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FltAdml. Wolf

official "Arrival at StarBase 118" (Introduce your character here!)

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Sliding a duffel bag from his shoulder, allowing it to drop to the floor at his feet a young man stands looking around the hallway outside the docking port. A hand idly brushing away a lock of brown hair from his eyes he tilts his head and lets out a barely noticeable sigh: "Now where to go next.  Sir, a moment, I need to report to...". The officer he tried to catch the attention of keeps walking down the corridor. Once more he tries: "Excuse me, I'm Sakinth.  Cadet Sakinth... I need to report for cadet training, but I lack the knowledge of the layout of this particular starbase design."

The officer he asked looks at the young Vulcan man, noticing an almost imperceptible hint of... embarrassment?  "You'll need to go down there, take the turbolift, go to..." the officer patiently explains where the new cadet should go.

As the cadet jogs off to the turbolift the officer waits a second before calling out: "Cadet, your bag.. " and then turning around with a grin and walking on himself.

As Sakinth returns for his bag he looks after the officer, picks up the bag and starts to follow the directions again.

Half an hour later, after he has reported and stowed his gear in his assigned quarters, Sakinth studies a map of the station and makes his way to the promenade. 

(( Not my best work.... my grandfather in law will be passing away and I must admit my mind is not fully on it.  I also requested a delay in training because of that...  )) 


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"Temporary quarters are that way, Kay-det," the human Chief Petty Officer at the transporter  console explained, pointing to a map temporarily brought up on a nearby control interface, "And the holodeck where ya'll will be taking your final exam is just a couple of turns and turbo ride down. Anyway, all that is accessible on your PADD or from your quarters, or Heck, you can ask directions from anywhere on the base. Don't be shy."


"I appreciate your guidance, Chief," Cadet T'Gan replied somberly.


The Chief Petty Officer grinned broadly. "Well, good luck on your final exam. I'm sure you'll knock him dead." With that pronouncement, the Chief returned his attention back to his transporter controls, leaving T'Gan to make her way to her quarters.


If the dark skinned Vulcan noticed the glances she received as she made her way to her quarters, she didn't show it. Although it wasn't unknown for Vulcans to wear their hair long (T'Gan's dark hair was loosely braided and reached past the middle of her back), most Vulcans serving in Starfleet chose to wear their hair in a "bowl style." Of course, if those she passed had known that T'Gan answered to "Cadet O'Sullivan," or that she spoke with a hint of an accent reminiscent of an Irish brogue, she  might have garnered more than just a few glances.  But since T'Gan walked with the steady pace of "Vulcan purpose," she was quickly forgotten. The number of cadets who had reported to SB 118 for their final exam were so many, that one more cadet got lost in the parade. 


T'Gan quickly found her quarters and got settled in. Setting an alarm with the computer, she found an appropriate place to assume a meditative position.

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Guest Personal Record of R'rraww

Personal Record of R'rraww Hontrú 66756
Currently Marine Major in service to Starfleet

Rank: Marine Major (Lt Commander)
Species: Caitain
Callsign: Tiger
Weight: 90.5kg
Height: 1.98 meter
DOB: Stardate  [-4] 60235.6
Coloring: Dark fur - dark brown to black
Eyes: Golden
Hearing: Extraordinary
Sight: Low Light -20% of human baseline
Current Assignment: USS Mnemosyne NCC-99923

He is a dark coated Caitain from the mountain clan Hontrú. His family name means "Tip of the Claw". He served in the Cait militia before enlisting in Starfleet. He was a ground force Marine in the Dominion War and there he received a field promotion to Marine Capt. (equivalent to full Lt. in the fleet) for taking out a Jem Hadar gun emplacement (alone) that had his squad pinned down.

He doesn't drink alcohol, he doesn't do cat nip. He spends his off time with his canine "kit" or puppy, and his bonzi trees. He also paints landscapes from what he remembers from the mountain of Cait, where he grew up. He studies two forms of Caitain martial arts and one form of Vulcan martial arts. In spirituality he contemplates the workings of The Goddess. (Which is why he loves the name of his current ship, he sees it as a sign that he is doing the right thing in Starfleet.

He can see in the dark, hear high frequency sounds and he can literally smell his enemies. He can run for short periods at about 40km per hour. He can leap up to 6 meters at a stand still. He is as quite as a leaf on the wind and uses all his senses in combat. R'rraww takes pride in keeping his claws sharp as a dagger's edge and clean. He still doesn't understand why some species wear shoes. 

Although he can speak basic, he prefers to speak a dialect of his Homeworld knowing the translator will compensate. The Major also knows how to understand and write in Klingon his best friend and former CO is Kered Nella, (Captain of the USS Stephen Hawking) who has been known to be a part of clan Hontrú because of their blood bond. He doesn't lie, it's not culturally correct and his tail and smell would give that away. So you can count on his honest council.

Some of the more easily noticed body language cues included:
*Tail curling or looping – Laughter or Amusement
*Flicking of tail tip – Frustration or Annoyance
*Ears folding back rapidly – Astonishment or surprise
*Ears folding back and remaining back, widened eyes – Anger or fear
*Gripping own tail and wringing it – Extreme distress (this motion disturbs the balance badly)
*Quivering of ears and whiskers – Excitement and Anticipation
*Stiffening and straightening of tail, bristling of fur – Hostility or Anger
*Whiskers and tail drooping and remaining still – Sadness or Depression

((Real life speaking as player))
#R’rraww speaks with UT for the crew to hear and understand#
Ssspeaking with hiss Caitain accccent with elongated “S's, C's and Z soundssss 
*Movement and actions*

[Fortunately humans and many other species with poor olfactory senses can't detect a Caitain's pheromones which is another method of their communications, one that is much more intimate. This is one reason that Deltains work well with Caitains, they understand each other in subtitle ways that transcend the sexual behavior. It's because they understand pheromone communication. Female Deltains secret a ∞sensual pheromone that can  disturb some human males in an almost carnal manner.]


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Weclome to our new members and Major R'rraww.

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