic. From inside this location, They found Ensign Rachel Flores held captive in a tube reportedly containing a fluid of mutational properties. “The test tube accommodations were lacking and the rental submersible did not impress with its speed,” advised Flores, when asked how she came to be inside the tube. “However, we got a new pet for our trouble. Two stars. Would not visit again.” Details of the mutagen are still considered being classified data and under transport to Starfleet Headquarters. On arrival, the team led by newly promoted Lieutenant Commander Samira Neathler crash-landed onto the surface within the confines of the scientific wildlife reserve. As reported, the team relied on their wits and resolve to combat the harsh terrain and increasing threat to their lives while the issues plaguing the colonial world continued. Neathler and her team, composed of Lieutenant Corliss Fortune and Ensign Rinev Shryn, secured a downed shuttlecraft carrying Lieutenant JG Tulosten — a Klingon Defence Force Exchange Officer — and pilot, Petty Officer Alice Bradley. Bradley is reportedly recovering well from injuries sustained in the line of duty. “I lost a boot. Twice.” Fortune stated. “And they have no lost and found. And a bird tried to eat us. 3/10. We made a new scientist friend. Now if you excuse me, a hammock is calling my name…” In the Polar regions of the planet, seismic disruptions recorded by Lieutenant Commander Genkos Adea, Chief Medical Officer for the Gorkon, to be of Starfleet design. An unknown beacon discovered beneath the surface of the oceanic region believed to be disturbing local aquatic life with dramatic changes in expected behaviour. Collectively, the team of Adea, Lieutenant Commander Cory Stoyer, Lieutenant Piravao sh’Qynallahr, and Ensign Eloise Moran designed and built the core disruption device to terminate the beacon and the reported energy interference. Once destroyed, the local wildlife reverted to normal behaviours. For the condition and assault upon the Romulan Republic mine, some structures’ shafts and branches collapsed to ensure the survival of the mining crew. Where possible, Challhnen Kharik ensured both the Starfleet crew, led by Lieutenant Commander Jo Marshall and the Hkaevai Mining Group, were exposed to minimal danger. Lieutenant James Colquhoun directed the defence and successfully repelled the attack from unknown forces on the base camp location. In a testament of scientific prowess, the joint efforts of Lieutenant Commander Ayiana Sevo and Lieutenant JG Loxley ensured the survival of infected Hkaevai crew by repurposing transporter technology. “It is a testament to the fortitude, ingenuity and dedication of both the Republic and Starfleet that we could discover and expel the rogue elements threatening our hard-won alliance,” explained Governor S’Ehraellu in a press conference with the Federation News Service earlier today. “I look forward to continuing to forge a new future for the people of Væron with the support of our friends in the Federation.” Written by Jocelyn Marshall The post Beacons and Species of Unknown Origin Discovered on Romulan Republic Planet, USS Gorkon In Attendance appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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  5. Well you both stumbled on to one of the greatest groups I’ve ever written with. Everyone will help you in whatever way they can and you will enjoy your time here. @FltAdml. Wolf and the Staff have put their hearts into this group and everyone works as a team whether it be Training, Ship, or Fleetwide. All I can say is strap yourselves in and get ready to travel at warp speed! The warmest of welcomes!
  6. Damn that radio interference. Laughed far too hard at this.
  7. Hello again! This is the perfect place for you to explore all three of those goals. You're gonna love it! There's a handful of other vets around here as well as plenty of great people from all over the world. It really is a stellar community you've stumbled into. Enjoy!
  8. It’s the most wonderful time of the year… for Awards! Great nominations for your crew mates and drum beats from across the fleet show your appreciation for a job well done. Inspiring sims coming from inspiring people, and to that end, we want to help you get the best out of your nominations to fuel that raging inferno of energy and enthusiasm. Below are some of the best nominations we had during last year’s ceremony that stoked that fire for a win. Ready to get started? Click here to open the award nomination panel. You’ll find full instructions, including a link to a list of all the awards and their descriptions. Cochrane Award Nomination for Kayla Drex: “The mind of a scientist is something spectacular not only do they have to be some of the smartest people in the Federation, but sometimes the whole mission depends on their expertise in their particular field. Kayla makes no exception in this field. Science can be a complex and difficult post to sim, but she does it like she’s a natural. The depth of her sims are amazing and the detail she puts in shows just what she knows about her post. The complexity of science is amazing and Kayla demonstrates that though complex it can be written with ease and explained to even a civilian if needed.“ Prantares Ribbon Nomination for Genkos Adea: “There are situations that test the limitations of a Starfleet Medical Officer, and none more so than having to provide medical assistance while a ship is effectively sinking. During a foray into a nebula filled with crabs and other deadly entities, Elliot (Genkos Adea) not only performed his role of the Chief Medical Officer with the same dedication to healing and care that we have come to expect from him, but went above and beyond when the team was faced with an impending disaster waiting to happen – a disease, with no known cure, ready and waiting to cripple the team from the inside out. In the most hazardous of situations, Elliot has always managed to not only bring out the best medical care and attention from Genkos, but is also willing to risk his own life and well being for the safety of others, whether that’s fending off a Cardassian raid in a dream universe to haul back fallen crew members to the transporter (see attached sim) while compensating for his disability (only having the one leg), to putting himself in harms way to protect his crew from contracting the deadly Rushtons Disease (see second attached sim). His gift for simming the art of healing, and Genkos’ devotion to it, cannot be understated.“ Strange Medallion Nomination for Jarred Thoran: “I could spend hours upon hours upon hours waxing lyrical about why Richard aka: Jarred Thoran deserves the Strange Medallion. Seriously. He is THAT spectacular. When life has handed me lemons and I have been run down, exhausted or on the verge on tears, Richard has been there to step in when I needed him to. He never complains, he’s always happy to help, he is always kind, warm hearted and supportive. We also work brilliantly as a team. I can always count on a sage opinion that is well thought out and considered. He brings fantastic twists to our missions and he is insanely creative. He’s a wonderful simmer and a wonderful writer. He has clear leadership skills that he puts to use- in and out of character. He is one of the brightest stars in a sea of bright stars. Where Jarred leads, others will follow. Every single player and character on Columbia looks up to him and marvels. He deserves this award so much I’m not even sure I possess the requisite words to describe just how fantastic a First Office he is.” Community Champion Award Nomination for Sal Taybrim: “What better way to foster a sense of community than by having monthly fleetwide chats? This is something that Sal has been running and organising for (well I don’t exactly know how long – definitely as long as i’ve been with the fleet!). This is no simple task, requiring the facilitator of the chat (Sal) to keep things focused & moving along during the relatively short time frame of the chats – I do wonder if at times it would be easier trying to herd cats – but Sal makes it seem almost effortless. Sal is also keeps an apparent ever vigilant eye on the Discord lobby – quickly & firmly stepping in to diffuse situations – helping to maintain the pleasant welcoming atmosphere on Discord. As if that were not enough – Sal also organises the Annual Trivia Contest – one of the highlights of the year! It is evident that Sal puts an inordinate amount of effort into fostering the community that many have come to love, and I can think of no other deserving of the title Community Champion.“ Christopher Pike Pendant Nomination for Jalana Rajel: “Jess, who plays Jalana Rajel, is an outstanding commanding officer. Serving the ship and crew of the Constitution with dedication and enthusiasm, she makes the ship a fun place to sim. She actively encourages our writers to be bold and expansive in their writing, and regularly provides opportunities for their characters to shine, sometimes at the expense of her own. Warm, gentle and positive, Jess doesn’t seek the limelight but encourages everyone to do their best and work as a team. Very much the ‘Mum’ of the crew, the Constitution would not be the same without her..“ Click here to start your award nominations now! Nominations close on Monday, June 10 at 11:45pm Pacific time. The post Get inspired to write awards nominations with these great examples appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
  9. Piravao's Zhavey (mother) is a politician. This meant that while Piravao was growing up she didn't see much of her mother because she was always away in the capital for Political Business. Piravao gained a healthy distaste for politics (and her Zhavey) because of this. A political career would be the last thing on her mind.
  10. From deep in the Beta Quadrant to the remote edges of the Shoals, here are the latest updates from the ships of the StarBase 118 fleet. Crew of USS Atlantis Fighting Off Intruders During Battle Exercise PALDOR SYSTEM – While conducting training exercises in the asteroid belt around the Paldor System, USS Atlantis has been boarded by several intruders. Eagle Crew Transitions To New Starship In Wake Of Unusual Rescue Mission RINGWORLD, AAVARO WILDS – After a difficult and somewhat unorthodox mission to repair the structure known as Ringworld, the starship Eagle has been decommissioned. Under New Command, USS Thor Investigates Ysdyen Nebula YSDYEN NEBULA — The USS Thor (NCC-82607), now under the command of Fleet Captain Aron Kells, races across the quadrant to investigate a two-hundred-year-old mystery in a momentous change for the officers and enlisted personnel who long called Duronis II their home. Warp-Capable Rogue Planet Diverted Away From Sol System HECATE — The USS Veritas has prevented a mysterious rogue planet from heading to the Sol system, its ultimate purpose still unknown. Fleet Captain Arrested While Disembarking USS Constitution-B STARBASE 104 – As she disembarks the Constitution for leave on the Starbase, FltCpt. Jalana Rajel is arrested leaving the crew scrambling for answers. Beacons and Species of Unknown Origin Discovered on Væron, Gorkon In Attendance VÆRON — Routine operations of the USS Gorkon to the Romulan Republic colony of Væron uncovered active beacons within the core of the planet and on the surface and the presence of an unknown species. Joyous Shore Leave Takes Over Starbase 118 STARBASE 118 – The crew takes a breather and time for themselves before the grand plunder against a relentless foe, during this time they welcome many new officers eager to join the fight. The post Starfleet Mission Updates: Stardate 239705 appeared first on Federation News Service. View the full article
  11. Welcome! You'll have a lot of fun in the Academy. It's great and there are a lot of good trainers there!
  12. Nugra


    Welcome, welcome! You're among friends here. I've been a trekkie since my mom introduced me to TOS when I was 12.
  13. Nugra would consider it as something of interest as he's dabbled a bit in politics but right now he's focused on his Starfleet career. He's 255 right now. Maybe when he's closer to his 300s he'll consider it.
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  15. Hello I also start on training on Monday:) My name is Gail, I found this all quite by accident while searching other star trek stuff on the web. I haven't written anything in a long time, in fact it was college (which I never finished) but I enjoyed it. I haven'y really given much thought to a character to be honest I wrote as basically myself but the name changed to Jacey Holden. I guess for me this is somewhat three fold, to enjoy Star Trek, explore my writing ability, and to live out my fantasies of actually joining Star Fleet. Also to make new friends. In real life I work a professional job, am the mother of 1, Army veteran and avionics tech, and life long science fiction fan. Thanks for the opportunity
  16. Welcome! I've been simming for about the same amount of time. I'm sure you'll find this a great place.
  17. Hey! You've found a great place to sim 😊 The Academy is really fun (I still remember mine with @Jo Marshall and @Addison MacKenzie - it was great!) Hope your enjoying it so far!
  18. Welcome to our little rabbit hole @gtrekkie!! We do like any kind of trekkie, new or veteran! If you have any questions, comments, and/or anything else, please let anyone know! We're a welcoming community of nerds!
  19. gtrekkie


    Thanks, finally finished it had to think about what I was going to write. It's done now fingers crossed.
  20. Greetings! My application was approved this morning and I start training on Monday. I found your group by searching google for Star Trek Simms. I was very interested when I seen your group is an active PBEM group and so very organized. I used to be a member of a Star Trek PBEM group known as the FSF or SB254 several years ago. It seems this group was dissolved years ago after I stopped playing in it. I have also dabbled on different roleplays over the years but there is just something about Star Trek that pulls me in. I love writing and bringing characters to life. It is one of my passions, that along with the great outdoors and nature. I live in the Eastern United Stated and I work in the medical and technology fields. My hope by joining this group is to make new friends and have a great time.
  21. Hi all. I just wanted to introduce myself to the group. I have been simming off and on for probably 20 years. I wanted to get back into simming when I found your group. I love writing, star trek, exploring, the outdoors, and nature. I look forward to getting to know you all better.
  22. Hey there. Glad you found us. There are a bunch of great writers around here. You'll have a great time. Feel free to ask any questions, or join us in our discord for chat and questions. https://discord.gg/3Mz8G36
  23. Ben Garcia


    *waves* Hope the application is going well :) The Academy will help you get the hang of it, and they're really switched on and helpful. It's a fun process!
  24. gtrekkie


    Just wanted to say Hello, am in the process of joining. Mom, Lifelong Trekkie,, veteran. Hopefully I'll get the hang of this!
  25. STARBASE 118 OPS — The crew takes a breather and time for themselves before the grand plunder against a relentless foe, during this time they welcome many new officers eager to join the fight. The crew of the infamous Starbase 118 rejoined after a serious of missions the crew separated to work at simultaneously. Fleet Captain Sal Taybrim walked away from the diplomatic table with a new ally within the Klingon Empire to take to the fight against the Cult of Molor, while Lieutenant Commander German Galven and his outstanding team of quick thinkers forged a new method of assuring the chemical warfare they faced would be rendered useless by means of robotic machines to filter out the deadly toxins. LtCmdrs. Nijil and Solaris McLaren, and their team, salvaged their away mission with their intended in tow — an ex-Starfleet officer who had troubling news in regards to why she deflected and ran from them. Sarah Lawrens, the ex-Officer captured by the away team informs the crew that one of the key players behind the arming of the cult had been on Earth the very day the Embassy was attacked. On the brink of a make or break situation against the Cult and the Orion Syndicate, the crew took a moment to catch their breath and relax. During this downtime, the crew had a chance to meet many new officers, some even fresh from the Academy. Shore leave went off with a bang, as new and old officers explore the vast cities and hundreds of decks the massive station has to offer. “Doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here, you’ll never see it all. You’ll find a new favourite place every time you turn around,” extolled one long-time shop owner. Although everyone got to enjoy the full leave, McLaren filled up her time with the captured ex-officer in hopes to gain more intelligence on the enemy, while Galven greeted the newest graduates, and soon found himself in the midst of getting to know them as he showed them around the station, and to their quarters. Ensign Romyana Casparian, one of Ops’ newest engineers, delved into a pet-project for Lieutenant JG Shelia Bailey. The Elaysian woman was hopeful for a new set of “legs” to help her get around easier. She had faith in the engineers of the station – and their eagerness to get to work shows as the two woman met with LtCmdr. Rustyy Hael and headed off for the engineering labs. They got right into the details. Soon after, each officer found themselves immersed into Starbase life. Ensign Tobias Steiger spent time with the chief of science and later his fellow science officers. Ensign Kudon, likewise, found himself down in engineering meeting his chief and those he’ll be working with. For the moment, all seems calm. As if the dangers didn’t lurk just outside their shielding. As per the norm for the senior crew of Operations, they’ve gathered for a splendid party. Food, drinks, even a bonfire and seaside beach front. A formal but informal ceremony awaits them as the night grows darker. Written by Rustyy Hael The post Joyous shore leave takes over Starbase 118 appeared first on UFOP: StarBase 118 Star Trek RPG. View the full article
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