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First sim in training and the CO gets my characters name wrong.  I started to email her and correct her. but I decided to just roll with it in character.  Maybe it was intentional, to see how I would react.  If so, that was a pretty good idea.  Either way, it made the situation more real and gave me a bit more to role play.  

It's only been one sim, but so far I love it!

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Great instincts! So many things get taken to OOC when they can just as easily be handled IC.  Often times working it into the scene makes things so much more interesting.  Great work.

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When I was an XO a new Ensign came up to my character and addressed her by the wrong name and rank.  Our characters became good friends - after the requisite ribbing.

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XD Yeah. That was my brain at the moment. It saw Sutton and somehow read Stratton. And I agree. :) That did make for a rather funny moment. I just wish that the pacing of the writing had allowed us to explore it more. I can easily see Dassa muttering something about a "clerical error". XD

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