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"Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

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"Attention all incoming cadets," the computer spoke up as soon as the transporter beam had completed its reassembling of molecules. "Attention all incoming cadets. Welcome to Starbase 118. Please retrieve any personal belongings from the storage queue, and make your way into the station. Orientation commences at eleven hundred hours in holodeck three, please do not be late."
Meidra Sinir raised a brow and slowly took in her surroundings. She wasn't sure what she'd thought the station would be like, but as she moved along the concourse, she observed how the other arriving cadets eagerly made their way through the long corridors to find their belongings, which had been beamed down earlier in the day to be scanned and stored for their retrieval. 
"So what do you think it will be like, Katravahsu(friend)?" Margo Lemand asked her childhood friend. "Will we have amazing adventures and become legends in our own time?" Meidra half smiled, not caring about her Vulcan half at the moment. Let her stern Vulcan grandfather frown at her show of emotion. It was not logical to close oneself off from emotion if it meant a greater understanding of her situation. In other words, she was going to smile when she wanted to, and people would just have to get over it.
"I believe that it will be all that it should be," she answered, grabbing her bag from the storage unit in front of them. Margo grabbed hers too, and the friends made their way out of the terminal into the Promenade. They would go find the Shi'Kahr district and locate a suitable memento from The I'vish Gallery to add to her collection. Father would say that it was not logical to keep physical reminders of each place she visited, but he would have a certain gleam in his eye while saying it, and she knew that in his own Vulcan way, he was teasing.
Her El Aurian side was enthralled with the sights around them, and the combined energies of everyone on the station swirled through her, making her aware of all possibilities and yet, none. Time awareness was a part of her El Aurian heritage, helping in most cases to make wise decisions. But sometimes, she just wanted to observe. Her long auburn hair was in a high pony tail, as was her friend's strawberry blond hair, and they looked like two tourists, if not for the Starfleet uniforms and their determined gait.
"I am happy that we got to graduate in the same class," Margo said softly. "For awhile, I didn't think I would graduate at all."
"You are a fine engineer, Margo. All you needed was some confidence. You now have it, it is illogical to dwell on matters which have resolved themselves."
"Fine, I'm confident," Margo smirked. "But thank you for helping me pass those last few exams. Look, there is the gallery. Let's go find something cute by T'losha to send back to my mom for her birthday."
The two friends made their way into the gallery, and began browsing. There was a hint of menace in the air, not from the gallery, but - nearby. Meidra would not panic, but she would listen to the voices that always guided her, and make the right plans to safeguard herself and Margo.
Cadet Meidra Sinir 
Vulcan father / El Aurian mother
height 5 feet even
Age 100
Expert at using a lirpa, hand to hand combat is fair for an El Aurian, but barely passable for a Vulcan

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Talar Beck sighed as he felt the transport vessel jolt slightly as it docked with Starbase 118, whoever the pilot of this transport was they were terrible. Once everybody else had finished scrambling to their feet, grabbing their bags and rushing to get out of the transport quicker than everyone else, Beck got up and slung his bag over his shoulder. The bag was light and contained only a few items and a change of clothes, it was everything he owned, and it all fitted into one small bag. 

The transport door opened and the people ahead of him rushed out to go where ever they were heading, Beck walked slowly as he strolled into the docking area of the Starbase. He soon realised that he probably should have listened to his academy instructors and read up about where he'd be spending his cadet cruise. When he saw that he'd been assigned Starbase 118 the first thought was to ask how he's expected to fly a starbase. He thought back to what lead him to this moment, he was one of many Bajorans who now entered starfleet since Bajor's admittance into the Federation nine years ago. Some wanted to share experiences that the Emissary had, and some wanted to experience life off of Bajor. Beck didn't know what he wanted, and frankly he didn't really care, he just lived life day by day seeing wjat would happen. All he wanted to do was fly a ship, it was the only thing he was good at, he just about scrapped through his four years at the academy, a couple instructors had vouched for him when he was nearly kicked out of the academy, they said he could prove himself on his cadet cruise. He said everything he needed to say to make people believe he would prove himself. Beck's problem was that he didn't have purpose, he didn't know what he wanted to do. A small part of him wanted to find that at Starbase 118. 

He walked over to an information terminal and read through, he retrieved his PAD that stated where he needed to be at a specific time for briefing, he found the right holodeck and made his way over. He'd be a few hours early, but he didn't much care about anything else. 

People noticing Beck would see a pretty unremarkable person, short, dark hair, receding despite his young age and just fit enough to barely pass Starfleet's fitness tests, he was a little taller than average and walked with his head down looking at the floor, only ever looking up to check he was going the right direction. 

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Full name: Finnley Quinn Paxton III

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 23

Finnley tied back her medium length blond hair and stuffed her PADD away into her tightly packed duffle as she felt the transport complete the docking sequence.  “We’re here”, she said as she nudged her new found friend Tavish awake.  Finnley was a “Marine brat” as they say and moved around growing up which fostered her ability to make quick friends.  Together they grabbed their duffles and leisurely made their way on to the Starbase.  

Upon entering the main room, Tavish put a hand on his stomach and announced, “ugh, I’m starving”.  

Finnley, who was distracted with all of the new sights and smells of the previously unvisited Starbase, reluctantly turned her gaze to Tavish. “There’s a well rated cafe in the commercial sector on deck 1171.  Let’s grab some grub and see what kind of trouble we can get into before our briefing starts in three hours” she said.

“How do you know where the cafe is? I thought you said you’d never been here” replied Tavish.

“I haven’t,” she said plainly.  Finnley was a planner.  Knowing that they would arrive early, she had chosen to study the Starbase map while they were on the transport and had already identified a couple of places worth checking out.

Tavish shrugged as he concluded he wasn’t going to get a more detailed answer to his question and together they headed to the cafe. 

They picked a table close to the edge of the restaurant so that they could better observe those walking by.  “I’ll have the Denobulan sausage with mac & cheese and a water,” Finnley said, giving her order to the attendant.  She was never super adventurous with food and preferred to stick with what she knew.  Tavish ordered the same.  

“Where are we going after lunch?” asked Tavish as they were finishing up their meal, “since you seem to know where to go”.

“I’d like to check out one of the fusion generators.  I’ve heard that Starbase 118 has one of the most efficiently run sets of fusion generators this side of the Alpha quadrant,” replied Finnley.

Tavish chuckled, he knew that engineering was restricted and that you had to have permission to be there.  Clearly he thought this was a joke.

Finnley smirked, “what’s so funny?  It’s not too far on deck 1327.”  

“It’s restricted, you know that as well as I do.  Besides, I don’t think either of us want to start off our careers by getting caught snooping around in a place we’re not supposed to be.” Tavish said in a stern tone.

“Alright, fine.” Said Finnley, reluctantly.  “Then how about just a little bit of harmless fun while we wait.” She said with a mischievous glint in her bright blue eyes as she held up a small device pulled from her duffle.

Tavish smiled and chuckled as he shook his head.  He had heard the story about Finnley once stealing a high ranking Klingon officer’s Bat’leth and encasing it in jello, so he knew that whatever she had up her sleeve was sure to be entertaining.

“As long as it’s not something that’s going to get us in a bunch of trouble, like sneaking into a restricted area.” He stated.  

“Nah, see this is a device? I engineered it to emit a small circular forcefield about 1mm in size, but it’s invisible to the human (and most other species) eyes.  Basically, it creates a tiny invisible rope.  You can turn it on or off with this remote.” She said, holding up a second even smaller device.  “We just place it on a wall at about ankle height and then have some fun!”

Tavish smirked as he casually sat back, waved his hand and said “OK”. Finnley jumped up, “sweet! I’ll be right back.”

She quickly crossed the walkway to the backside of a building just across from the cafe and then acted as though she had tripped on something and fell to one knee.  She quickly placed the device on the wall at about ankle height before getting up and brushing off her uniform.  There was a slight grin on her face as she hurriedly made her way back to the cafe table where Tavish was still sitting.

Finnley sat back down opposite Tavish, nodded towards the remote and said “now let’s have some fun!”.  As another cadet neared the device, she enabled it and let out a small laugh as they stumbled and then looked around baffled.  This continued for about an hour before they spotted security heading towards the location of the device.  Finnley looked at Tavish, “it’s probably about time we moved on” she said while nodding in the direction of the security officers.  Tavish quickly agreed.  They grabbed their duffles and hurried out of the cafe while giggling over all of the fun they had.

With only one hour left before their briefing, Finnley suggested they stop by Drazoc’s.  It was a Ferengi store that stood out to her when she looked at the map earlier.  Many of the reviews said that the store owner tended to “acquire” lots of interesting pieces of technology from across the galaxy and as an engineer, that seemed appealing.  Finnley categorized some interesting facts about the various technological pieces in the store into her brain for potential use later.  Many of the items she saw could be repurposed for a good prank or could be adapted to certain ships systems to increase efficiency.  Once the Ferengi realized that Finnley & Tavish weren’t going to actually buy anything, they kicked them out.  Which was just as well since they only had about thirty minutes left until their briefing and Finnley didn’t like to be late.

Once out of the store, Finnley turned to Tavish, “I guess we’d better go ahead and get to the holodeck for our briefing” she suggested.  Tavish agreed and they headed to the nearest turbolift.  

They arrived at the holodeck about twenty minutes early and were instructed to wait in the area until their briefing started.  They took a seat nearby and Finnley reflected on the moments that had brought her to this point.  There’s been a long line of engineers in the Paxton family and she knew she had to live up to the family legacy, but she had spent years preparing for this, and she was ready.

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